Can You Rob a Bank in GTA 5 and How to Do It?

Can You Rob a Bank in GTA 5 and How to Do It?

Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the most content-rich gaming experiences you can enjoy on your PC or console today. One of the grand heists you can commit and earn big bucks in GTA 5 is robbing the bank. Depending on the bank and difficulty level, you can earn anywhere between $30k and $5M or more, as opposed to the $30 to $120 you typically get from robbing people at the ATM. 

Robbing Fleeca Bank can earn you between $30K and $143,750. Robbing gold nuggets from the Union Depository could easily earn you $500K to $40M. The payout for robbing the Pacific Standard ranges between $500K and $1.25M. Robbing the Blaine County Savings Bank nets Michael and Trevor over $8M. 

You can rob banks in GTA 5’s story missions. Follow this guide on how to rob these banks for maximum payout. 

Can You Rob a Bank in GTA 5?

Can You Rob a Bank in GTA 5 and How to Do It?

There are several online heists available for robbing banks. However, before your character is capable of robbing a bank, there are a few prerequisites you must fulfill:

  • You must own a property in the “luxury apartment” category. The apartment will have a Heist Planning room. 
  • You must have reached a reputation level of at least 12. 
  • You must have enough money in the account to pay for preparation costs. 
  • Once you meet all the other requirements, you have to wait for a call from Lester. 

The Heists available for robbing banks in GTA 5 are:

The Fleeca Job

Two players steal bonds from the safety deposit box of Fleeca Bank’s Great Ocean Highway branch. 

The Paleto Score

Start by stealing military hardware then the team steals $8,016,020. Some or all of the money might be lost during the ensuing chase and shootout with the police and military. The maximum payout for the protagonist is $1,763,524. 

The Pacific Standard Job

Steal from the main branch of the Pacific Standard Bank. 

The Big Score

Steal hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of gold bullions from the Union Depository. This is the biggest Heist with the largest payout. However, it’s the most complicated and requires deep strategy, especially in the planning phase. Care needs to be taken on how you divide roles with the crew. 

Additionally, you have to know which trades to make before you kill one of the crew. A premature kill before making the right trade may make some missions inaccessible. 

How to Rob a Bank in GTA 5

Can You Rob a Bank in GTA 5 and How to Do It?

There are several preparations you need to make before robbing a bank in GTA 5. The preparations for respective banks are:

Pacific Standard Heist

In GTA Online you can rob the main branch of The Pacific Standard Bank located in downtown Vinewood. The complete heists consist of five setups and a finale. You have to:

Setup 1

Grab a Post OP van and reprogram its transponder so it can disable the Pacific Standard dye packs. 

Setup 2

Take the transponder to Avi Schwartzman. He’s a signal expert and calibrates the transponder to the correct frequency for disabling the dye packs. 

Setup 3

Borrow hacking equipment from another gang. Incapacitate the guards and exchange their transponder for yours. Take it to Paige. 

Setup 4

Hijack a Merryweather convoy to steal their thermal charges which you’ll use to blast through the security doors during the robbery. 

Setup 5

Steal getaway cars and four sports bikes and park them near the bank. 


Walk into the bank and shoot the guards. Control the crowds, use thermal charges on the steel bar doors, open the vault, and collect as much money as you can then getaway on the high-speed sports bikes. 

The Big Score

Can You Rob a Bank in GTA 5 and How to Do It?

This is the sixth and last Heist in GTA 5. You can steal either $201,600,000 (Obvious) or $201,300,000 (Subtle). There are four preparation missions for the Subtle approach and three preparation missions for the Obvious approach. The Subtle approach involves asking for the gold while the Obvious approach involves brute force. 

Preparations for the Subtle approach are:

  • Steal a van equipped with spike strips. 
  • Three missions to steal three Gauntlets which will be the getaway cars. They will be modified at the Los Santos Customs in readiness for the finale. 

Preparations for the Obvious approach are:

  • Steal a cutter from a warehouse. 
  • Steal a train using a heavy-lift Skylift helicopter. 
  • Park one car near the Union Depository. 

After robbing the bank, the player has one last mission they have to accomplish. They have to kill either Michael or Trevor. 


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The payout for The Big Score is more than all the other Heists. The player stands to gain an individual cut of over $40M.  The Obvious approach has more income than the Subtle approach because it requires a smaller crew. 

You stand to lose a lot of money if you make poor choices. For example, picking an inexperienced driver is guaranteed to cut the loot by 50%. The total haul is about four tons of gold. 

How to Rob Fleeca Bank in GTA 5

Can You Rob a Bank in GTA 5 and How to Do It?

The Fleeca Job begins when Lester calls the protagonist for a meeting at the warehouse. The robbery targets Fleeca Bank’s Great Ocean Highway branch. The Heist has two setups and one finale.

Setup 1

Scope out the bank’s security. Pick up Paige and some equipment then head to the Heist Planning room at the apartment. 

Setup 2

Pick up the getaway car from a Del Perro parking lot. 


Lead the robbery on the Fleeca branch while the driver controls the crowd and the driller steals box 167 from the vault.

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