Cells at Work! Code Black Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Canceled?

Cells at Work! Code Black Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Canceled?

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Cells at Work! Code Black is the title of a manga series created by Shigemitsu Harada that started in 2018 and takes place in the human body and mainly deals with blood circulation and diseases. It is an offshoot of the Cells at Work series, which has been appearing since 2015. The main characters of the work are an anthropomorphic red blood cell and a white blood cell. The manga was adapted as an anime series in 2021 and will also be published in other languages. The first season premiered only recently and in this article, we are going to tell you whether you can expect a second season of Cells at Work! Code Black anytime soon.

The second season of Cells at Work! Code Black still hasn’t been confirmed or canceled yet. The first season aired only recently and while there still is some material to adapt from the now-finished manga series, the second season is still uncertain. Having said all of this, Cells at Work! Code Black is a very popular and well-known series, and based on all the known facts, a second season is not impossible. We just don’t know when it could happen.

The rest of this article will bring you all the known and unknown information related to a potential season 2 of Cells at Work! Code Black. You’re going to find out about its potential release date, whether there is a trailer, what the story could be about, and much more about this exciting anime series whose future is still somewhat uncertain.

Will Cells at Work! Code Black Season 2 happen?

The manga appeared as the third installment of the Cells at Work! series, starting on June 7, 2018 (Issue 27/2018) in the Morning magazine. It was written by Shigemitsu Harada and illustrated by Issei Hatsuyoshi under the direction of Akane Shimizu, the author of the original. The last chapter was published on January 21, 2021. The chapters were also published ina total of eight volumes.

Kodansha Comics will publish an English version. Liden Films adapted the manga into an anime series for Japanese television. It was directed by Hideyo Yamamoto and headlined by Hayashi Mori. The character design was by Eiji Abiko, and art direction is by Chiaki Tsukahara and Masahiro Sato. Yoshihiro Ujiie was responsible for the mechanical design and Kazuaki Hara for the 3D animations. Ryoshi Tanaka was responsible for the sound and Junpei Takatsu for the camera work.

Cells at Work CODE BLACK Red White Blood Cell

The series was broadcast from January 10 to March 21, 2021 by Tokyo MX, Tochigi TV, Gunma TV, BS11 in Japan. The anime will be published internationally by various streaming services in several other languages ​​include Crunchyroll, Funimation Entertainment, YouTube, and AnimeLab. So, what does all of this tell us about the future? Well, not much per se, but we can state that, while uncertain, the future seems bright.

The future of the Cells at Work! Code Black anime is quite uncertain at this moment, but the good thing is that it is not because there’s no interest or because there’s a lack of material. The series is very popular and we’ll just have to see whether there is enough interest for a continuation to make any proper predictions about the potential continuation of the series. The manga did well, and the first season received solid reviews, finishing on a cliffhanger, but it’s been a while and there has been no news on the show’s future.

In any case, the earliest we could see a potential second season is late 2023, but we’d have to get some confirmation on the future during 2022 or easily 2023; 2024 is also a strong possibility. The fans are demanding a new season, but we’ll just have to see how it goes; as far as things stand now, a cancelation has not been confirmed, but we cannot rule it out either.

What could be the plot of Cells at Work! Code Black Season 2?

At this moment, we do not know how far the second season of Cells at Work! Code Black could take us because we don’t know how many chapters of the manga the season could potentially adapt; it could be the whole series, or just a part of it. Namely, due to a lack of information in general, we have absolutely no clue how far the second season might go if it even happens. What follows is an overview of the source material that could be adapted in a potential second season.

The stories take place in the human body and tell of anthropomorphic cells. The series focuses on two cells: a young erythrocyte (red blood cell) and a more experienced leukocyte (white blood cell). On its first journeys through the body, the initially highly motivated erythrocyte becomes increasingly disillusioned because the body has aged and is no longer fully functional as it learned during its training: the veins are clogged and many of the cells it encounters are marked by stress and react irritably and impatiently.

He also experiences the consequences of old age, stress, and addiction: the body smokes, drinks alcohol, has erectile dysfunction, and is infected with gonococci. Stress leads to allergic reactions and hair loss, improper diet to kidney stones. Finally, thrombosis, a pulmonary embolism, and infections with athlete’s foot and the stomach occur.

In the case of gastric prolapse, the erythrocyte loses its dearest colleague and friend and falls into agony over it and because of the poor body condition and working conditions. After all, the body suffers from gout and while many other cells lose their urge to work, the erythrocyte can pull itself together again. But then a heart attack occurs and the body is close to death.

A revival can just about avert this. From then on, the condition of the body improves and the cells gain new courage. At the end of Season 1, the body receives chest compressions and the heart fibrillates. The cells are crying out for the heart to get back to work, except for one experienced red blood cell who is tired of working. The heart is shocked by a defibrillator and works again.


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A stent is placed in the coronary artery to remove the blockage and allow blood to flow again. Red blood cells supply and save all cells in the body with oxygen. Afterward, AA2153 reminisces about his life’s journey and meets up with U-1196 when they discover the body has cleaned up his deed. The body quit smoking, drinking alcohol and eating bad food, leaving the body cleaner and a lot less stressed.

U-1196 states that AA2153 has matured and AA2153 replies that he always looked up to U-1196, which makes her blush. After the end of the credits, the body is pierced by a syringe that sucks out blood cells, including AA2153 and U-1196. You wake up horrified to find yourself in a new body even dirtier than the previous one.

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