All 22 Brad Thor’s Books in Order – The Complete Scot Harvath Reading Guide


The Scot Harvath books by author Brad Thor are becoming some of the most popular novels around. For fans, the good news is that a new movie series based on the Brad Thor books is going to be released. So, for those who want to know more about the Scot Harvath stories, we have a list that will allow you to understand the Brad Thor books according to their reading order.

Editor’s Note: This list was updated in November 2023 to include the latest and 22nd book in the series, ‘Dead Fall’.

There are 22 The Scor Harvath books by Brad Thor

The Scot Harvath stories are becoming quite popular for those who enjoy books that are about espionage or the fight against terrorism. Brad Thor was able to compile a lot of different books that tell the story of Scot Harvath. But how many Brad Thor books about Scot Harvath are there? Well, there is a grand total of 22 books that Thor has written about Harvath, and that isn’t even counting the shorter stories. This means that those who want to catch up on the stories need to do quite a bit of reading.

  1. The Lions Of Lucerne (2002) 
  2. Path of the Assassin (2003) 
  3. State of the Union (2004) 
  4. Blowback (2005) 
  5. Takedown (2006) 
  6. The First Commandment (2007) 
  7. The Last Patriot (2008) 
  8. The Apostle (2009) 
  9. Foreign Influence (2010) 
  10. Full Black (2011) 
  11. Black List (2012) 
  12. Hidden Order (2013) 
  13. Act of War (2014) 
  14. Code of Conduct (2015) 
  15. Foreign Agent (2016) 
  16. Use of Force (2017) 
  17. Spymaster (2018) 
  18. Backlash (2019) 
  19. Near Dark (2020) 
  20. Black Ice (2021) 
  21. Rising Tiger (2022)
  22. Dead Fall (2023)

Books written by Brad Thor in order

One of the most common formats that plenty of authors use is to write books that are in chronological series, as the newest book follows the story of the older ones. There are also authors who tend to write books that have jumbled timelines in the sense that the story of the newest book happens before the older ones. The good news is that the Brad Thor books are standalone stories. Still, we recommend that you follow the correct reading order, which is the order of their publication.

1. ‘The Lions Of Lucerne’ (2002) 


‘The Lions of Lucerne’ is the first book in the Scot Harvath series as it introduces Brad Thor as one of the best authors when it comes to spy thrillers genre in books. This book follows the story of disavowed Secret Service Agent Scot Harvath, who became the only hope for the US when the president got kidnapped. As such, agent Harvath now has to investigate the kidnapping of the president as it leads him to Lucerne, Switzerland.

2. ‘Path of the Assassin’ (2003) 

path of the assassin a thriller

‘Path of the Assassin’ is the second book in the entire Scot Harvath series as it follows up on the first book. This time, Harvath is now looking for the people who were responsible for a plot to kidnap the president as he runs into one of the most ruthless terrorists in the world. In that regard, the only way to find the terrorist is to look for a hijacking survivor who knows what this terrorist looks like.


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3. ‘State of the Union’ (2004) 

state of the union 13

In ‘State of the Union’, things become complicated because the US is now in danger of a possible attack from the former Soviet Union, especially with the fact that there are Soviet sleeper agents armed with detonators to nukes scattered all over the country. It is now up to Scot Harvath to find a way to prevent an all-out war between the US and Russia from happening as he ends up uncovering deep secrets. As such, the fate of the world hangs in the balance in this riveting story.

4. ‘Blowback’ (2005) 

blowback 9781982148232 hr

Scot Harvath returns as a counterterrorist in ‘Blowback,’ which follows a story about his attempt to prevent terrorists from decimating the United States with a weapon that was supposedly for the Roman Empire. This allows the reader to read all the way back in history to learn more about an ancient secret that could potentially push the world back to the Dark Ages. This weapon we are talking about isn’t a modern weapon, but is still going to be dangerous enough to threaten the US.

5. ‘Takedown’ (2006) 

takedown 9781416524991 hr

‘Takedown’ follows the story of a terrorist attack that conveniently happened on the 4th of July weekend, as this is one of the most perfectly executed attacks the US has seen in a long time. A group of soldiers march on the streets of Manhattan to locate a man the US doesn’t want to admit exists. In that regard, a good part of the US was put on halt due to the attack, and it is now up to Scot Harvath to find a way to locate the man who could be the only person who could stop the attack. He has to do so while fighting through the burning streets of Manhattan due to the terrorist attack.

6. ‘The First Commandment’ (2007) 

the first commandment 1

In ‘The First Commandment,’ we follow the story of a master assassin with a personal vendetta wreaking havoc that has changed the world in a violent manner. The worst part was that he was doing so by unleashing terror on those who were closest to Scot Harvath, as he seemed to be aiming to make the former Secret Service Agent’s life a living hell. But when the president orders him to stay out of the investigation, Harvath decides to mount his own operation in the hopes of exacting revenge on the man who seemingly had a personal vendetta against him.

7. ‘The Last Patriot’ (2008) 

the last patriot 9781847397140 hr

‘The Last Patriot’ follows the story of Scot Harvath, who is thrust back into the life he no longer wanted to live after a militant Islam attack as he saved the person the attack was intended for. In that regard, he now has to uncover a secret that involves a militant Islam group. And this secret doesn’t involve any weapons whatsoever, as he could defeat that group by uncovering this very same secret that has been around for generations but has been kept in the shadows.

8. ‘The Apostle’ (2009) 

the apostle 9781416586746 hr

In ‘The Apostle,’ Scot Harvath is left without a job after America has now found a different way to deal with terrorists, thanks to the new administration. But when an American doctor ends up getting kidnapped, the only course of action that the new president has is to turn to Scot Harvath. As Harvath is on his newest mission, he ends up learning that there is more to the kidnapping than meets the eye. This leads him to a mission that involves examining his own job, especially when it now involves helping one of the worst terrorists go free.

9.’ Foreign Influence’ (2010) 

foreign influence book 2010

‘Foreign Influence’ follows Scot Harvath as he is called to action once more in a new spy agency working under the Department of Defense. Harvath works as a field operative as he finds himself in the middle of an investigation involving a group of American students getting killed in a bombing in Rome. Harvath discovers that all of the evidence points to the possibility that the one responsible for the bombing could be a colleague that he once worked with in the past.

10. ‘Full Black’ (2011) 

Full Black

In ‘Full Black,’ we follow Scot Harvath on a mission that involves infiltrating a terrorist network so that he can prevent one of the biggest threats to the country. Meanwhile, in California, a filmmaker unknowingly exposed the plan of a wealthy man to plunge the nation into chaos. In that regard, different things happen in this book as this is one of the most riveting and exciting stories in Brad Thor’s series of novels.


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11. ‘Black List’ (2012) 


In ‘Black List,’ Scot Harvath is now on the run after the government is forced to activate a government plan that involves capturing people who are deemed too dangerous to be roaming free during a time of national emergency, especially when a plan to destroy the US was set in motion. As such, Harvath is now in the middle of running away from the government while trying to find a way to uncover the person behind the entire plot to not only destroy America but also to keep him behind bars.

12. ‘Hidden Order’ (2013) 

hidden order

‘Hidden Order’ follows the story of one of the most secretive organizations in the country as it operates without accountability. Meanwhile, five people who are supposedly considered heads of this organization go missing, as Scot Harvath is now tasked to investigate the matter. As Harvath investigates the case, he finds them dead, and that forces him to look into the very roots of the secretive organization that has been around since before the US was even established as a country.

13. ‘Act of War’ (2014) 

act of war 6

In ‘Act of War,’ a CIA agent suddenly dies overseas in a mysterious manner, and this leads his top asset to make a terrifying revelation that no one believes. However, a deadly chain of events was set in motion, and this led Scot Harvath to carry out missions related to the asset’s claims and the mysterious events happening. And his new mission is the most secretive ever because it could constitute an act of war if ever it were to go public.

14. ‘Code of Conduct’ (2015) 

code of conduct 9781471151927 hr 2

‘Code of Conduct’ follows a plot that stems from one of the world’s most powerful organizations with a secretive and devastating agenda. However, four seconds’ worth of video about the organization were captured and sent over to Washington, DC. This leads the government to turn to Scot Harvath to investigate the matter in what is his deadliest mission yet. And this ends up becoming a huge international mission with something personal on the line for Harvath.


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15. ‘Foreign Agent’ (2016) 

foreign agent 1 2

In ‘Foreign Agent,’ we get to meet a Russian operative with the same set of skills as Scot Harvath and is tasked with a deadly mission. This sets Scot Harvath on a mission to investigate not only the killings but also the ambushing of an American operations team in Syria. And he discovers that there is a rogue player hiding in the background, trying to find a way to draw the entire issue to a deadly confrontation. The attacks begin to mount as terrorism reaches the gates of the White House itself.

16. ‘Use of Force’ (2017) 

use of force

‘Use of Force’ follows the story of how a body of a high-profile terrorism suspect was found washed ashore in Italy, and this forces the CIA into a state of panic, wondering where the terrorist was on his way to and what he could’ve been planning before his death. As such, they tap Scot Harvath in an attempt to find some answers. That’s because Harvath is the only one with the skills to handle the situation while providing the deniability that the US needs in such a sensitive mission that could very well end in an all-out war.

17. ‘Spymaster’ (2018) 


‘Spymaster’ follows a story that stems from the events surrounding the attack on diplomats by a secretive organization. This forces the US to turn to Scot Harvath, as his mentor is now out of the game. As such, he has to take on a role that he never wanted to take his entire life, as the US is now on the brink of an all-out war. In that regard, Harvath needs to be more cunning and more dangerous than he has ever been in his life.

18. ‘Backlash’ (2019) 

backlash 9781982104030 hr

‘Backlash’ follows the story of how Scot Harvath is in the middle of a situation where he is far from home and is surrounded by enemies in every corner. This forces him to battle his way out of the situation as he now has to use everything he has in his arsenal to survive. On top of that, he is also out on a quest for vengeance. Scot Harvath is in the middle of one of his most explosive missions by far, with all of the odds stacked up against him.


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19. ‘Near Dark’ (2020) 


In ‘Near Dark,’ a huge bounty has been placed on Scot Harvath’s head, and he is now in the middle of one of his most dangerous missions—one that has already cost him the life of his new wife. Not knowing who he could trust, he finds an ally in a Norwegian intelligence agent to help him get out of the situation he is in. And the catch is that she is just as skilled and as broken as Scot Harvath is.

20. ‘Black Ice’ (2021) 


‘Black Ice’ begins with Scot Harvath having the time of his life during a vacation and spending time with his new girlfriend, who he met in the previous book. He is now living the life but is forced to make a decision between returning to action or submitting his resignation. Still, his deadly past catches up to him as he finds himself in the middle of a mission that involves a man he thought he had killed a long time ago. Failure is not an option for him because failing to deliver will put the US in jeopardy.

21. ‘Rising Tiger’ (2022)

513r1uYUKKL. SX327 BO1204203200

In ‘Rising Tiger,’ a huge threat materializes on the international stage, and this puts the United States in the middle of a huge problem with an enemy that it knows could be a threat in the future. This time, however, the clock is no longer on the side of the Americans as they are forced to unleash Scot Harvath in an attempt to handle a situation that he isn’t familiar with because he is in a country with an unfamiliar situation and with plenty of people trying to kill him. This is Scot Harvath’s latest mission to this date.

22. ‘Dead Fall’ (2023)

Dead Fall 2023

In this high-stakes thriller by Brad Thor, lethal operative Scot Harvath is on a mission to avenge the killing of American citizens abroad. In war-torn Ukraine, a rogue Russian military unit comprised of criminally violent and psychologically dangerous individuals is committing unspeakable atrocities in the interior regions. As they carry out horrific war crimes with little resistance, another team of Russian mercenaries is tasked with looting valuable cultural treasures. When multiple American aid workers are murdered, Harvath is sent to settle the score. The challenge? Locate and stop these ruthless individuals in a vast country, preventing further bloodshed.

Will there be more Scot Harvath books?

So far, not much is known about the next Scot Harvath book. We’re not even sure whether there will be a 23rd book in the series. In any case, it will depend on the success of ‘Dead Fall’, and we’re going to update this list with any new info.

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