Can Mandalorians Use The Force in the Star Wars Universe?

Can Mandalorians Use The Force in The Star Wars Universe?

Disney’s The Mandalorian is a truly fantastic show that has ushered a new area of the Star Wars expanded universe. The old Legends universe is now a part of history that old fans will never forget, with a new expanded universe developing as we speak. And while old fans are surely going to know the Mandalorians quite well, the recent TV show has sparked a new interest in the famous group. This is why we are going to be talking about can Mandalorians be Force users, and why are there so few force-sensitive Mandalorians?

Like all other beings in the universe, Mandalorians can indeed be Force-sensitive, although they are not tested, which explains the small number of confirmed Force-sensitive Mandalorians.

Now, that we’ve covered the basics, let’s see an in-depth analysis of our question.

Who are the Mandalorians?

The Mandalorians were actually a clan-based ethnic group founded on the planet Mandalore. Contrary to popular opinion, they’re neither a race nor a people but a multi-ethnic group comprising of members of different species and races (but are predominantly human) bound together by a code. This means that anyone who adheres to the Mandalorian code and the associated culture can become a Mandalorian.

Can Mandalorians Use The Force in The Star Wars Universe?
Din Djarin is – at this moment – probably the most famous Mandalorian

The history of the planet Mandalore – a planet in the Outer Rim – is one of violence and war. Mandalore has been a martial planet for most of its history, which culminated in the great Mandalorian Civil War, where the pacifist New Mandalorians – with the help of the Jedi Order – defeated the martial traditionalists.

This was the beginning of a new area in Mandalorian history that lasted until the Clone Wars when a new Civil War topped the pacifist regime and reinstalled the martial traditionalists. Mandalore was, because of that, subsequently occupied by the Galactic Republic and the occupation continued through the period of the Galactic Empire.

The Mandalorians didn’t get along with the Empire which resulted in a third civil war, which was part of the general uprising against the Empire. The Mandalorian order went into hiding after the formation of the New Republic, due to being hunted by the remnants of the Empire during the Great Purge. As a result, most Mandalorians were killed and the order was practically wiped out, but some members survived.


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Despite not being featured in the main film universe, the Mandalorians played an important part in the history of the Star Wars franchise. They are especially known for their fights against the Jedi, whose skills initially surprised the Mandalorians (especially the Force), but ultimately inspired a rapid technological advancement, as Mandalorians needed to adapt to their opponents.

The Mandalorians, although sometimes employed by the Sith, weren’t actually a pro-Sith fraction – especially later, when they even allied with the Jedi – but were just perceived as enemies by the Republic, and since the Jedi protected the Republic, clashes were inevitable.

The history and the importance of the Mandalorians are explored in the Star Wars Legends universe, so you’re always welcome to consult the comic books and the books from the expanded universe. Until they appear in the main movie continuity, you can also enjoy a look into their lore in the TV series The Mandalorian.

Are Mandalorians Force-sensitive?

The answer to this question is a very interesting one. Namely, the probability of there being not one Force-sensitive Mandalorian is extremely small. Force-sensitive individuals are present around the Galaxy and it is very unlikely that at least one Mandalorian wasn’t Force-sensitive. But there’s a catch.

Namely, the Jedi Order has tested for Force-sensitive only within the borders of the Republic. Even Qui-Gon Jinn said that Anakin Skywalker would have been detected earlier had Tatooine been part of the Republic, and Tatooine had much bigger ties with the Republic and the Jedi than Mandalore.

Why are there so few Force-sensitive Mandalorians?

One of the reasons why it seems that Mandalorians aren’t Force-sensitive is certainly the fact that they are never tested, so most of them go through life not knowing they have any special powers, although they actually are Force-sensitive. This is quite possibly the main reason why Mandalorians are thought to not be Force-sensitive.

Another reason why Mandalorians aren’t fans of the Force is the very nature of their group and their code. Namely, Mandalorians are advocates of traditional combat that doesn’t utilize the Force or any associated skills. They favor a direct confrontation and consider using such assistance as a sign of weakness. This is why a Force-sensitive Mandalorian – even if he was aware of it – would quite probably avoid using the Force in combat.

Are there Jedi or Sith among the Mandalorians?

Now that we know that Mandalorias can, indeed, be Force-sensitive, you might be wondering whether there have been Mandalorians among the Jedi or the Sith?

Well, the answer is no, but with a catch. Namely, due to them usually not being detected as Force-sensitive individuals and not being part of the Republic, Mandalorians never actually became Jedi Knights, with the notable exception of the legendary Tarre Vizsla, the first Mandalorian to be inducted into the Jedi Order. Also, there existed a big rivalry between the two fractions for a long time, so it’s highly unlikely that a Mandalorian would actually join the Jedi Order in modern times. The same applies to the Sith – Mandalorians didn’t really make a distinction between the Jedi and the Sith, perceiving both fractions as “fancy magicians”.

Can Mandalorians Use The Force in The Star Wars Universe?
The Mandalorian Knights

But, as we’ve said – there is a catch. Namely, although Mandalorians didn’t become Jedi, there was a group of rogue Jedi Knights that aligned with the Mandalorians during one of the civil wars, becoming the famous Mandalorian Knights. They wielded lightsabers and used the Force and are the only known Force users among the Mandalorians. As for the Sith, the situation is not like that, but some Mandalorians have been known to work for the Sith on several occasions.


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This covers our topic. We’ve told you everything you need to know about the Mandalorians and their relationship with the Force. We hope we’ve been helpful and you’ll keep following us for more! See you next time!

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