10 Movies Like The Contractor 2022 (Ranked)

The Contractor is the latest action movie that you can watch on-demand or in theaters. While it hasn’t been the best movie when it comes to its critical reception and box office performance, there are still plenty of things to like about this action-packed movie about a mercenary and a mission that went awry. So, if you love action movies like The Contractor, we have a list of the best movies that you may want to watch.

10. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014)

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit follows the story of the namesake of the movie as a young man named Jack Ryan seems like an ordinary white-collar man but is actually working for the CIA. When he was brought in to look at the numbers regarding global economic data, he basically uncovered a secret plot that was put in place to sabotage the US economy. As such, he is the only man with the skills and knowledge that could help stop this plot.

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Why it’s like The Contractor (2022): The biggest reason why Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is like The Contractor is the fact that it also stars Chris Pine in what is one of the actor’s first pure action movies. Of course, while the entire plot of Jack Ryan and The Contractor differ, there are similarities in the sense that Pine works in secret in both movies. He is a secret CIA agent in Jack Ryan, while he is secretly a mercenary in The Contractor.

9. The Man From Nowhere (2010)

The Man From Nowhere follows the story of a mysterious loner who suddenly becomes the guardian of a young girl who is caught up in the affairs of the local crime underworld. In that sense, he is forced to protect the girl from the crime lords and the thugs that are after her despite the fact that he too harbors a sad and secretive past. It’s a fun movie that combines a lot of different elements that different action movie lovers should be able to enjoy.

Why it’s like The Contractor (2022): The Man From Nowhere has a story that is quite different from the plot of The Contractor, but there are actually similarities in the sense that this film dwells on underground affairs. While The Contractor focuses on the underground missions that mercenaries tend to take, this movie focuses on the underground affairs of the criminal underworld and the illegal drug trade that’s happening in plain view. Of course, the action scenes in both movies are quite fun.

8. Children of Men (2006)

Children of Men is one of the best post-apocalyptic movies that you should be able to enjoy because it is set in a dystopian world where people have begun infertile, and when London is a police state, a young refugee suddenly becomes the first woman to become pregnant in years. It is now up to a lowly bureaucrat to try to find a way to help this young woman safely deliver her baby away from the clutches of the government officials and the underground groups who are looking to use her to their advantage.

Why it’s like The Contractor (2022): The Contractor may be set in a more realistic world and not in a dystopian society, but there are some similarities between it and Children of Men. In Children of Men, the protagonist became reluctantly involved in a larger conspiracy, but he became more than willing to fulfill his mission for a greater cause. Chris Pine’s character in The Contractor may not involve the same kind of altruistic cause, but you could still see how important his mission as a contractor is to his family.

7. Triple Frontier (2019)

Triple Frontier is about former Special Forces operatives that reunite so that they can do a heist in South America as they undertake a mission that may not be in line with what they used to do when they were with the military. Nevertheless, they undertake this mission for themselves so that they could make money out of it instead of actually working for their country, and this is where things take an unexpected turn as their mission goes awry.

Why it’s like The Contractor (2022): The most obvious reason why Triple Frontier is like The Contractor is the fact that it involves operatives that used to work for the military but suddenly used their skills for purposes that aren’t for the sake of their country. In a way, you could say that Triple Frontier has the same plot in the sense that military personnel became mercenaries. Then again, they do it for different reasons as The Contractor explores something that’s more personal to the protagonist.

6. John Wick Movies (2014 – Present)

There are currently three John Wick movies that are out, while a fourth movie is set to release in 2023. All of these movies happen right after one another in a series that’s packed with action and a lot of amazing fight scenes. Basically, John Wick explores the story of a former hitman, the best to ever do it, that went rogue for personal reasons. As such, he has to deal with the consequences of his actions while finding a way to survive against assassins who are equally as skilled as he is.

Why it’s like The Contractor (2022): Hitmen/assassins may not be entirely the same as mercenaries, but you do see some of the similarities between them as they are both hired to do an underground job that involves their skills as operatives. That said, John Wick and The Contractor are similar because we are both looking at hitmen and mercenaries that use their skills for something that’s more personal.

5. Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

Among all of the different MCU movies, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is often considered at the top because of how it doesn’t rely on special effects and superpowers (despite the fact that it involves people with augmented physical capabilities). This is the second movie of the Captain America trilogy as it follows Steve Rogers on a more personal mission involving his best friend and the organization he was working for the entire time.

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Why it’s like The Contractor (2022): Aside from the fact that we are looking at two actors who are both named Chris here, Winter Soldier and The Contractor are similar to one another in terms of the intense action scenes that you can watch in both of these films. Moreover, you are also looking at two former government assets/operatives who no longer work for the government and are now in the middle of personal missions.

4. Hitman (2007)

Based on the hit video game, Hitman follows the story of agents who were raised since childhood to become hitmen for a mysterious organization. However, when one of the best hitmen discovers that his employers had betrayed him, he fights to uncover the conspiracy that ultimately led to the reason why he was betrayed.

Why it’s like The Contractor (2022): Hitman doesn’t have the more realistic plot that The Contractor has, but they are both similar in the sense that they follow the stories of guns for hire. In The Contractor, the main character is a former military operative that turned into a mercenary. In Hitman, we follow the story of a character that has been a hitman for as long as he can remember. And both of them were actually betrayed by their employers as they fought to uncover the truth.

3. The Raid (2011)

One of the best action movies of the 2010s is The Raid, which follows the story of a building that’s full of criminals and policemen that seek to make their way through the different floors of the building to stop them. This is a martial arts flick that was able to combine great action scenes with masterfully choreographed fights, as you could actually say that this is Die Hard on steroids due to the fast-paced action involved in the film.

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Why it’s like The Contractor (2022): Aside from the fact that they are both action movies, The Raid is similar to The Contractor in one aspect—conspiracy. In The Contractor, the protagonist looks to uncover the conspiracy behind his betrayal. On the other hand, in The Raid, there is some sort of conspiracy going on regarding corrupt officials that are looking to cover their tracks.

2. Extraction (2020)

Starring another Chris in Chris Hemsworth, Extraction is a compelling, action-packed movie that is full of drama and intense scenes that could get viewers nervous. The movie follows the story of a mercenary who gets hired to rescue the son of a crime lord. However, he ends up understanding that the mission might be too much for him to handle as he gets involved in a deadly mission that is seemingly impossible to accomplish.

Why it’s like The Contractor (2022): Well, we are again looking at two different Chris actors here. Jokes aside, Extraction follows the same formula in the sense that it is about a mercenary who had to take an underground job, which is similar to the plot of The Contractor, minus the fact that Chris Pine’s character in his movie is an ex-military operative.

1. The Contractor (2007)

Yes, there was a movie also entitled The Contractor, which starred legendary action star, Wesley Snipes. In the 2007 version of The Contractor, Snipes plays the role of a former CIA marksman who was brought back to service because he was needed in an assassination mission involving a terrorist. However, he gets framed for murder and is forced to hide from the authorities and his employer while trying to uncover the secret behind the entire conspiracy.

Why it’s like The Contractor (2022): Based on the plot of The Contractor (2007), you would see how similar it is to its 2022 version. Both films look at two former government assets that were involved in a high-profile mission but were betrayed. As such, they are forced to go on the run while also finding a way to uncover the truth behind why they were even betrayed or framed in the first place. The actors and the stories might differ in some aspects, but the plots are very similar.

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