15 Strongest One-Punch Man Characters (RANKED)

15 Strongest One-Punch Man Characters (RANKED)

One-Punch Man is an online manga written and drawn by ONE. It has been published on the author’s personal website since June 3, 2009. The series has become very popular, exceeding ten million visits with an average of 20,000 per day.

In this article, we are going to focus on the strongest characters of One-Punch Man, giving you a list of the 15 ones. We are going to rank them based on their overall strengths and abilities, from weakest to strongest. From the descriptions provided in the article, you’re going to be able to deduce why we have ranked them as we did.

Strongest One-Punch Man Characters

The list is going to contain a total of 15 names. They are going to be ranked from 15th to 1st, with us giving you the basic information about these guys’ skills and powers.

15. Vaccine Man

Vaccine Man

Vaccine Man is a monster who hates humanity because it pollutes Mother Earth. He is, according to him, the embodiment of the wrath of Mother Nature. He is a cruel being who does not hesitate to destroy infrastructure or kill people to carry out his mission.

Since humans destroy the earth, he must eliminate them in the most violent way possible, claiming that he has the right to do so as nature’s chosen one. He gets angry when Saitama appears to stop him in his mission.

It causes huge explosions that destroy buildings, bridges, roads and leave a gigantic crater in the middle of the city. It then rises into the air and hurls multiple balls of destructive energy around. In the anime, he easily defeated Max and Smile Man, two powerful heroes.

Vaccine Man, continuing his carnage, notices a girl in the rubble and prepares to kill her. His desire to eliminate him is such that his arm takes on gigantic proportions.

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14. Carnage Kabuto

Carnage Kabuto

Carnage Kabuto is a mutant beetle created by Genus. He is the most powerful creature in the House of Evolution. He is a despicable and ruthless being. He even despises Genus who is his creator, all because he thinks he is the perfect being destined to replace humans.

He strongly values ​​his independence and kills anything that moves in his temper tantrums. He is very interested in the fighters who are described to him as very strong. During his confrontation with Saitama, he shows that he is terrorized by anyone who possesses a power much greater than his.

However, when Saitama turned out to be an idiot, he began to underestimate him until he forgot the terror he had had earlier. Carnage Kabuto is first mentioned by his master, Professor Genus. This one uses it last emerges to confront Saitama.

A strafing clone begs him not to approach, but Scaravageur does not care and pulverizes him, like all the other clones that came before him. The real Genus then approaches him, asking if he has finished letting off steam. Carnage Kabuto turns to him and expresses that he is outraged to have been imprisoned while he is the most powerful product of the House of Evolution.

Professor Genus explains to him that he is doing this because he is out of control. The insect bursts out laughing, because it does not intend to be checked. He is a perfect creature and nothing can stand above him.

13. Flashy Flash

Flashy Flash

This hero has the particularity of moving at a phenomenal speed. It is extremely fast and precise. He is an outstanding swordsman, and he will show his talent by gouging out the eyes of the octopus with a hundred eyes in a few moments.

Very arrogant, he hates Tatsumaki, who puts him down all the time and is one of the few people to stand up to him. Rather handsome and popular, he does not take ranks into account and prefers concrete exploits.

12. SuperAlloy Darkshine


SuperAlloy Darkshine is the #11 Hero of the Heroes Association’s S-Class. He is a member of the basement assault team. He is considered by many to be one of the best melee fighters in the association with Silver Fang.

SuperAlloy Darkshine is rather serene in nature. In addition, he is convinced that he is constantly admired for his formidable musculature. His self-esteem is so high that he takes seriously his claims that he is one of the heroes that should never be pissed off alongside the legendary King and Tornado.

However, he risks getting angry if one of his opponents oversteps his own abilities to prove disappointing in his eyes. SuperAlloy Darkshine, at heart, is a selfish hero seeking glory rather than a challenge. His greatest desire is to win a difficult fight that will satisfy him for having surpassed himself.

SuperAlloy Darkshine is not used to preparing for defeat. Because of this, he will lose his focus against the Hero Hunter as he feels him becoming more and more powerful at an alarming rate.

11. Genos


A pupil of Saitama, Genos is a cyborg possessing an impressive arsenal of weapons capable of causing very heavy damage. Originally, he was a normal human until his entire family perished due to a mysterious cyborg, and he was taken in by Professor Kidos who made him a cyborg.

In search of revenge, he investigates the footsteps of the killer cyborg, intending to annihilate him and fight monsters to become stronger until one day he is defeated by Miss Mosquito in the Blood Queen version.

While he was going to self-destruct, he is saved by Saitama whose strength he admires in fact, Genos becomes his disciple, although he is unable to teach him anything about his strength. On his hero registration test, he had the maximum points, 100 out of 100, and was therefore directly promoted to the S-Class in 17th and last place.

Very quickly, he passed Pri-Pri-Prisoner by taking 16th place, then 14th. He is very sensitive to his position in the ranking because his master has given him the goal of being in the top 10 of the S class.

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10. Black Sperm

Black sperm

Black Sperm is a dragon-level sperm monster, one of the lieutenants of the Monster Association. Black Sperm is a monster who does not like to be taken for a subordinate. Sooner or later he would like to challenge Orochi who claims to be King of the Monsters and dares to show it.

He is sassy and provocative. He would be interested in challenging the other lieutenants of the Monster Association as long as he had a chance to win. Black Sperm hates being bored, but above all, he doesn’t appreciate being underestimated.

When Atomic Samurai showed he didn’t take him seriously, Black Sperm attacked first and proudly corrected his opponent’s view of his powers by explaining to them when Atomic Samurai was mistaken. He is not shy about explaining to a child that he is about to kill him, as if it were ordinary for him to kill. It’s just part of his hobby.

9. Silver Fang / Bang

Silver Fang

Known as the most powerful martial artist around, Silver Fang (real name Bang) is an old man, calm, thoughtful, and endowed with monstrous power. He runs an old dojo, which he cares about as much as his life, at the top of a mountain where he teaches his art, the “Rockbreaker Water Fist”.

He is very agile and hides a very muscular body under his clothes. Garou, one of the main antagonists of season 2, was his best student but the monstrous strength and violent behavior of the latter drove the other students to leave the dojo.

Currently, he only has one student, Charanko. He is one of the few people to know the true strength of Saïtama. He is the brother of Bomb, master of the Iron-Slicing Whirling Fist.

8. Elder Centipede

Elder Centipede

Elder Centipede is a dragon-level insect monster, part of the Association of Monsters with the rank of lieutenant. He is fierce and sure of himself. Unlike Junior and Senior Centipede, he does not care if we kill his fellow centipedes.

He generally takes his opponents for harmless insects because he knows he is so strong. Elder Centipede can talk, but he is not very talkative. His pride can only crumble if he is defeated, which was the case the day he lost to Blast.

He has held an insatiable grudge against Blast since that day and gets angry whenever we talk about him. Elder Centipede apparently only joined the Monster Association by following his spirit of vengeance.

7. Tatsumaki


A young woman who is sometimes ungrateful to her peers, gifted with super telekinetic powers to face her opponents. She looks like a kid because of her powers, which are said to have stunted her growth, but is 28 years old.

His powers are powerful enough to effortlessly destroy a city, stop shells, create natural disasters, or even rain meteorites. She can also create force fields to protect herself and has many mystical powers, which we have not yet seen, according to Silver Fang.

Because of her bad temper, she has the annoying habit of swearing at people for simple a yes or a no.

6. Garō


Garō is a student dismissed by his master Bang from the Rockbreaker Water Fist Dojo. He finds it unfair that the heroes are always victorious, beautiful, and acclaimed by the citizens and considers that the bad guys, too, have the right to succeed.

This is why he decided that he would be the greatest of the monsters and that he would beat all the heroes, especially the S-class ones. After that, he hunted down the heroes to fight against them and came out of every fight a little louder.

He starts with weak heroes, then the whole longshoreman family including the S-class Master longshoreman. He then takes on Batte-Man as he takes on the Elder Millipede.

He fought against Saitama but it was not a real fight, since after Garō had dealt him a totally ineffective blow, Saitama knocked him out in one blow. When Garō woke up (to a pile of garbage bags), he couldn’t remember a thing. He calls himself the “human monster”.

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5. Psykos-Orochi


Psykos lets Orochi invade her body with his sticky flesh. However, Psykos takes fright upon sensing in a short time that Orochi has become much more powerful than she thought. He begins to absorb her, but she struggles not to lose consciousness.

Orochi tells her that after having made a lot of sacrifices to allow her to evolve, it is her turn to pass on the altar of sacrifice. Psykos gets angry to remind him that she is the mistress in their relationship. During the attempted union, Psykos and Orochi witness a strange apparition.

A gigantic ball of brain cells has appeared to give Psykos immense power allowing her to successfully merge. For Psykos, this thing was God. Thanks to her psychic powers, she manages to get the upper hand on Orochi at the end of the union process. Together they became an insectoid being.

4. Boros


Boros is an alien, a sort of invincible galactic tyrant, roaming the worlds on the orders of a prophecy promising him that he would one day find an opponent to his size. As soon as he arrived on Earth, he razed city A in a fraction of a second with a barrage of his gigantic warship.

Boros is a being who says he is superior to everything and can destroy a planet if he gets too angry. In his own words, his race is a living species adapted to the most terrible environments in the universe, succeeding in thriving there in spite of everything, and he would be one of the strongest representatives if not the strongest.

He fought Saitama in a titanic clash, in which he lost his life. Boros is raven blue in color and has a single eye, but when he gets serious he turns white and becomes more powerful than Saitama when the latter is calm.

Although Saitama may not have used even a hundredth of his abilities, this opponent has been the only one so far not to be killed on the first try and able to stand in single combat against Saitama, even if it was a one-sided confrontation where he was defeated without much harm by the hero.

3. Blast

Blast OPM

The most powerful hero of the whole Association according to Sytch and Little Emperor. He’s a man with short hair, and a cape that looks like Superman’s. According to Little Emperor, he appears when it sings to him and rarely responds to calls from the Association of Heroes.

According to the statements of the Phoenix man, He fought the elder of the Centipede and beat him to such an extent that he was forced to run away in order to survive, despite the latter’s frightening abilities. Although he hasn’t really appeared in the web-comics, he makes his first physical appearance in the manga in chapter 194.

His powers are not really known, he apparently has superhuman strength, super-fast speed, knowledge. huge and is able to teleport.

2. Saitama

one punch man 1

Saitama is a young, active, lifeless youth who frequently fights mysterious beings to help him become a mighty hero. His training involves ten kilometers of running, a hundred push-ups, a hundred sit-ups, a hundred squats, every day.

After “intensive” training, Saitama notices two changes: he has grown terribly strong, to the point of defeating his enemies in one fell swoop, and has lost all of his hair. Its main attack is the famous “One Punch”, a simple punch that can defeat very powerful enemies like the King of the Seas, Ashura Rhino, the King of the Underworld, a gigantic meteorite, and many more.

When a punch is not enough, he uses the “Rain of Ordinary Blows” (Normal Combo Punch) which is the association of several “One Punch”, it can also pass in “Serious Mode” (using the “Strike super-worship “in the anime) against really powerful opponents, which so far has only happened once.

His power is overwhelming and has no comparison among the strongest heroes and villains encountered so far.

1. God


God corresponds to a concept of divinity in which some people believe. This being exists according to Emperor Vanupieds.

The name of God is invoked for the first time by Morveduse who relates that the lieutenants of the Association of Monsters are so strong that they seem to be his direct creations. A lieutenant of this association, Emperor Vanupieds, recounts his encounter with God to Zombiman during the battle.

During the battle, as Psykos struggles to merge with Orochi without being completely absorbed, God is said to have appeared to them in the form of a gigantic brain mass. God would then have granted Psykos an incredible energy power giving him the ability to take over Orochi and succeed in his fusion.

However, from then on, she would have received the mission to annihilate the world by absorbing it. Emperor Vanupieds having been captured by Zombiman during the fighting on the surface of the monster nest ruins, is questioned.

Zombiman seeks to get him to clarify who gave him his powers, as he feels that the Heroes’ Association should stand ready to meet him as an enemy. Before Emperor Vanupieds could formulate a clear answer, he heard a voice in his head ordering him to shut up.

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