How to Play Warzone in Split Screen? (& How to Play Co-op)

How To Play Warzone In Split Screen? (& How To Play Co-op)

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Call of Duty: Warzone is still one the most popular first-person shooter online games in the world, and soon will get a sequel called Call of Duty: Warzone 2. Playing with friends online is available in the Warzone, same as crossplay between platforms, which makes this game pretty flexible. However, before the second installment of Warzone comes out, some gamers are still sticking with Warzone and wondering about other ways to play with their friends. In this article, we will look into how to play Warzone on split-screen, and how to play co-op?

If you had any excitement to play split-screen with your buddies, you will be disappointed. Call of Duty: Warzone, as of the time of writing this article, does not support the split-screen way of playing online. When it comes to co-op, well, you need to be creative and bring your own device to your buddy’s house and play together like that.

We will explain further of course, and if you are interested in other plausible ways of playing co-op in Warzone, stick with us until the end of the article, and hopefully, we will help you in understanding why is that the case. Without further ado, let’s start!

How To Play Split Screen In CoD: Warzone?

Split-screen has been part of the games since their inception. Remember playing Grand Turismo games on split-screen and trying to beat your buddy in a race? Or even a Call of Duty 2 game where you could kill your enemies together and spend whole afternoons conquering Tunisia or France? Well, you can not do it in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Raven Software did not think about this feature, and we can understand them a bit. In the last decade or so, online playing of video games has become a bit of an isolating experience. Decades ago, not everyone had an access to gaming consoles like we do today, and that situation is reflected in today’s culture of gaming.


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Of course, there are still people who gather in one place and play video games together, however, that trend drastically changed and people use Discord, Teamspeak, and their consoles and platforms to play with their friends from their homes. Raven Sofware must have the same idea and deemed this mode unnecessary for Warzone gameplay.

All in all, the split-screen option is not supported by Call of Duty: Warzone, which is a shame because older Call of Duty games had this option. The likes of Call of Duty 2, older Modern Warfare games, Ghost, Black Ops series, and World at War Call of Duties had modes like this. Even the newer installments like Vanguard and Cold War have this option. Maybe Warzone is an exception because it is essentially a battle royale game. Who knows.

How To Play Warzone In Split Screen? (& How To Play Co-op)

Do we think there is a possibility of split-screen in the future? We will wait and see, but since Warzone 2 is going to be released in October of this year, it will be interesting to see if developers will take split-screen into account. However, we won’t be holding our breaths. There is an additional reason why split-screen is not considered anymore. Quality of graphics. New Call of Duty games can run on 60 fps and in 4K, and split-screen is decreasing the quality of gameplay and apparent gaming experience. Having high-quality graphics in online games, especially in battle royales and first-person shooters, is really important, and we can not go away from that fact.

This is quite disappointing but we will have to deal with it.


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How To Play Co-op in CoD: Warzone?

Co-op obviously, is not a priority for developers, and Warzone is the main example of that fact. Graphics and gaming experience are more prioritized than group video game co-op parties with your buddies. Whenever you try to turn or plug in your joystick on your console, in the main menu of the Warzone there will be a message on the screen telling us that the split-screen is not supported.

Times of the local co-op days are done in the Call of Duty franchise as it seems. There is not any news regarding this mode being an option in future Call of Duty projects, and it will probably stay that way.

There is an alternative though. If your friend has a console, he can take it with him, find another monitor, and play split-screen like that – in the same room, internet connection but separate consoles and screens. We still have little hope that local co-op will not die anytime soon for these kinds of games, and hopefully, some developers realize that not all players appreciate only graphics – there are still people out there who want to test their abilities and play with their buddies together on the same console, in the same place.


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There is a probability that more and more games will forgo local co-op and split-screen options in future games, there is no denying that.

This is it for today’s Warzone article. Split-screen option of playing was one of the best Call of Duty modes in the franchise’s history and is quite sad that that mode is probably going to disappear in the near future. Maybe we are too nostalgic, but don’t blame us – gaming with our buddies was always a great and fulfilling experience. Thank you for reading! Until the next time!

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