Can You Get A Cerberus Mount In Lost Ark Post-Launch?

lost ark cerberus colors

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Cerberus is an iconic beast, often included in a variety of MMORPGs in the form of a pet, mount, or even an enemy in some cases. It’s no surprise that Lost Ark features this three-headed being, but its variation is undeniably legendary.

Lost Ark‘s Exclusive Cerberus mount could only be obtained through purchasing the Platinum Founder’s Pack. The pack included various rewards and was available until Lost Ark’s launch on February 11th. However, Cerberus variations may become obtainable from stores or in-game activities at a later stage.

From an absolutely epic aesthetic to its unique benefits, it’s understandable that you may still be itching to get your hands on this devilishly gorgeous mount. Stick around to find out how players got the Cerberus mount and if it will be available in the future.

Lost Ark’s Cerberus Mount

The Cerberus mount has already gained a ton of attention from those currently playing the game, as its striking appearance is only matched by some of its amazing abilities. These abilities mean that, when players acquired a Cerberus mount, they were rewarded with much more than a fancy companion.

Cerberus Mount Lost Ark

Double Jump

All mounts have a space bar skill, allowing them to leap forward and gain additional movement speed. But, the Cerberus mount can perform this skill twice before it goes on cooldown.

Channeling Skill

Cerberus has the ability to sense the souls of the dead when they are nearby by using a unique channeling skill.


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Many of these abilities were discovered by players during gameplay and were not specifically stated beforehand. These additional skills can be quite useful throughout fans’ Arkesian journey, making Cerberus incredibly valuable to players hoping to have a long-term relationship with this beloved MMORPG.

How Players Got The Cerberus Mount In Lost Ark

While Lost Ark is classified as a free-to-play MMORPG, intended to be enjoyed by anyone who’s interested, this doesn’t mean that every aspect within the game will be free of charge. Certain items are exclusive, offering various advantages to those who spend real-world money, and Cerberus was no exception.

Many RPGs allow gamers to obtain Cerberus through questing, doing missions, killing bosses, and completing other tasks in-game. But, at the moment, there was only one way to obtain Cerberus in Lost Ark – by buying it.

Even then, you could not simply buy Cerberus if that’s all you wanted to spend money on – you needed to purchase a bundle that included Cerberus. This means that, in most cases, Lost Ark’s Cerberus was restricted to those who have significantly deeper pockets compared to the wide majority of avid gamers.

lost ark founders

Those who had purchased the Platinum Founder’s pack would still have needed to grind a bit to finally mount this other-worldly beast. Players would have needed to unlock mounts in-game first, after which they could claim Cerberus.

Lost Ark Platinum Founder’s Pack

Lost Ark‘s Cerberus was only featured in the Platinum Founder’s Pack. This pack cost a whopping $99.99, easily pushing it out of most gamers’ budgets. But, other than this exclusive mount, the pack did include a range of insane benefits for those who purchased it, including:

  • 3 Day Head Start (Access on February 8th)
  • 7000 Royal Crystals
  • Founder’s Exclusive Pet
  • 30 Day Crystalline Aura
  • Founder’s Title
  • Platinum Supply Crate
  • Founder’s Exclusive Skin
  • Character Expansion Slot
  • Founder’s Skin
  • Platinum Welcome Crate

Purchasers could also choose between one of seven color variations per Platinum Pack, adding an extra layer of dimension to their builds.

Lost Ark All Founders Packs

Since the Platinum Founder’s Pack came with a hefty price tag, it would have only really been worthwhile if you’re planning to invest a lot of time and energy into Lost Ark. However, if you’re not planning to spend hours a day playing Lost Ark for the foreseeable future, skipping out on the Platinum Founder’s Pack may have been the better option.

Can You Get The Lost Ark Cerberus Mount Post-Launch?

Many Lost Ark gamers have become stricken with grief and regret after seeing players rocking this badass mount in-game. At this point, we’re assuming that you didn’t buy the Platinum Founder’s Pack. Whether it was the right choice is for you to decide, as everyone has different spending availabilities and gaming goals – there is no right or wrong.

lost ark platinum

Many may have known that the Cerberus mount was initially exclusive to Platinum Founder’s Pack purchasers. Countless players are now wondering if there is or will be any way to get it post-launch, and understandably so.

Possible Ways To Get Cerberus In The Future

There is still question as to whether the Cerberus mount is going to remain ‘Exclusive’ to founder’s pack purchasers, or if it will be released in in-game stores at a later date. However, the odds of catching the same benefits for the same price is basically impossible, and, in all fairness, those who purchased the Platinum Founder’s Pack deserve to have the ‘Exclusive’ title respected long-term.

While the founder’s packs left stores at the time of launch, this may not reflect the availabilities on other platforms. Amazon and Smilegate may offer it or another variant in stores at a later time – as a separate item.

There is also the possibility that a Cerberus mount may become available in-game through more classic means – such as by doing tasks, bossing, questing, and other activities. They may also make it available for individual purchase in-store, where it would still cost real-world money.


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Even then, if the Cerberus mount becomes available in the future, it’s more likely that it will be some variation of the original. Perhaps, there will be no choice between color variations, there may be no legendary hellish glow on its claws and tails, it may not have its unique OP double-jump, etc. But, for now, all of these possibilities are based on optimistic speculation.

The main question on everyone’s mind is – will we have a second chance? Will Cerberus or any Cerberus variation be available to F2P or P2P players in the future? While the Lost Ark devs have not made an official statement regarding the Cerberus mount’s availabilities post-launch, there may still be alternative ways to get this epic beast in the future.

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