‘Candy’ Review: The Suburban Dream Turns Into A Nightmare


Hulu keeps trying to become the main option for adult content when it comes to the empire of the Disney streaming services. It is evident that the struggling streaming service will soon be swallowed by the monster that is Disney+, which now has those parental controls that it needed on launch. Let’s make it all more convenient and simple by having all the content under just one roof.

While we wait for Hulu to become part of the Disney+ machine, the service keeps delivering quality content almost every week. Hulu’s shows have never managed to become too mainstream, but they have caught the attention of the infamous awards season, and they have become a nice playground for actors to do new and exciting things. Just recently, the service released Under the Banner of Heaven, a detective drama starring Andrew Garfield.

In this opportunity, the actor risking into making something different for their careers is Jessica Biel. At the start of her career, the actor was mainly cast because of her striking physical beauty, and she is still a looker. However, in recent times, Biel has proven that she is a fantastic performer with nothing to envy from other more renown dramatic actors in the medium. Candy is Biel’s opportunity to catch people’s attentions once again, with a role that is difficult to say the least.


The show is developed by Nick Antosca, and Robin Veith, and stars Jessica Biel, Melanie Lynskey, Pablo Schreiber, and Timothy Simons. The show tells the story of Candy Montgomery, a real life housewife who was accused of the murdering her best friend, Betty Gore, with an axe. The event took place in Texas during the 1980s, and it became a case of national interest.

Every show based on a real event comes with a lot of caveats. Is it accurate? Does it take too many liberties with the events? Candy makes the disclaimer on its first episode, and it makes it clear that some things have been changed in order to make a more entertaining and pleasing show for mainstream audiences. The creatives are successful in their goal, and the show makes for a thrilling mystery.

This is a real life event, so there are spoilers out there on the internet about what really happened. If you are able to avoid those spoilers, you’re in for a ride, thanks to excellent writing and a performance by Biel that will surely give her some nominations when the next award season comes around.


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Michael Uppendahl serves as the director of the show. And it is clear that he knows what he’s doing, especially when the season starts and he and the writers make very intelligent and clever decisions that help to propel the show into a whole new level. What starts as a simple story about a woman and her community quickly turns into something right out of a horror movie.

Production design and costumes are of equally impressive quality. You can really feel that you’re living in the 80s in Texas, the hairstyles, the houses, it really shows how for some the American dream was not a dream but a reality. That’s why it is so shocking when such a violent crime is committed inside a peaceful community. In some respects, the show is very much similar to Under The Banner of Heaven, another murder centric show that is being aired on Hulu right now.


Biel’s job on the show is stellar, she makes Candy a character that is easy to understand, and one that is very familiar. We have all met someone like Candy, which makes the reality of the show even closer to us as audiences. Biel isn’t the only great player when it comes to acting. Pablo Schreiber also does an amazing job as Allan Gore, the victim’s husband.

Pablo Schreiber has become a hot commodity as of recently, right now he is also starring on the Halo show as the famous Master Chief. His role in Candy is so much different from that one that it really shows his range as an actor. Schreiber will probably become a great character actor, one of those that simply makes amazing work and is able to become anyone. He’s still new to the game, but he is a talent worth checking out.

Candy release schedule helps create tension and expectation for each new episode. From today to the end of the week, Hulu will release a new episode each day. It is a very interesting release method, and we will see how it does. If it is successful, maybe there will be more shows following the example. It helps conversation hold up a lot more than just a weekend thing when full seasons are released at once.

Candy might be a bit familiar. There are many other murder centric show going around. The trend indicates that this is something many people have interest in. So, if you are one of those people, and you want to get swept by a new and interesting mystery that you can solve along with the characters on screen, then Candy is the show for you.

SCORE: 8/10

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