‘Castlevania’: Who Does Richter Belmont Marry? Love Interest Explained

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If there’s one thing we know about animated shows, it’s that the romance factor will almost always be there, especially regarding the main characters. Of course, we are looking at Richter Belmont ‘Castlevania: Nocturne’ in this conversation, as we all know that has to continue the Belmont bloodline for the sake of securing the future of humanity’s fight against vampires. So, who does Richter Belmont marry?

  • Article breakdown:
  • In the games, Richter has a girlfriend named Annette, who is portrayed as a damsel in distress and a simple villager whom Richter needs to rescue and protect.
  • However, in the animated series, Richter’s relationship with the show’s version of Annette starts out rocky but has steadily improved.

Annette is Richter’s girlfriend in the games

The entire ‘Castlevania’ storyline in the animated series is based on the successful ‘Castlevania’ video game franchise, which has been around since the 80s and was able to see the height of its success during the 90s as one of the greatest side-scrolling video games we’ve ever seen. Of course, the ‘Castlevania’ video game series mostly follows the Belmont family and its never-ending quest to rid the world of vampires, Dracula in particular.

During the 18th century, Richter Belmont was the heir of the Belmont family’s responsibility to kill vampires. Of course, he appeared in several installments of the video game series and has been one of the most popular characters ever. Richter even had his own fair share of romantic moments, given that the Belmont family needed to progress its line to ensure that humanity always had a protector from vampires.


In the video games, Richter had a romantic interest named Annette, who made her first and only appearance in ‘Castlevania: Rondo of Blood.’ However, Annette’s only role in the video game series was being a damsel in distress who was captured by Dracula’s forces when they attacked her village. In that regard, Annette was just a regular village with no special abilities.

Still, Annette was in a relationship with Richter, who tried to get to her village in time to rescue her and defeat the night creatures that were there to slaughter the townspeople. The problem was that he was too late in doing so, and he found out that Dracula’s forces had taken Annette to his castle, where she was kept captive in the clock tower because the vampire king had a special liking for her.


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As such, ‘Rondo of Blood’ follows Richter’s journey through Dracula’s massive castle to rescue Annette from the clutches of the powerful vampire king. Richter succeeded in doing so, only for him to convince Annette that she needed to leave the castle on her own because he still needed to complete his mission of killing Dracula.

It was never mentioned whether or not Richter and Annette got married. But we can make the presumption that they did indeed get married after the many different hardships that Richter went through. The presumption is based on the fact that the Belmont family bloodline continued long after Richter’s era, which means there is a good likelihood that he married Annette after finally defeating Dracula once and for all.

Richter’s relationship with Annette in the animated series

Of course, in the games, we know that Richter was romantically involved with Annette and possibly even married her after they finally defeated Dracula with the help of Alucard. But we also know that Richter is the latest member of the Belmont family to see an animated counterpart. And he is the star of Netflix’s ‘Castlevania: Nocturne’ series, which is set during the 18th century and follows Richter and a few other allies in their quest to defeat the vampire threat plaguing the world.

One of the characters featured in the storyline is a young girl named Annette, who shares the same name as Annette that we met in the video game series. But the thing about this Annette is that she is a very different character than the one we know of in ‘Rondo of Blood.’


In ‘Nocturne,’ Annette is a Haitian girl who was once a former slave. She was born to a Haitian family of slaves owned by a vampire named Vaublanc, a slave owner who owns a large field in the Caribbean town of Saint-Domingue. Annette, however, learned that she was the descendant of the Haitian god of iron. As such, she was able to help her people free themselves from Vaublanc using her ability to manipulate iron and even mud.

Annette and her friend Edouard had to go to France when their high priestess had a vision of an unspeakable evil that was looking to take over Europe and eventually carry her evil influence to the rest of the world, including the western lands called the New World. As such, they had to team up with Richter Belmont and Maria Renard to try to stop this threat from rising and plunging the world into darkness.


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In that regard, the ‘Nocturne’ version of Annette is different from the one we know in the video games. Unlike Annette in ‘Rondo of Blood,’ the one in ‘Nocturne’ had a rocky relationship with Richter because they didn’t agree on a lot of things.

Annette in ‘Nocturne’ is emotional and headstrong as she often does things without thinking them over or coming up with a plan. Richter, who isn’t necessarily the smartest character, approaches things carefully because he knows what vampires, especially the noble ones, are capable of. After Richter ran away from his allies upon seeing Olrox, the vampire who killed his mother nine years ago, for the first time since he was a child, Annette thought that he was a coward who was afraid to face his fears.

In that regard, the relationship wasn’t exactly good at the start because Richter didn’t like Annette’s rather careless and reckless approach. Of course, Annette thought that Richter was a coward who abandoned her and the others. She even thought that he was useless even though he was a Belmont.

Nevertheless, after Richter reconnected with his magical abilities and was forced to understand the importance of facing his fears to protect the ones he loved, he returned to his allies. Annette welcomed Richter back with a better way of looking at him after she experienced her own character development while Richter was away.

This seems to be the start of what may become a romantic relationship between two characters who initially weren’t too fond of one another but ended up understanding each other’s struggles. As such, it won’t be a surprise if season 2 of ‘Nocturne’ would allow us to see Richter and Annette having a better relationship.

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