65 Best Anime Couples of All Time

100 Best Anime Couples of All Time

When opposites attract or like personalities meet, you can feel the love. We think of our most loved shows and movies, we tend to develop an affinity for the characters who are paired together, and we either love the characters or hope they’d get married. That is also true for the best anime couples of all time.

A lot of shows are centered on various types of entertainment, but it’s good to add a touch of romance to make things more interesting. Watching two characters fall in love can make fangirls (and fanboys) cheer or laugh and occasionally shed tears of happiness (or tears of sadness). Let’s take a look at the 65 best anime couples of all time.

List of Best Anime Couples

Let’s go through the details of the top anime couples of all time.

1. Kurisu and Okabe

Kurisu and Okabe

The concept of true love is that it transcends time and space. It’s no different in anime either. Also, destiny will bring two people closer, regardless of their circumstances. 

Makise Kurisu and Okabe Rintaro from Steins Gate have proven this notion, along with many others around the realm of time travel, science, and love. 

Steins; Gate is famous for its captivating storytelling, which includes a group of friends or lab members who find out how to send messages via text back to the time of their lives. 

Scientist Makise Kurisu, who is visiting Japan at a conference, meets a student from the university Okabe in a random encounter. 

She is saved by a message and quickly connects with him due to their shared love for science. While they initially fight over each other, love develops between them due to their research and the long hours in the lab.

2. Yuuri and Victor

Yuuri and Victor

In a world filled with shows that feature implied relations, Victor and Yuuri stand out as a real couple in the popular anime series Yuri On Ice. 

Not only do their interactions seem real it is also evident how much they love throughout their journey.

Victor provides Yuuri the confidence to succeed appropriately to encourage Yuuri to see his full potential. Yuuri is in love with Victor and comes to realize that they need each other.

They develop an incredibly healthy and mutually beneficial relationship that shines through the entire series. The couple doesn’t just “make history”, but they are a real-life representation of an LGBTQ relationship in anime that isn’t forced and anime fans couldn’t be happier about it!

3. Risa Kozumi and Otani

Risa Kozumi and Otani

In the process of choosing a partner, there are always a set of expectations and rules set by a society that determines what people think of as a “good match.” And speaking of good matches, anime fans have a tendency to ship characters.

It could be anything from an individual being the one to approach a girl first, or “popular” students who are dating one another.

In the situation between Risa and Otani from Lovely Complex, a popular anime, It’s the issue regarding “height” and contesting the notion that one should be taller. 

Risa and Otani are both students that have a great relationship and have many shared interests.

Risa is the tallest of the girls in the class, while Otani is the most diminutive boy. Together, they create an excellent pair and are frequently considered comic relief in the classroom.

4. Ryuuji Takasu & Taiga Aisaka

slikazastranicu 35

With a renowned love square and a charming pair of posters, Toradora’s Ryuuji along with Taiga is regarded as one of the most loved pairings in romance anime. 

Ryuuji is an aspiring high school student with a terrifying look connected with the diminutive but ferocious Taiga Aisaka. 

But things get more complex when they meet their lovers who fail to respond to their feelings.

While they may not be in a positive relationship, Ryuuji tries his best to make friends with Taiga and care for her until she warms up. 

Taiga can be described as a tsundere, the one who appears cold but warms gradually with time. Their relationship is sincere and truly adorable.


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5. Banri Tada and Koko Kaga

slikazastranicu 36

The creators behind Toradora anime series come up with an enchanting romance suitable for adults and people who have just begun their college experience. 

While most anime focuses on relationships between high school studentsGolden Time focuses on those just beginning their university journey. 

In a state of overwhelm by the sheer number of classes and clubs, Banri runs into Koko one day, who has an arrangement of flowers.

As Ryuuji as well as Taiga do, they don’t initially get along.

However, they gradually open into one another’s love. 

Even though Banri is struggling to relive memories he lost, and Koko struggles with the loss of her former friend who left her behind, they discover themselves in the same life journey and complement each other.

6. Celty Sturluson & Shinra

Celty Sturluson Shinra

A few people believe that odd couples are the most successful ones, for example, Celty x Shinra certainly proves that. Durarara! is a bizarre anime series that captures the lives of many people in Ikebukuro. 

Celty Sturluson is a fairy who is looking for a head. She wears the cover of a helmet that hides the “headless” appearance. 

But she didn’t come to Japan and Shinra Kishitani is an underground doctor, who has been investigating her and ultimately finding love with her.

While Celty cannot speak however she does communicate via text messages. She has also taken admiration for the doctor. Admiration of her interactions with Celty is just adorable. 

Even though there are a few slip-ups and a few snoops along the way they are made to be together and complement each other perfectly.

7. Chiyo Sakura & Umetarou Nozaki

Chiyo Sakura Umetarou Nozaki

What would you do if you tried to ask your crush to go out, and ended up with a terrible mistake? Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun anime series expands this concept to a new level when Chiyo, a high school student, decided to declare her love for Nozaki. 

After she builds up to the level of courage, Nozaki hands her an autograph, much to her dismay. Then, it’s disclosed that Nozaki is an acclaimed manga artist from shoujo.

The two begin a lovely “friendship” as Sakura takes over the role of an assistant to Nozaki. While Nozaki is usually unaware of Sakura’s affection for his character, the two of them appear to be a married couple. 

8. Kamina & Yoko Littner

Kamina Yoko Littner

Gurren Lagann is considered to be an anime series classic, with well-written characters and an interesting, wild world that begins beneath. 

As Simon and Kamina leave their underground village They meet Yoko. 


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As time passes both discover genuine love and affection for one another and romance happens.

9. Simon & Nia

Simon Nia

In the spirit of Gurren Lagann anime series, There is an additional couple who is a standout in the show. 

The main character Simon is an introverted, shy boy who allows himself to be pushed at times. But as time passes by his character grows exponentially, as he gets more confident. 

Through his bizarre adventures, he comes across Nia, a lovely girl who develops into a solid character. 

While Nia is unable to comprehend human nature, however, she learns from Simon and Dai Gurren’s power. Then, Simon proposes and they are married in an emotional scene.

10. Yuzuru Otonashi & Kanade Tachibana

slikazastranicu 41

One of their adversaries is Angel, the mysterious white-haired woman who fights them with supernatural abilities. 

As time passes, Otonashi is drawn to Angel. Who discloses her real name as Kanade Tachibana.

When he finds out how the death occurred, he begins working alongside her to help others move on from the grave. 

Kanade is initially indifferent, begins to warm towards Otonashi along with the SSS brigade, and falls in love throughout the process. Their anime love story is emotional. They meet later in a different life and romance happens again.

11. Hinata Hideki & Yui

Hinata Hideki Yui

Hinata Hideki as well as Yui are not just good with each other but also share some of the most heartfelt moments of the anime series. 

In the event of their passing, the characters declare their love for each other which shows how much they love each other.

Yui, the exuberant singer, and Hinata the adorable Goofball have a wonderful relationship and easygoing romance.

They show that they have never fought despite their quirks. At first, they’re constantly fighting. However, as their history is exposed, they communicate with one another and begin building a great relationships.

12. Tomoya Okazaki & Nagisa Furukawa

Tomoya Okazaki Nagisa Furukawa

Many fans believe the Clannad has one of the most romantic stories and characters ever written and is an ideal candidate for one of the most romantic stories of romance in the history of anime. Meet Tomoya an unruly boy with a negative view of life. 

Through his time in Clannad, the boy learns how to cherish his family and friends. 

When he meets Nagisa who teaches him to look for happiness in the world, despite his past. 

Nagisa is a kind and loving girl suffering from an unknown disease. She adds a lot of joy to Tomoya’s world as he assists her to become more confident. 

The two eventually are married and even have a baby in CLANNAD: After Story. They are one of the cutest couples.


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13. Kousei Arima & Kaori Miyazono

slikazastranicu 43

Our next couple hails from the Your Lie in April anime series. When Kousei the piano prodigy and also a world viewer, see it in monochrome, he’s seeking color within his life. 

After being forced and abused to learn piano Kousei loses the ability to be happy and blocks music out of his life.

But the moment Kaori a musician who also plays shows up on a particular day, everything is changed. 

She is the shining ray that shines in Kousei’s life. She will teach him how to love music once more and how to be a loving person to others.

But tragedy comes to the final. But, the celebration of love continues. Your Lie in April has one of the best love stories out there. that’s why it even made it onto our list of best romance anime, and fans agree!

14. Takeo Gouda & Yamato Rinko

100 Best Anime Couples of All Time (2021 Updated)

In My Love Story anime series, the couple who are the main focus break boundaries by having a male protagonist with a huge heart. 

Gouda meets Yamato in the middle of the day and immediately is drawn to the adorable tiny girl. In a moment of fear that she might fall for Yamato’s friend, she winds up in a love affair with Gouda rather than Yamato, which makes for an enjoyable love story. 

Both Gouda and Yamato have so much affection for each other they’re almost adorable.

15. Naruto Uzumaki & Hinata Hyuuga

slikazastranicu 44

Anime fans are well aware of who our next couple of characters are. Hinata fell in love with Naruto for a long time but only to have her love reciprocated following his long journey. 

As a couple, Naruto and Hinata have a lot of character development from beginning to end, and many fans are happy with their characters. The pair even ends with a child, named Boruto who will carry on the tradition with his films and other adventures.

Naruto is not an anime with its focus on romance. But the way in which Hinata and Naruto end up together is interesting, we have to admit they make quite an interesting and powerful pair.

16. Tatsumi & Mine

slikazastranicu 45

Our next couple on this list is featured in Akame Ga Kill anime.

Many would anticipate seeing the character Tatsumi to be a victim of the main character Akame.  However, the events unfold and Mine appears in the picture. 

Like many of her tsundere characters mates from other series, Mine comes off as brutal and cold, before gradually becoming more friendly to the main character. Some form of a relationship does form.

In their roles as assassins, both are aware of the necessity to defend each other during battles in Night Raid and beyond. 

With Tatsumi, Mine reveals a different side of her, and the two have a special connection despite all the tragedy that tears Night Raid apart.

It’s a wonderful love story that really sets Akame Ga Kill from other similar anime.

17. Yato & Iki Hiyori

slikazastranicu 46

Yato & Iki Hiyori are the main characters from noragami anime and they have a great bond. Yato is a jolly god who desires to become wealthy and lavishly blessed with fortune, and Hiyori is a calm and shrewd student who is looking to get back to normal. 

As time passes, Hiyori becomes Yato’s source of inspiration and love when he is drawn to Hiyori, a human woman who stumbles on Yato. 

Although he’s somewhat naive, Yato has a big heart and a tragic history. The obliviousness of Hiyori to his feelings can add to the tension in their relationship. They’re definitely among the most adorable couples and most interesting relationships from anime.

18. Ryu Yamada & Urara Shiraishi

Ryu Yamada Urara Shiraishi

Urara and Yamada from Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches anime meet as two distinct types of students: one girl who is at the top of her class, and a juvenile boy. 

While her peers shun Urara, Yamada learns what it’s to be like when she switches bodies and starts to fall in love with her. As she becomes one of her initial acquaintances, Urara gradually becomes more open and expresses her feelings. 

19. Yuta and Rikka

slikazastranicu 48

As fans of the series know, Yuta who is the main character of Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai anime and is ashamed of his previous behavior. 

He starts afresh and enters high school with a fresh mind. As you know high school is the ideal place to form those very first relationships and that’s exactly what happens. His life soon changes again when he meets Rikka.

She is experiencing delusions about her past. She is intrigued by the past he had hoped to forget, creating a new love story. Yuuta and Rikka are one of the cutest anime couples out there.

20. Usagi Tsukino and Mamoru Chiba

slikazastranicu 49

This superhero couple hails from Sailor Moon anime. As superheroes who have different identities, two students are in love without being aware of their past lives. 

They initially appear flirtatious with one another, but they always strive to shield their normal selves from danger. 

However after they learn their identities, their romance develops as they clear from the evil world and suffer numerous events throughout the story. 

The fan-favorite couple gets married and has one child together making it one of the greatest anime relationships that we got a chance to watch on screen. Their bond is truly magical.

21. Natsuki Subaru and Emilia

Natsuki Subaru and Emilia

This next couple comes to us from Re Zero anime. When Subaru is thrown into an unsettling world, he finally encounters Emilia, an attractive but mysterious girl who fakes her identity and looks for her missing pendant. 

Through the course of his adventures, Subaru is thrown into the middle of a death and life situation, and many times, that results in his death. 

22. Lelouch vi Britannia and C.C.

slikazastranicu 50

Lelouch from Code Geass anime series is an imposing prince who leads Japan in a revolutionary way to take on those who control power and are oppressing the weak, through the power of Code Geass. C.C., an immortal being, grants this power to him, and they have a connection throughout the story.

In one instance, Lelouch can see C.C.’s experiences from her own past lives, they eventually develop feelings for one another. 

She also functions as her partner as well as his second-in-command, in which they share the same trust. 

Code Geass might be a serious show, but this romance was done with style. Lelouch and C.C make a cute couple.

23. Kenshiro & Yuria

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At the beginning of the Fist of the North Star anime, Kenshiro is off with his soon-to-be wife to locate a place to settle in the slums of nuclear wastelands in which they reside. 

However, things get a little rocky when Kenshiro’s girlfriend, Yuria, is kidnapped by his rival.

24. Misato Katsuragi & Kaji Ryoji

slikazastranicu 51

This couple comes to us from Neon Genesis Evangelion anime series.

Kaji will playfully tease Misato and she will react similarly. Kaji is a strong female character, and she’s the popular anime archetype women love.

 After a second encounter, Kaji charms Misato and her love for him resurface. By their interaction, it is evident that they love each other.

25. Isaac Dian & Miria Harvent

slikazastranicu 52

They’re described as “a couple of naive lovebirds and thieves” who are never bored. 

The targets they choose for their robbery differ from other robbers and their faith in each other is astounding. 

They not only provide comic relief, but they’re an entertaining couple who was chosen as one of the couples of 2009’s duo of the year by Anime News Network. 

They’ve also been referred to as one of the anime’s most entertaining couples, enthralling viewers in the fantastic universe of Baccano!!


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26. Nana Osaki & Ren Honjo

slikazastranicu 53

Nana Osaki & Ren Honjo make a cute couple in anime.

Nana Osaki, a singer who wears a goth style along with Nana Komatsu, a boy who is a nerdy and lively girl Both have unique ideas about love and life. For Nana their relationship with Ren is notable. 

They were lovers from the past who formed their group, Ren decided to end the relationship and relocate back to Tokyo to become a member of Trapnest. 

But she later reconnected with Ren after she moved to Tokyo as well as Nana K. invited her to an event in her hometown. 

When they meet again, they reunite and begin dating again. Clearly, they did not intend to break up and their affection for one another is apparent.

27. Ringo Noyamano & Itsuki “Ikki” Minami

Ringo Noyamano Itsuki Ikki Minami

The main character from Air Gear anime Ikki is a street fighter who lives in a home with four adoptive non-related “sisters who are part of one of those bizarre street gangs that lurk in the city”. 

Ringo Ikki’s childhood pal is a member of the Sleeping Forest team and is his most significant love interest

Amid intense fights between teams, they are together. In the end, in the manga, Ringo admits her love for her best friend. Their interactions in the wild world are fun to see.

28. Ichigo Kurosaki & Orihime Inoue

100 Best Anime Couples of All Time (2021 Updated)

From the start, Orihime had a crush on Ichigo at school. As the anime series progressed the relationship grew and both of them realized the feelings they shared. 

They would take any measure to protect their feelings, and they had numerous times fought and not fought. Then they settled to sleep and had a child and finally were able to have peace and love with each other.

29. Saki & Akira Takizawa

slikazastranicu 55

As part of a graduation trip from Japan, Saki travels to Washington D.C. and runs into Takizawa an untidy Japanese man walking through the streets. After the incident, they travel back to Japan. 

Takizawa becomes part of a competition in which participants are awarded one billion yen to save Japan. 

When her job search is unsuccessful, Saki decides to partner with Takizawa and her former club “Eden of the East”. 

Through the course of the anime series, both characters share several cute scenes that make their relationship extremely adorable.

30. Tohru Honda & Kyo Souma

slikazastranicu 56

The main storyline of the Fruits Basket anime series centers around Tohru Honda, the girl adopted by her family, and can meet two boys from different backgrounds.

Yuki and Kyo. Yuki is the most popular boy in the school, which symbolizes the rat. Kyo is a hot redhead who symbolizes the cat. 

Both fight and ultimately start to feel a connection with Tohru. 

31. Haruhi Fujioka & Tamaki Suoh

slikazastranicu 57

After breaking the vase in the host club, Haruhi, a girl who appears to be a man, is forced to join the club. 

She can meet everyone in the club and the eccentric and glamorous President Tamaki Suoh who instantly drawn to her


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In the course of the novel both of them fall in love with each other, despite Tamaki refusing to acknowledge his feelings. But they confess their love for each other and then wed after the manga and to Haruhi’s father’s surprise.

32. Kei Takishima & Hikari Hanazono

Kei Takishima Hikari Hanazono

Hikari will always be second only to Kei. Since their childhood, they’ve always been battling in every aspect to see who could come out the top. 

Then high school was upon them and Kei is still the first position in the class, with Hikari and even second. 

Even though Hikari thinks of Kei as a significant individual in her world, Kei has romantic feelings for her. In the process, Hikari does find love despite the constant battles between Kei and Hikari. 

This makes them an excellent couple from anime that many consider their top.

33. Misaki Ayuzawa & Takumi Usui

slikazastranicu 59

Misaki and Takumi from the Maid Sama anime series are a bizarre couple.

Misaki Ayuzawa is the first female president of an all-boys school in past, the story follows the investigation into her hidden life as a café worker, played with Takumi Usui. Usui is also a famous boy. 

When she discovers that she is a maid, Takumi and Misaki begin to fight and discover more about each other. They eventually end up together.

With a couple like this is, it’s no wonder that Maid Sama is one of the best romance anime ever.

34. Inuyasha & Kagome

slikazastranicu 60

In a partnership with Inuyasha, Kagome goes on an adventure through another world. Despite some challenges and insanity both show deep affection, love, and promise to safeguard each other. 

Following the final battle, Kagome returns to her time, and three years later, she discovers an opening in the past and eventually weds Inuyasha.

35. Kakeru & Naho

100 Best Anime Couples of All Time (2021 Updated)

When a student who is transferring to Kakeru begins attending college, Naho becomes infatuated with the easygoing and charming boy. However, he’s in danger, Naho’s future self is determined to do anything to protect him. 

With her judgment, Naho chooses to follow the rules regardless of whether they require her to become more outgoing and more forward to stop certain situations from happening.


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36. Maka Albarn & Soul Eater Evans

image 5

At the start of the anime show, the two appear to be undeveloped at times. But, as time passes, the two mature, through more fights and growing confidence in the relationship. 

When their souls are connected, Maka sometimes finds herself in a place in which Soul is forced to use his blood. 

Together, they dance in a ballroom environment that is adorable. 

The couple is regarded as one of the most romantically teasing couples of all time. Many fans were disappointed that the ending didn’t reveal their love story.

37. Satomi Murano & Shinichi Izumi

slikazastranicu 62

Shinichi is a shy high school student in Parasyte anime, who discovers himself with an alien parasite in his left hand.

 In Japan, there are numerous instances of parasites taking over human beings and attacking them. And Shinichi is experiencing the same thing to him, yet he can manage to control his brain. 


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38. Tomoe & Nanami Momozomo

slikazastranicu 63

One day, by chance, an encounter occurs. one girl is walking about after being homeless since her father went missing because of the burden of debt. She runs into a man called Mikage who offers his home to thank her for helping him. 

After arriving at her home, she stumbles upon an altar and comes across Tomoe, a close friend of the guy she helped save. 

39. Panty & Brief

Panty Brief

Panty and Brief are a hilarious couple despite Panty’s verbal abuse. 

40. Yukako & Koichi

Yukako Koichi

In the small and timid pursuit at first Koichi, Yukako comes off as a maniacal stalker and is an admirable stand user. In the aftermath of her defeat, Yukako goes in the background until a moment when she is in the grip of a stand-user who says that she is gorgeous. 

Then, Koichi realizes that he feels for her and assists her in the awkward situation. Yukako gets her head back and they begin dating. Even though they’re an unusual anime couple, they succeed.

41. Hak & Yona

slikazastranicu 66

Yona is a gentle and spoiled princess who ascends to the throne’s life alters when her cousin murders her father in cold blood to celebrate her birthday. 

After leaving the village together with bodyguard Hak, they embark on an adventure to discover information about the kingdoms and the resurrection of the legendary dragons. 

42. Ko & Futaba

100 Best Anime Couples of All Time (2021 Updated)

In high school, Futaba encounters her old love when they cross paths again at high school. 

However, he is very different from what he was before they met again. Instead of being the friendly and thoughtful Kou, he was before, Kou is now rude and has a different character. 

The Haru Rider anime does a fantastic job of illustrating the changes in people’s lives and the ability to get caught up in the same situation repeatedly.

43. Shota Kazehaya & Sawako Kuronuma

slikazastranicu 67

Sawako frightens her classmates. They believe that she can communicate with ghosts as well as the dead, earning her a reputation. 

But she also has one of her idols who is a student known as Kazehaya. 

Once he begins to talk to him, things change and she starts to gain greater confidence in herself and begins to fall in love with him. Together, they can overcome a lot of the obstacles on their path.

44. Yuu Sonoda and Haruka Takayama

slikazastranicu 68

Yuu and Haruka have an unbreakable bond between them that they both don’t want to disappear. 

After being apart for the first time in their respective lives, the love blooms.

Haruka wants to be with her best friend, whereas Yuu is annoyed due to the constant intimacy. At the close of the story, both realize that they have something special and begin to date during their second year of college.

45. Yuki & Zero

Yuki Zero

In a mysterious school in which human and vampire students are paired up, one girl is working to keep them apart, Yuki Cross. Zero, a man who is now a vampire falls in love with Yuki who is a human.

46. Saito & Louise

Saito Louise

Louise is very rude to Saito and makes him her servant, requiring him to complete several chores and tasks.

 Even though she treats him badly initially, she eventually develops feelings for him once they work together, and he proves to be more helpful and compassionate than in their first meeting. 

They even meet in a show that isn’t common for couples in anime.

47. Izumi & Ryouma

slikazastranicu 71

Izumi an aspiring manga creator, is thrust into the entertainment industry, where his family is the dominant one about which he is not happy. 

However, he’s required to play female rather than male. 

Ryouma, a famous actress is brought in to play her and falls in love with her feminine qualities, although he’s a male. But they fall in the love of their lives creating a sweet friendship throughout the series.

48. Haru & Shizuku

slikazastranicu 72

Shizuku’s interest is in the future and learning to get ahead of her class. Haru is a troublemaker who is seated next to Shizuku at school but never appears. 

One day, they become friends when Haru is instructed to hand over documents to her classmate and he says she’s a friend. 

Though he’s been reported as violent, he’s kind and gentle. 

Shizuku is thought of as cold but he could be a caring person. Both are not social, but they meet in this adorable romantic comedy that transcends their first appearances and brings people who aren’t popular together.

49. Yuuko & Teiichi

100 Best Anime Couples of All Time (2021 Updated)

In a day, Taichi encounters a ghost called Yuuko, a girl who was killed a few years ago. While her spirit is tethered to the house, however, she starts to develop feelings for Teiichi. 


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After learning about her background, he’s not stopping in his efforts to assist her in moving to make peace. They’re one of the most adorable anime couples.

50. Akane and Kogami

slikazastranicu 73

There are moments of intimacy between the two rare and distant, but enough to be aware of the fact that Akane and Kogami have a deep respect and love for one another.

When Kogami was not around, Kogami, Akane would smoke his trademark cigarettes to sense his absence.

 After the release of Psycho-Pass, the first police officer, Kogami is the one who picks Akane up after she’s released from prison and they go out for lunch together.

51. Utena and Anthy

Utena and Anthy

Utena and Anthy went down in film history for being a reference for anime lesbian media.

Utena is a girl who would like to become a princess. 

Anthy is a girl with no choice about her destiny she is more than eager to become the “Rose Bride” able to offer God’s power to the people who have won her over in a duel. Are you sure Utena is in a position to save her princess?

52. Kyouya Sata and Erika Shinohara

slikazastranicu 75

First of all, people in high school are very devilish if they are trying to fit in. For Erika she’s making up stories regarding having a partner to earn some brownie points in the social scene, however, Kyouya was ready to intimidate her.

The second thing they did right is that it’s seldom due to malicious intent. It is evident that once the bond has been created, a lot of the darkness dissipates from Kyouya.

53. Haruhi And Tamaki

Haruhi And Tamaki

A quiet and humble woman, Haruhi is among the “rich kids” in her high school. she was accepted on merit. Tamaki hides behind a glam style, but that will not keep Tamaki from noticing.

While initially obsessed with herself and even assuming that Haruhi was a different male, Tamaki soon learns the truth and becomes more secure around Haruhi who, in turn, slowly develops into a romantic relationship between Haruhi and Tamaki.

54. Yayoi and Shion

slikazastranicu 77

They often appear together and are very familiar. Yayoi is often anxious because Shion is bisexual, and frequently is seen flirting with Kogami. When Yayoi quits the Bureau, she and Shion are not in touch for a very long period. 

They do, however, decide to begin having a chat after their reunion in Bifrost investigations. 

They are very fond of each other and, after Psycho-Pass First Investigator anime They begin living together.

55. Bulma and Vegeta

slikazastranicu 78

The series began with a strong couple Bulma well as Vegeta among the top loved anime couples. 

The hot-headed Saiyan prince has found his perfect match in the smart confident and ambitious Bulma from the Dragon Ball Series. 

Their sweet couple moments are among the most memorable scenes from the most recent Dragon Ball Super.

56. Winry And Edward

slikazastranicu 79 1

From Fullmetal Alchemist hail Edward and Winry. Winry is Edward’s auto-mail engineer as well as a mechanic who is responsible for maintaining his prosthetic left arm and right leg in good shape. 

They have an awkward, cute relationship and truly care for one another. Edward’s bizarre, alchemy-styled proposal at the end of the episode is likely to be remembered as one of the best proposals ever made throughout Shonen anime history.

Who would have thought that such a touching scene can be found in Fullmetal Alchemist?

57. Kirito and Asuna

Kirito and Asuna

Kirito and Asuna from Sword Art online might not have begun with the best of intentions.

But they gradually and slowly became deeply in the love of their lives. They can bring out the best in each other and assist each other in their struggles.

 Asuna as well as Kirito have a solid commitment, sincere, and serious relationship.  This relationship truly makes Sword Art Online special.

58. Holo And Lawrence

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Holo is essentially the wolf god, and she doesn’t shy away from her pointed ears or her bushy tail.

Holo finds a travel companion in Lawrence who is a retailer. Lawrence isn’t comfortable in the presence of normal women.

This makes Holo’s efforts at flirting with him enjoyable to see.

Their romance develops in fits and then develops at a sluggish pace. The concept of a character couple enhanced the tension between them and resulted in memorable viewing.

59. Ichigo And Rukia

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I’d like you to know that the animated series “Bleach” has a lot more than just romance. However, the delicateness and tension that Ichigo and Rukia display as an anime couple must be experienced to appreciate fully. They manage to convey so much without a single word used.

Apart from sharing the same fates.

These two anime babes endure enough challenges that keep them swinging back and forth. Reconnecting with one another regardless of the circumstances is a good sign of a profound sense of love and longing between the two.

60. Mikasa And Eren

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The two have a stunningly different relationship. She has difficulty talking about her feelings, while the other one is not afraid to speak his mind daily. There’s also a maturation distinction, as they behave more like parents and children, rather than romantic.

61. Victor And Yuuri

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Yuuri and Victor were the first couple of gays to be listed here and rightfully so. In the end, “couples” are a wide range of relationships. In the anime about sports “Yuri On Ice”, viewers saw a realistic pairing in the form of these two.

The interactions between them are very authentic as their relationship. They have a strong relationship, and each drives the other to be the best.

62. Kurisu And Okabe

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The challenges are complex and are in their way however, their love triumphs regardless of the odds.

A shared love of science has brought these two people together. The story is centered on text messages that transcend time and space and all the possibilities they bring.

The two share an ‘age gap’, which means Kurisu is a visiting scientist and Okabe is studying at the same university. 

63. Chihiro and Haku

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The couple is not exactly a romantic pair in the strict sense of the term. 

But love manifests its manifestation in a variety of ways, and this love of childhood that blossomed between a child Chihiro and a legendary spirit, Haku deserves recognition. 

The couple in the anime made it through an unreal world and took care of each other during the midst of it.


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64. Shirayuki and Zen Wistalia

Shirayuki and Zen Wistalia

It is a typical fairytale-like setting in which the male lead character has the title of prince. The female lead isn’t just a girl with problems with her father. She’s an herbalist who has her dreams and goals.

The price isn’t an empty slate with a decent bank balance. He’s a very good friend with whom you can find a connection. If the characters are fascinating in their own right, they’ll be better when they are couples.

65. Ban And Elaine

Ban And Elaine

Ban and Elaine are very different, yet have so much in common. Imagine a shrewd Ban falling in love with a fragile fairy Elaine. 

He saves Elaine, and he goes the extra mile to save her.

This makes anime more about creating emotional stories than breaking characters. Although theirs was a brief romance, Lao Tzu once stated that “the flame that burns twice so bright burns half the time.”

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