‘Bluey’ Praised for Introducing the Series First LGBTQ+ Couple!

'Bluey' Praised for Introducing the Series First LGBTQ+ Couple!

Bluey is, without a doubt, one of the most popular children’s series airing today, and the beloved Australian show is currently in its third season. The series premiered on October 1, 2018, and follows the everyday adventures of Bluey Heeler, an anthropomorphic dog, his family, and his friends. The series has been praised for its approach and is enormously popular around the world, but it has also faced some criticism for a pertained lack of diversity. Whether it is true or not is a completely separate question, but Bluey seemingly made an important move toward silencing the critics by introducing the series’ first same-sex couple.

Namely, the special extended episode “The Sign”, while focusing on Bluey moving house, also has Pretzel, one of the supporting characters from the series, mention that he has two mothers, which confirms that his parents are a lesbian couple, i.e., an LGBTQ+ couple. For a mainstream children’s series to make such a move is certainly bold and fans did not shy away from praising Bluey!

This exciting piece of information was actually shared by TikToker Margie, who has a special account dedicated exclusively to Bluey, which is certainly interesting. She commented on the revelation in the recent episode, and here is what she said about it:

“Pretzel is talking about his guinea pig running away, he says my mums. He has two mums and that’s the first gay or lesbian or LGBTQ+ couple confirmed in the show. I love it! I think it was a nice and organic way to do it. It is a really subtle [moment], that a lot of people will miss. It was a natural way to be like some people have two mums and that’s just part of real life.”

Sourcr: joe.co.uk

We at Fiction Horizon can only agree and praise the people behind Bluey for introducing the series’ first lesbian couple, and same-sex couple in general. This is an important and bold move that shows that members of the LGBTQ+ community enjoy the same status as all the other members of our society and that it doesn’t have to be a taboo or a secret.

Fans of the TikToker have also been vocal with their support, with some of the support messages being: “GAY DOGS IN BLUEY!!! IM SO GLAD FOR THIS. As a person who lived with his mom and her gf at one point in time, I think this is great.”; “THIS IS SO F**KING AWESOME.”; and “WE FINALLY HAVE GAY PEOPLE IN BLUEY LET’S F**KING GO!!!”

Bluey is not the first show to do this, as both Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol have done it before, but Bluey joining the list is certainly great. If you want to see the episode for yourselves, it is available on Disney+.

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