Star Wars

Star Wars vs Halo: Who Would Win?

Star Wars vs Halo: Who Would Win?

Both Star Wars and Halo have become renowned for their absolutely mind-boggling storylines, the use of fantasy concepts, and the creation of interesting, lovable characters. But, which of the two is more superior in battle, Star Wars or Halo?  Halo is known for its strategic edge over their enemies. If Halo was able to shoot …

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What Do the Colors in Mandalorian Armor Mean?

Mandalorian Armor Colors Meaning

The Mandalorians have become extremely popular thanks to the success of Disney’s The Mandalorian, a spin-off TV show set during the early days of the New Republic. Despite their turbulent history, the Mandalorians have remained fierce fighters and one of the best-known races in George Lucas’ Star Wars universe. Among other things, the Mandalorians are …

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