Chainsaw Man Part 1 Ending Explained (& How It Sets Up Part 2)

Chainsaw Man Part 1 Ending Explained (& How It Sets Up Part 2)

The popularity of the Chainsaw Man manga cannot be denied. This weird story combines elements from Tokyo Ghoul, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Bleach, but has nevertheless managed to become a unique work in the market, which is why it became such a hit. With an anime adaptation of the manga’s first arc on the way, we also know that the manga is getting a sequel that is set to follow Denji’s school days. In this article, we are going to explain how the ending of Part 1 sets up Part 2.

Chainsaw Man Part 1 ended with Makima’s defeat and Denji having to take care of Nayuta, the reborn Control Devil; he also has to find a way to get Power back, since she will also be reborn as a Devil, but without her prior memories. The final panel, showing Denji in a school uniform preparing to fight a rampaging Devil in the city, sets up the “School Arc” quite elegantly.

The rest of this article is going to discuss the ending of Chapter 97 of Chainsaw Man and how it sets up the next part of the manga. With almost 100 chapters and 11 volumes so far, Chainsaw Man has had a pretty decent run and we are going to see how the ending of that run sets up the upcoming Part 2 of Chainsaw Man.

How does Chainsaw Man Part 1 end?

After the decisive battle with Makima, Kishibe is sitting on a bench drinking alcohol in a park when Denji walks up to him and walks all 7 of Makima’s dogs while Meowy sits atop his head. Denji takes a seat next to Kishibe on the bench and lets some small children play with the dogs while Meowy sits on Kishibe. A young girl comes up to the two and says, ‘Doggies!’

Denji tells Kishibe that he ate Makima whole and that she was not revived – neither in his stomach nor in the toilet. Kishibe asks Denji how he killed her when the attacks had no effect on her. To this, Denji replies that he did not mean to hurt Makima and that when he ate Makima and became one with her, it was not an attack but love.

Kishibe tells him that he probably just accidentally found a way around their contract; he then asks Denji how he managed to attack Makima without her spotting him. Denji says that he figured out that Makima only senses people through their sense of smell and not their face, so he took a risk. He bet that the whole time he knew her, Makima only saw the chainsaw man and never really noticed him.


The young girl approaches to pet Cream Puff, to which Denji tells her that they were having a top-secret conversation and that she had to leave. The young girl walks up to Denji and bites his index finger, causing Denji to recognize her bite – it was the same as Makima’s. The young girl looks up at Denji and shows him that her eyes also have the same purposeful pattern as Makima’s.

Kishibe then explains to Denji that the young girl had recently been discovered in China and that he had stolen her and brought her to Japan. He tells him that the young girl was not Makima, but only the Control Devil, and that the girl had no memories of Makima. He says that if they were to leave the girl in the care of the Japanese government, she would inevitably become like Makima again.

Denji tells Kishibe that he does not want to eat meat for a while before Kishibe concludes by telling Denji that he will leave the reborn control devil in his hands, as he will be very busy for the foreseeable future. Denji and the young girl stare at each other, which ends with the girl pointing at Denji and saying ‘doggy.’ Denji looks away and starts to tell Kishibe that he will not take the girl in when he realizes that the devil hunter has left.

Denji asks the young girl her name as she hops on one of the dogs, to which she replies that her name is Nayuta. Denji sighs and asks her if she wants to eat something that is not meat. She replies that she wants to eat slices of bread, to which Denji says that she’s a pretty cheap devil. Nayuta holds up a V sign.

Denji goes back to his apartment, leading the dogs with him, while Nayuta rides on his back and wraps her arms around his shoulders. Back at his apartment, the two eat a few slices of bread before falling asleep. Nayuta sleeps in Denji’s futon, while Denji sleeps directly on the floor, using one of the dogs as a replacement for a pillow as it sleeps around his head. The other dogs sleep on the floor in the room.

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Denji begins to dream. The dog sleeping with him is replaced in the dream by Pochita, as young Denji opens his eyes and holds Pochita in his arms as the two sit in the shed where they lived during Denji’s time with the mafia. Pochita tells Denji that he dreamed of being hugged by someone because he was so strong that hardly anyone wanted to hug him.

Pochita says his thanks Denji for making his dream come true. Pochita tasks Denji if he could also fulfill the dream of the controlling devil – a dream to build equal relationships with other people. Makima had this dream but could not realize it because she only knew relationships that came about through the power of fear and therefore grew to long for something like a family.

Nevertheless, she had tried to realize that dream, even though her steps in that direction were unjust. Pochita tells Denji that he wanted to make that dream come true for Nayuta, at which point Denji asks Pochita how he should do that. Pochita says that he can do that by hugging her a lot. At an unknown point in the future, a large, deformed devil rampages through the streets of Tokyo as several dozen citizenshen flee from him.

Several rumors emerge about the Chainsaw Man: That he killed another devil, that killing devils is just his hobby, that he only saves girls, the question of whether he is really human, and that he is a high school student. Denji stands in the crowd in a school uniform while facing the devil and pulling his chest cord.

What happens to Power at the end of Chainsaw Man? Is she alive?

After Makima’s attack on Denji, Pochita suddenly woke Power up and asked her to save Denji; Power, quite confused, was convinced that she had died at the hands of Makima before, but Pochita assures her that her consciousness had simply transferred to Denji, due to Denji drinking blood from her earlier.


Does Power Die in Chainsaw Man? (& Will She Be Back?)

Power, thus, survived Makima’s attack thanks to the fact that Denji drank her blood earlier; she was thus saved thanks to Denji. This happened, as Pochita explained to her because her consciousness had simply transferred to Denji, due to Denji drinking blood from her earlier. But, ultimately, she does die by becoming one with Denji again, as she offers him her blood and makes a contract to help in defeating Makima. She then disappeared and became a part of Denji once more.

Power definitely is dead in Chainsaw Man at this moment, but her last words give some hope for her return. Namely, as Power explained it, when a devil dies, it’ll always just be revived in Hell and be reincarnated in the surface world again, and when that happens, she will lose all memory of him and will be Denji’s enemy. So, Denji basically needs to find the Blood Devil once it is revived and then return it to normal, so Power can once again come back to life.

Who is the child at the end of Chainsaw Man?

During the conversation between Kishibe and Denji, we see a young girl playing with the dogs that Denji is walking. At one point, she bites Denji, and he recognizes the bite as being similar to Makima’s. He is confused, as he knows that Makima should be dead; Kishibe calms him down by explaining that it is not Makima, but the reborn Control Devil (Makima was the previous one) and that the girl should not have any of Makima’s memories. It is later revealed that the girl’s name is Nayuta.


Nayuta is the reincarnation of Control Devil. Nayuta’s appearance is that of a girl with shoulder-length black hair, large bangs hanging in front of her face, and a mole under her left eye. Her eyes are light red with multiple yellow rings inside. Little is known about her personality. She seems like she loves dogs, just like her previous incarnation, as she gets along with Makima’s dog. As a demon, the Control Devil should be able to create contracts with humans for a price. She should also be able to restore her health by consuming blood.

Is Makima still alive in Chainsaw Man?

As Kishibe explains, the new Control Devil is not Makima. Makima really did die in her battle with Denji and was eaten by him after that. The child is a Control Demon, but she is not Makim and should not, as Kishibe points out, have her memories. Now, whether that means that Makima is gone for good, we do not know – see the section about Power potentially coming back, since it also applies to Makima – but as of this moment, Makima is really dead in Chainsaw Man.

How does Chainsaw Man Part 1 set up Part 2?

Now, we do not know much about the upcoming second part of Chainsaw Man, but we do know that it is going to be titled “School arc” (学校編, Gakkō-hen) and will follow Denji attending school. From what we know, based on the ending of Part 1, Denji is going to take care of Nayuta, while also trying to get Power back. He will, of course, also fight other Devils, as was evidenced in the final panels of Part 1, where a giant devil is attacking the city, with Denji – in a school uniform – preparing to battle it in his Chainsaw Devil form. This is, pretty much, all we know at this moment and the ending of Part 1 does seem to set up Part 2 quite elegantly.

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