Chainsaw Man: Buddy Stories – Where to Read & What You Need to Know

Chainsaw Man is a pretty unique phenomenon in the modern manga world. A series that draws on so many known influences but still managed to be completely original and authentic, Chainsaw Man quickly became one of the most popular modern-day titles. With an anime adaptation and a sequel manga on the way, Chainsaw Man is quickly expanding its narrative and is becoming even larger. But, the anime series and the manga aren’t the only sources of these stories, as we also have a novel titled Chainsaw Man: Buddy Stories, which further expands the story. In this article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about reading Chainsaw Man: Buddy Stories.

The Chainsaw Man: Buddy Stories novel written by Sakaku Hishikawa has been published on November 4, 2021. It has four chapters collected in one single volume. Chainsaw Man: Buddy Stories focuses on different “buddy stories” of Power and Denji, Kishibe and Quanxi during their partner era, and Himeno and Aki around the time they first met.

What we are going to tell you in this article is the story of the Chainsaw Man: Buddy Stories novel. You’re going to find out how and when it was released, as well as what the whole story is about. Chainsaw Man: Buddy Stories is not a super-exposed work, but it connects some dots and expands the story, which is a good thing if we’re talking about the future of the series.

Is Chainsaw Man: Buddy Stories out?

The story of the Chainsaw Man: Buddy Stories novel is an odd one, to say the least. Namely, although it has been on the market for some time now, even a lot of fans do not know anything about it as it somehow slipped under the radar. Chainsaw Man: Buddy Stories was written by Sakaku Hishikawa and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto, whom you know as the creator of the original Chainsaw Man manga.

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The three stories told in this novel (more on that later on) are divided into four chapters collected in a single volume, which was officially published on November 4, 2021. It is only now – due to the novel’s lack of exposure – that the majority of the otaku community is finding out about it, which is a great thing for the novel, but we’d liked it for it to have been a tad earlier as well.

Be that as it may, the whole Chainsaw Man: Buddy Stories novel is already out and it is probably going to get translated into English as well in the near future. There are various sources from which you can get the work, so we’ll help you with that in the next section of our article. Here, we’ll just reveal some additional release information.

We know that it’s been a time since new Chainsaw Man material came out so the publication of this light novel has really come as a refreshment, despite a lack of exposure in the initial phases. Now that we have explained everything in this aspect, let us continue with the information we have.

Where to read Chainsaw Man: Buddy Stories?

The Chainsaw Man: Buddy Stories novel has been out since November 4, 2021, as we have already explained, although not many actually knew about it. The novel is certainly interesting and it continues the story of Chainsaw Man‘s friendships and other types of relationships; well, that is, until the Devils actually arrive.

We know that the novel has been published by Kodansha, and that’s okay, as part of its Jump J Books imprint. Kodansha is one of the major publishers in the manga market in both Japan and the West, but at this moment, Chainsaw Man: Buddy Stories is only available in Japanese. You can subscribe to Kodansha and read it online, but there are also numerous retailers who might have the novel in stock.

The Japanese edition doesn’t have any furigana characters.

What is Chainsaw Man: Buddy Stories about?

We won’t be going too deep with this question as well, since there are certainly fans who’d like to read the story for themselves. There will be some minor spoilers ahead, but the official synopses we managed to find won’t be revealing too much so you are free to read them at your disposition, since it’s not fully revealing or full of spoilers. Now, what does the publisher have to tell us?

“The plot of this manga takes us to a world where demons are born from humans’ fears. They actually want to hurt people but humans can also make deals with them. Denji is a teenager who must pay all the debts left by his father, so he has to work for the yakuza. He will soon discover that the yakuza is using him to kill certain demons, so he will be forced to use his hidden powers. ”


This is a general notion. A tad more detailed, but still mostly harmless, description goes as wollows:

“Read the story of self-proclaimed detective Power and his assistant, Denji, as they take on a mysterious case! How is the relationship between Kishibe and Quanxi when they were partners? What is the story of Himeno and Aki’s first encounter and their first mission together? In addition to the above three stories with the theme “buddies,” the book includes a bonus track featuring Denji, Power, and Aki’s dream trip to Enoshima. This is a completely original story that cannot be read in the manga”

As you can see now, this is the story of Chainsaw Man: Buddy Stories. These official synopses did not reveal much, so we went on to find something more appropriate. You now have an outline of the novel’s story, so you know how to approach it and what to expect. Chainsaw Man: Buddy Stories is definitely worth the time.

The stories are standalone, but they have been written nicely and in-line with the original that we simply loved them in every way. Now, it’s time for you, as a new group of otaku is finally going to get their hands on this amazing novel, which brings to us the strangeness and the uniqueness of the Chainsaw Man manga and upcoming anime. Do not judge a novel by its covers.

Reading the original work is always a good thing, so we advise you to buy a copy of your own and once it’s available in English, you can enjoy it fully. It might be a while, but doe to the enormous popularity of Chainsaw Man, the chances of the Chainsaw Man: Buddy Stories novel getting an English translation are great. And with this, we can really close out this article and wish you all the best in your reading endeavors.

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