Brad Winderbaum Comments on ‘Eyes of Wakanda’ Canon Status: “It’s about Wakandan History and Mythology”

Marvel Studio Announces New Black Panther TV Show, 'Eyes of Wakanda'

In 2021, it was confirmed that Ryan Coogler was working on a TV series set in Wakanda for Disney+, with Danai Gurira returning to her role as Okoye. After a quiet period, Variety reported in 2022 that Coogler was developing multiple Wakanda-focused series, some featuring existing characters and others introducing new ones.

Jump to 2023, the announcement of ‘Eyes of Wakanda’ came, set in the past and following Wakanda Warriors on a quest for Wakandan artifacts. Despite being confirmed recently, the animated show is slated for Disney+ in 2024 as part of Phase 5.

In a recent interview with Men’s Health, Brad Winderbaum, Head of Animation for Marvel Studios, clarified the status of the show’s canonicity. It’s confirmed that ‘Eyes of Wakanda’ will be part of the MCU canon.

We’re exploring so many amazing avenues on the animated side. Eyes of Wakanda, more than any other show, fits right into our sacred MCU timeline continuity. [Black Panther director Ryan Coogler] is a producer on it, Todd Harris is one of our long-time storyboard artists who directs it. It’s about Wakandan history and mythology, and it’s really cool. It looks amazing. And it feels like, ‘Okay I’m getting an animated look into the MCU.’

It’s not surprising that the MCU is gradually shifting towards animated projects, with several in development or rumored. The recent success of ‘X-Men ’97,’ earning a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes, proves Marvel Studios can deliver action-packed storytelling. While not all projects are MCU-bound, they contribute to the larger Marvel Animated Multiverse. It’s reassuring to know that ‘Eyes of Wakanda’ will directly influence the MCU canon.

‘Eyes of Wakanda’ isn’t the only project centered on Wakanda; it’s distinct from the live-action one currently in development.

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