Fallout 4: Here’s How To Get Married & Have Children

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Players always crave realism in games and in-game relationships are one important aspect of realism. While not all games are immersive and open-ended, Fallout 4 definitely is. Due to that, fans are expecting a little more depth when it comes to building relations with numerous survivors that wasteland offers. Primarily, we’re talking about marriage. In today’s post we’re going to discuss potential marriage options in Fallout 4, but before we move on to more detailed explanations, let’s start with the basics, can you get married and have children in Fallout 4? 

  • Article Breakdown:
  • You cannot get married and have children in Fallout 4. You can however have romantic relationships both emotional and physical with eligible companions.
  • Even though officially you cannot get married there’s always an option of finding the ring of Sole Survivor’s dead partner and giving it to your favorite companion with an appropriate relationship level. 

Can you get married in Fallout 4? 

You can’t get married in Fallout 4. You have an option of building relationships with your companions but you can’t get married in an official sense. It wouldn’t make sense anyway since marriage matters little in the Wasteland. Society just isn’t structured like ours and lawful marriage would seem out of place. You always have the option of romancing your companions. If you can’t decide on your favorite companion to romance, you can rest easy knowing that you can romance them all at once. 

Wedding ring fallout 4
Wedding ring in Fallout 4

If you’re really deadset on having something “similar” to marriage, there is an option to give a wedding ring to your favorite companion. Of course, this involves looting the wedding ring off of your dead spouse’s body and that might be a bit weird.  You can give the wedding ring to the companion of your choosing but it won’t have any extra effects and the game will not register you as “married”. It’s simply a symbolic token of love. 

What happens when you romance a companion in Fallout 4?

When you romance a companion in Fallout 4 that companion refers

to you in a more endearing manner than before. You can also benefit from Lover’s Embrace bonus which adds an additional 15% XP gain after you’ve slept near your romantic interest. However, the bonus is not permanent. 


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You can romance up to 8 companions in the game

In the game, you can romance 8 companions. In the base game, your romantic prospects are as follows: Piper Wright, Paladin Danse, Cait, MacCready, Curie, Preston Garvey, and John Hancock. And with the Nuka-cola addon, you can romance Fizztop Grille as well. 

paladin danse
Paladin Danse – potential romantic interest

Can you romance Ada in Fallout 4? 

You can’t romance Ada in Fallout 4. All robots are out of the question when it comes to romance due to them not being able to perceive emotions or even understand them in the way we do. 

Can you have children in Fallout 4? 

You cannot have children in Fallout 4, even though technically you do have a son Shaun. But, if you’re wondering whether you can get pregnant again in Fallout 4 and give birth to a child, that’s not possible. However, you can get Shaun synth at the end of the game. He is technically your child since he was made with the DNA of your deceased son Shaun. Shaun synth will never age just like the rest of the kids in Fallout. 

Shaun synth 1300x813 1
Shaun Synth

Are there marriage mods for Fallout 4?

There is a mod that allows you to marry any of the potential romanceable companions. The mod is called Player Marriage – Marry Your Romanced Companion and you can download the mod from this link. To marry your chosen companion with this mod you will have to make your way to the Diamond City, to be more specific you will have to visit All Faiths Chapel in the Diamond City. Once there, you can register to be married by a real pastor. 

There aren’t many benefits to being married. You will get a sizeable dowry from your partner and a piece of paper that makes your marriage legal but that’s about it. Oh, and there’s a new “spanking” perk that comes with this mod as well.

Marriage mod fallout 4
Wedding Ceremony added by Player Marriage – Marry Your Romanced Companion

If you are really into role-playing and immersion this mod is perfect for you. The mod has some limitations though. You can only marry companions that are eligible to be your romantic partners. Which means that you can’t go and marry Ada (before you ask!!!). The marriage system works just like the romance system and doesn’t include any new “romantic options”. Do keep in mind that you can still romance multiple partners, and even marry them too. 

When it comes to the divorce aspect, that hasn’t been implemented in the mod yet. But if you’re having second thoughts you can always postpone the wedding or cancel it altogether. Do keep in mind that your companion might get mad but according to the author’s words, that’s pretty much all that happens. Your relationship overall shouldn’t suffer much beyond that.


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To sum everything up starting a family in Fallout 4 is not only hard, but it’s also downright impossible. You cannot get married and you can’t have children. There are however workarounds around those issues such as the wedding rings that you can gift or a Shaun synth that you can claim as your child later in the game.

If you truly want to experience marriage in Wasteland, then your only options are mods. Player Marriage – Marry Your Romanced Companion is a neat mod that allows you to marry any of the companions eligible for romance through a short but sweet ceremony. 

Even though there aren’t any real benefits to getting married even with the mod, it has roleplay value and that’s most important when it comes to some players. 

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