Catwoman Quotes: Selina Kyle’s 40 Most Iconic Lines

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Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman, is one of the most popular female comic book characters in history. She went from being a villain to an anti-hero, to a superhero, back to a villain numerous times. The depth of her personality, motives, and character arc makes her such a brilliant, unique character.

We’ve seen her in comics, TV shows, animated series, movies, and games, so without further ado, here are the most epic Catwoman quotes ever, grouped by certain versions of Selina Kyle through the years.

Best Catwoman Quotes From The Comics

catwoman comics

“I might be a lot of things, but I’m not a killer.”

This quote is from the Catwoman: Defiant storyline. Selina might be a villain sometimes – stealing, pillaging, and causing harm. However, she doesn’t go around blatantly killing people. As she states, Catwoman is a lot of things, but just like Batman, she’s not a killer and never will be.

“Listen, Scream Queen. I steal. I don’t kill! There’s no glamour in it.”

When Selina Kyle faces off with Vampirella, the latter calls Catwoman a killer. Well, Selina doesn’t take it kindly, reiterating that she’s not a killer. However, I want to put focus on the last bit in the quote – she doesn’t kill because there’s no glamour in it. That just goes to show her quirky mental state.

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“My world is all just shades of grey, Batman. That’s why you’ll never really understand me.”

This quote from the New Earth version of Selina Kyle can be interpreted on several levels. You can think of it literally – that she sees the world differently than normal human beings, or metaphorically – saying that her life has just been different levels of bad.

“I like weapons that only the skilled can control… Guns are for jerks and cowards.”

You won’t ever see Catwoman wielding guns. Why? Well, because she sees them as weaponry for low-lives; cowards who hide behind the barrel because they are nothing without it. Selina has a high opinion of herself (at moments), as shown from this quote in Batman/Catwoman: Trail of the Gun Vol. 1 #1.

“Don’t kick the cat again, Stan. Ever.”

If you kick cats around, you’re probably a piece of… work. If you do it in front of Selina Kyle, you’re probably not that smart of a guy. Sure, Stan didn’t know Selina was Catwoman at the time (Catwoman Vol. 1 #2), but her reaction told him everything he needed to know.

Best Catwoman Quotes From The Movies & TV Shows

Batman Returns (1992)

catwoman batman returns

“He IS Batman, you idiot!”

One might say that Selina Kyle has a short temper. Especially when someone says something stupid like “Bruce Wayne, what are you doing dressed up as Batman?” And, especially if that someone is Max Shreck, her former boss and mortal enemy. I loved Michelle Pfeiffer in this movie, as every reaction she had in the film seemed so genuine and honest.

“Honey, I’m home! Oh, I forgot, I’m not married!”

This quote was really the epitome of Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman. She was just the right amount of crazy, independent, skilled, and quirky. This quote is something I can see a cat lady say when she gets home. I mean, I’m not a lady, and I’m not crazy, but I still greet my cat first when I get home. I kind of see why I like Selina Kyle so much. Cats are awesome.

“But a kiss could be deadlier if you mean it.”

Batman and Catwoman have this odd yet strong chemistry throughout the movie. At one point, they find themselves under a mistletoe, and Bruce says: “Mistletoe can be deadly if you eat it.” Catwoman answers with this epic quote that later leads to them figuring out each other’s identities as Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne.

“You make it so easy, don’t you. Always waiting for some Batman to save you. I am Catwoman. Hear me roar!”

Selina Kyle needs no one to save her. Selina Kyle wants no one’s protection. She won’t wait for Prince Charming to come to rescue her from a hard life. She knows that she can take care of herself. This quote was such an empowering moment that it is still frequently quoted by women worldwide.

“You’re the second man who killed me this week, but I’ve got seven lives left.”

As I said, Catwoman and Batman had an odd relationship in this film, just like in the comics. This quote came after she felt betrayed and killed by Batman. The first guy who killed her was Max Shreck, who threw her out the window and caused her newfound cat-like powers. Luckily, as she says, cats have nine lives, so it’ll take a lot more to wipe her out.

“Seems like every woman you try to save ends up dead – or deeply resentful. Maybe you should retire.”

Adding to the previous quote, Batman explains how he simply tried to save her, to which she answers with this quote that had to hit Bruce like a ton of bricks. As some would say, “it’s funny because it’s true.”

“Somebody say fish? I haven’t be fed all day!”

This was an epic quote that depicted how eccentric the Catwoman is. The way that Michelle Pfeiffer delivered the quote was even more epic, despite the fact that Bruce Wayne followed it up by slamming her into the floor, telling her to “eat floor. High fiber.”

“Bruce, I would – I would love to live with you in your castle… forever, just like in a fairy tale. I just couldn’t live with myself, so don’t pretend this is a happy ending!”

The saddest part about Selina Kyle is that she developed real feelings for Bruce Wayne. However, she knows she could never live the life of an ordinary wife. Despite her feelings, Selina knows she “couldn’t live with herself” even if she tried, so it’s better to cut that idea from the start and not pretend a happy ending is coming.

“You’re overpaid. Hit the road.”

Two security guards come face to face with Catwoman. And, instead of doing their job and being security guards, both of them succumb and almost beg for mercy. She lets them go, but not without the snarky quote that made us love Selina even more.

Batman: The Animated Series (1992-1995)

catwoman tas

“Bats are just mice with wings, little girl.”

Cats hunt mice. And, when Batgirl confronts Catwoman in the series, Selina gives her this awesome quote that resonates perfectly with her personality. She’s a more experienced vigilante and considers cats superior to bats. She believes cats are smarter, more versatile, and more complex than bats – which is the same way she feels about comparing herself to Batgirl.

“What a pleasant surprise! Though, I should warn you: breaking and entering is against the law.”

This quote from Seline came when Batman broke into her apartment, waiting for her after she stole the Vreeland jewels from an exhibition. The quote is so awesome because, well, breaking and entering is completely Catwoman’s MO.

“It’s just the cat in me.”

Cats are playful, cuddly, and sweet. However, they also tend to be quite mischievous and naughty. That’s exactly what Selina Kyle is, too, so when Batman asks her why she always acts so mischievously and deceives him, she simply answers: “It’s just the cat in me.” My cat would agree.

“Now you notice [I’m hot]!”

When Selina gets a fever from a virus her cat gave her, Batman comes to check on her. He tells her that she’s hot but should be alright. Our beloved, playful Selina turns it into an opportunity to flit with Bruce, saying, “Now you notice.” These types of lines are the main reason why we love Catwoman so much.

“Tell me I’m not in a cage now.”

Catwoman loves to break the law. Stealing, breaking and entering, and being a vigilante is something that makes Selina Kyle who she is. When she tries to give up the Catwoman life and just be an ordinary citizen, Batman tells her that, hey, at least she’s not in a cage, referring to prison where she’d end up if the police caught her.

That’s when Selina delivers this epic quote – being free isn’t freedom for her if she can’t be herself – and that means being Catwoman.

Catwoman (2004)

“Live fast. Love hard. Die young. Leave a good-smelling corpse.”

Let’s remove the elephant in the room: Catwoman was a horrible movie. The rating and reviews don’t lie. The story was lackluster, the titular character is very poorly written, and I bet Halle Berry just wants to forget she ever participated in the project. That being said, we did get some awesome lines like the quote above, depicting Selina Kyle’s personality purrfectly.

“That’s part of the rule. Never quit. Never let them see you’re afraid. Above all—never let them see you’re hurt. Never let them see you cry. Never.”

Although our beloved Catwoman is as fierce as they get, she has moments of weakness, too. However, Selina never lets others see that she is, indeed, human, and that her feelings can get hurt. Despite such a hard life (and death), Selina never gave up and never let anybody see that she could feel fear, too.

“Sometimes you have to take a life… to save a life.”

I feel this quote from Selina, although she sometimes takes it to extreme levels. It’s her own iteration of the well-known mantra, “whatever it takes.” She’s not a villain, per se, but Catwoman will do whatever it takes to get what she wants, even if that means taking a life.

“Freedom is power. To live a life untamed and unafraid is the gift that I’ve been given, and so, my journey begins.”

Being free doesn’t mean living day-to-day life, getting into a routine, worried about security – financial or physical. Selina sees her newfound powers as a gift, to live a life truly free, not being afraid of what comes tomorrow. Isn’t that what we all strive for, in the end?

“Cats come when they feel like it. Not when they’re told.”

You can’t tame Selina Kyle. You can’t tell her what to do, where to be, or how to behave. If she feels like coming, she will. If she doesn’t, she won’t. And, just like with cats, there’s really nothing you can do about it. Catwoman is independent, strong, and awesome – even in a super bad movie like this one.

The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

“There’s a storm coming, Mr. Wayne. You and your friends better batten down the hatches because when it hits, you’re all gonna wonder how you ever thought you could live so large and leave so little for the rest of us.”

This is a quote that Selina Kyle gave directly to Bruce Wayne, referring to him and his rich friends while warning him of upcoming trouble. I loved the quote because, regardless of what you think of Selina, she always remained true to herself and to the people within the “lower” society.

“My mother warned me about getting into cars with strange men.”

I laughed at this remark from Catwoman, and it was a nice bit of chemistry between herself and Batman. I mean, she’s right – does it get any stranger than a guy wearing a bat costume, driving a car that looks more like a space shuttle?

“Come with me. Save yourself. You don’t owe these people anymore. You’ve given them everything.”

This was the part where Catwoman pondered about whether she would stay or leave Gotham City, knowing that Bane and Talia could obliterate it any minute. She urges Bruce to come with her, but he declines, answering: “Not everything. Not yet.”

“[I know] That you should be afraid of him as I am.”

Bane in Batman Forever was a dumb brute who never deserved to be a part of a movie. However, Bane in The Dark Knight Rises was one of the greatest Batman supervillains ever portrayed on the big or small screen. Tom Hardy was scary – intelligent, powerful, and sinister. Selina Kyle knew it, as she told John Blake in a conversation about Bane.

“A girl’s gotta eat.”

This remark seems to repeat itself in one way or another in many different Selina Kyle iterations. Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman said, “I haven’t be fed in a day,” Selina Kyle from Gotham TV Series said, “Me eating is a good cause.” Well, Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman had a similar remark, saying “a girl’s gotta eat” when John Blake pointed out some of her mistakes.

“Never steal anything from someone you can’t outrun, kid.”

In Selina Kyle’s neighborhood, two thugs chase and catch a young boy who stole an apple from them. They want to hurt him, but luckily, Catwoman shows up, cracks one of the thug’s arms,  and takes the apple from them as they run like madmen. She delivers the epic quote and takes a bit out of the apple before giving it back to the poor, hungry child, who then runs away.

Gotham (2014-2019)

“He’s not alone.”

This quote came all the way in Season 5, but it was just as epic as any other Selina Kyle quote from the series. When Leslie Thompkins tells Bruce Wayne: “Bruce, you can’t do this alone,” Selina stands by his side, stating that he is not alone.

“Well, if it makes you feel better, I wish I could blow up my past.”

Selina is usually quite content with who she is and what she does. However, while talking to Alfred Pennyworth about rebuilding the Wayne Manor, she realizes they are looking at old plans. Alfred says he might not be ready to let go of the past. In response, she tells Alfred this cool quote, letting us know that there are things in her past that she regrets.

“You should have just let me do it.”

Again, Selina might seem like this tough, strong, resilient person. However, in reality, she’s just as fragile as anyone else – probably even more so. During this sequence, Selina was actually trying to kill herself in the hospital. Luckily, Bruce and the doctors prevented her and sedated her before any real damage was done.

“More like all about pizza.”

Okay, I know it might not be the post PC quote ever, but I just laughed so hard at the quote. As Sonny Gilzean tries to sound menacing and serious, saying, “The Gilzeans are all about consequences,” Selina delivers this epic quote that puts him down on the ground and insults him at the same time. The sass is immeasurable.

“Me eating is a good cause.”

Selina visits a Children’s Hospital Gala and meets Bruce Wayne there. He tells her he didn’t expect to see her there, to which she says: “Well if you want to steal stuff, it helps to go where the rich people are.” Bruce responds that it’s a benefit for the Children’s Hospital and that people are here for a good cause, to which she responds the awesome quote above.

Best Catwoman Quotes From The Video Games

catwoman arkham city

“Let’s see if I can find your ‘off’ button.”

This awesome quote came in the Injustice: Gods Among Us video game. As in any other iteration of the character, Catwoman was strong, independent, and just overall awesome in the game.

“You’re right, I think I chipped a nail back there.”

This funny quote came in Batman: Arkham City after Batman helps Catwoman defeat Two-Face. He tells her he figured she could use some help, to which she sarcastically responds with the quote above. It was pure gold.

“Which one lets me walk out of here alive?”

As Catwoman and Two-Face fought, Harve Dent had Selina Kyle on the ropes, so to speak. Of course, he plays his coin toss game and asks Catwoman: “Heads, or tails.” She never shows any fear – just gives this awesome one-liner, even though she knows survival is not an option at that point.

“Really? Okay, if you insist. Oh, I forgot to say, speak to me like that again, Penguin, and I’ll show you just what it feels like for a poor little bird to be torn apart by a cat.”

In the same game (Batman: Arkham City), there’s a cut-scene where the Penguin is trapped behind a display case. When he yells at Selina to “piss off,” she delivers this quote to put him back into his place. Logically, the Penguin begs for mercy moments later.

“They say each cat follows her own secret path. Some paths, like my own, begin in the dark…”

There’s a video game that came out along with Halle Berry’s Catwoman film in 2004. The game was kind of bad, like the movie, but I particularly liked this quote. Also, her name in the game isn’t Selina Kyle – it’s Patience Phillips.