Can You Play Battlefield Split Screen/Co-op?

Can you play Battlefield split screen

If you’re a fan of FPS games, you’ve probably at least tried Battlefield. It’s a franchise known for its attention to detail, massive-scale warfare, immersive maps, and emphasis on teamwork. Since Battlefield is a multiplayer game it comes with downsides of multiplayer. Fans new to the series might feel overwhelmed by the sheer size and pace of the games and want to try a different more casual approach to the game with their friends. The question most often asked is, Does Battlefield supports Split screen or Co-op modes?

No Battlefield installments ever supported Split screen mode, but it is possible to play co-op. Battlefield 3 had a co-op campaign, Battlefield V has Combined Arms where teams of up to 4 players can compete against AI bots. Battlefield 2042 likewise technically has a co-op game mode that can be created through the Portal game mode

So as you see it is possible to play Battlefield in co-op. If you’re sick of all the snipers, squad leaders that never give out commands, and overzealous medics who try to resurrect you in the middle of the action, stay with us we’re about to explain various Battlefield Co-op modes.

Is there Co-op in Battlefield 3?

Yes, Battlefield 3 was the first game that had co-op mode. It was a hybrid mode that combined mechanics from both single-player campaigns and multiplayer. It was a two-player game mode, where players battle against AI bots. It had a fairly linear storyline and your progress was marked by specific objectives you had to complete. There were six missions that players were able to complete while in co-op mode.

While the multiplayer mechanics were present in this hybrid co-op mode, they were a bit different. For example, the spotting mechanic in co-op mode was significantly less useful than its multiplayer variation due to its limitations such as long cool-down, not being able to spot enemies twice, and similarly only smaller groups of enemies could be spotted. Quick-time events were fairly short and less frequent compared to the events in single-player mode.

Missions available as a part of co-op in Battlefield 3
Missions available as a part of co-op in Battlefield 3

Co-op mode in Battlefield 3 had unique weapon unlocks that could be unlocked only after completing the mode. Possible unlocks are: MP412 REX, KH2002, MP7, M39 EMR, 93R, SG553, and G3A3. Alongside unlocking the weapons, the player also unlocked the achievement “Lock ‘n’ Load”

Is there a co-op mode in Battlefield V?

Yes, there is. And it functions pretty similar to the co-op mode seen in Battlefield 3. The co-op mode seen in Battlefield V is called Combined Arms and it allows up to 4 players to compete against AI enemies.


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Just like Battlefield 3, it’s a hybrid mode that attempted to merge war story single-player campaign with multiplayer. The goal is the same as with the previously mentioned mode. To be successful you need to complete objectives and avoid dying. There are several mission types available to players that entail different objectives, those are: assassinate, eliminate, destroy, and steal.

Missions available in Combined Arms co-op mode, Battlefield V
Missions available in Combined Arms co-op mode, Battlefield V

There are a couple of newly introduced features in Battlefiled V co-op mode. For example matchmaking system is implemented as well as several difficulties (easy, medium, hard). The higher the level the more company coins will the player be rewarded with.
There are 11 available missions for combined arms in Battlefield V.

Newly implemented difficulties, Battlefield V
Newly implemented difficulties, Battlefield V

Is there a co-op in Battlefield 2042?

While Co-op is not implemented in Battlefield 2042 directly as was the case with Battlefield 3 and V, you can create your own co-op game through Portal Gamemode.
When Battlefield 2042 launched, Portal mode was almost more popular than the newly introduced game modes. The thing with Portal is that it allows creating your own “rules” inside the game, practically inventing your own game modes. It also gives you access to maps, weapons, and classes that players know and love from past games like Battlefield 1942, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3.

So what does this has to do with the co-op? Since you’re able to set your own rules, you can limit the number of players that can join you on the map and you can set the enemies to include mostly AI bots, effectively creating game modes similar to those seen in Battlefield 3 and V. The only catch is, you will earn significantly less experience while playing Portal modes, and some players have been complaining that bots are too easy, especially if you’re playing with seasoned veterans of the game.

AI Settings in Battlefield 2042
AI Settings in Battlefield 2042

And that’s pretty much it. Battlefield was never good when it came to single-player experiences, they were quite bad when you compare them to the likes of Call of Duty. The other problem with split screen is the fact that the game mode is outdated and not as popular as it once was. That’s part of the reason why co-op game modes are not well known among the player base and players are not sure whether you can even play in co-op. Since teamwork, amazing maps, and grandiose immersive historical battlefields are at the core of the game, developers never put much thought into developing experiences that are opposite of that.

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