Captain Mizuki (Tank Top & Track Girl) in One Punch Man: Origins, Powers, Fighting Style & More

Captain Mizuki (Tank Top Track Girl) in One Punch Man: Origins, Powers, Fighting Style & More

And while the characters may not be the forte of the One-Punch Man series, these characters are certainly interesting enough for us to give the some attention. At least some of them are. Now, the topic of this article is going to be a female character that has yet to make an anime appearance, but has been present in the manga for a while now. Mizuki, also known as Captain Mizuki, is an intriguing personality and we are going to introduce her to you in this article.

Mizuki, also known as Captain Mizuki, is a B-Class professional heroine, rank 71 of the Hero Association. Mizuki was introduced in the One-Punch man manga, where she plays a substantial role. Due to her attire, as well as her sports career, she is also informally known as Tank Top & Track Girl, an unofficial fandom nickname for her.

The rest of this article is going to focus on Captain Mizuki and all of the aspects related to her character, including her role in the One-Punch Man manga and anime, her history, her powers and abilities, and more. Captain Mizuki is an interesting addition to the manga, which is why we reckoned that she deserved proper treatment in a standalone article.

Who is Captain Mizuki?

Mizuki appears to be a dutiful hero, quickly addressing the reason for the hero meeting. She also seems to have a cheerful and enthusiastic side with the possibility of receiving a promotion suggested by Needle Star, whom she decided to pat on the back as thanks for their consideration of others, although it seems that she can lose control of her strength by doing so. get too excited, since said slap was so strong that he almost knocked his partner down, causing Needle Star to get angry.

Despite her now being a hero, she still acts in many ways like she is still an athlete. Such examples include her talking about her mission as if it were a “sporting event” and referring to Sekingar as “coach” and wanting him to whistle for her before they fight. Mizuki has great admiration for Superalloy Darkshine, whom she refers to with the respectful suffix of “Senpai”.

During the battle, she takes her advice to reserve stamina to heart and wants to know what kind of training she underwent to become so strong. Mizuki also respects King and was disappointed that she didn’t get to see him up close in action. Mizuki was recruited as part of the support group for the Hero Association’s main attack team against the Monster Association.

She and the rest of the heroes arrived at the ghost district of Z-City, where they encountered various monsters. Mizuki faced multiple enemies alone and managed to defeat many of them. However, at some point during the battle, she was outnumbered by a group of monsters wanting to protect Gearsper, prompting Superalloy Darkshine to help her.

As Darkshine praised her muscles, she used the fight to crush a pair of watermelon-shaped monsters. Once she finished off her enemies, the S-Class hero advised her not to strain her body too much and to give her a chance to rest. He was later shown to Mizuki standing next to another group of kaijin that she had taken care of.

After that, she, along with other members of the support group, fought against Rhino Wrestler, but the heroes were overwhelmed by the monster’s strength in this situation and decided to use a move in combination with Needle Star, but the kaijin, in addition to resisting the “Bullet Throw” attack even sent it back towards her but before the bullet could hit her but Needle Star pulled the chain of her ball and projected it to the ground avoiding damaging Mizuki.

She was then about to be run over by Rhino Wrestler to be saved again by Needle Star, who pushed her out of the Kaijin’s way, receiving the impact instead of her. She was able to witness the Millennium Emperor’s tremendous Nova attack power up close from a block away. Depending on her performance, she might receive an invitation to join the Fubuki Group in the future.

Why is Captain Mizuki called Tank Top & Track Girl?

The answer to this question is rather simple if you look at the clothes Captain Mizuki is wearing. She prefers to wear a tank top and a track-and-field suit, which is where the nickname comes from. This is an unofficial nickname, and the character is not known by that name in-universe.

Who is Captain Mizuki based on?

Murata, the manga’s artist, has stated that the character of Mizuki was based on Michelle Jenneke. Michelle Jenneke is an Australian sprinter who specializes in the 100m hurdles and the silver medalist at the 2010 Youth Olympic Games. At the 2012 World Junior Championships, she took 5th place with a score of 13.54. She is also the two-time winner of the 2010 Australian Championships in the 100m s/b and the 4×100m relay.

Captain Mizuki: Powers and abilities

In this section, we are going to give you some details about Captain Mizuki’s powers and abilities in the One-Punch Man manga.

How strong is Captain Mizuki?

Being a B-Class hero, Mizuki has decent strength. She was seen to defeat various Kaijins with her special moves and utilized her advanced skills as a former Olympian very well in battle. However, against Fiend-level monsters, she is quite helpless, as her combo attack with Throwing Needle Star’s could not damage Rhino Wrestler, though she did rank the attack 30 points, higher than most Class A, B, and Class C heroes.

Mizuki is strong enough to crush and decapitate several monsters that were Tiger Level. She throws a javelin strong enough to embed it in concrete and is capable of leaping several times her height in the air. Rhino Wrestler rated her slap throw at 30 despite putting the One Shotter’s Long Range Rifle at 15. Mizuki also scored above every hero besides Iaian and Atomic Samurai.

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Before she became a hero, Mizuki was a world-class track and field athlete. She was able to react and counterattack the incoming Kaijins from the first wave as she looked behind her back. Mizuki can withstand being knocked down by Rhino Wrestler, being trampled by a monster with sharp claws, and multiple hard falls onto concrete without any serious pain or injury.

Mizuki apparently has the ability to change the shape of other weapons. Her signature cane was shown to be capable of transforming into a stick and gaining a sharp point. Needle Star’s mace also changes shape, losing its spikes and turning into a normal ball, when Mizuki grabs it. The ball returns to its original state when Needle Star regains possession of it.

Fighting style

Mizuki’s fighting style is compared to a series of sporting events:

  • Pole Vault: Mizuki’s first event is the pole vault where she leaps over her opponents with her baton outstretched.
  • Javelin Throw: Mizuki’s event number two, she turns her baton into a javelin while she is still in the air and throws it at an opponent.
  • Hammer Throw: Mizuki hooks an opponent and swings them before unhooking. The hooked victim is used as a tool to hit nearby enemies.
  • Bullet Throw: This is Mizuki’s fourth event where in combination with Needle Star, he throws his dumpling by retracting the spikes making it an Olympic event bullet so that Mizuki can throw the ball with chain towards your opponent. Despite the great power and speed of the attack, she had no effect on the demon-level Kaijin, Rhino Wrestler.

In addition to her sports-themed techniques, Mizuki is also a capable fighter, who can fight opponents on the ground. However, Mizuki herself stated that fighting is the only other thing she knows besides track and field.


She has a strange little baton, designed for her by a Hero Association craftsman, which can be modeled for athletics events:

  • Pole: The baton can become a pole several meters long.
  • Javelin: The baton can become a javelin sharp enough to pierce a monster.
  • Rope: To become a useful rope for hammer throwing, a harpoon tip appears first to hold the target as the weight of the hammer. Then a handle appears. Then the baton suddenly becomes flexible to provide momentum, and the harpoon point retracts to release the projectile acting as a hammer.

One of the medals around his neck, after some pressure on it, grows into an Olympic disc.

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