20 Greatest Characters with Eye Patch in Fictional History

Characters With Eye Patch

Wearing an eye patch has been chiefly associated with pirates throughout history and many of them have also been represented in various movies and novels. But many unforgettable fictional characters not remotely connected to sailors and the sea should be mentioned within this topic since some of them are our first associations with an eye patch. This is the list of the 20 greatest characters with an eye patch in fictional history.

The Governor (The Walking Dead)

The Governor The Walking Dead

One of the main antagonists in this horror drama is Philip Blake, also known as The Governor, the leader of the town of Woodbury and later the leader of the River Camp. He is never seen without his eye patch which has become his trademark after it was gouged out by Michonne defending herself when being attacked by him.


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He is a dreadful person, selfish and terrifying, sadistic and ruthless, and at the same time charismatic and charming, which makes him a villain no one would like to have to confront, a true psychopath.

Nick Fury (The Avengers)

Nick Fury The Avengers

Nick Fury is the former Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., a spy and founder of the Avengers. Played by Samuel L.Jackson, he is a pretty complex character whose actions prove him to be bold and pragmatic. He rarely shows his emotions and is known to manipulate people, keeping many secrets and important information from them. 

His eye patch is one of his iconic features and we can’t even imagine him without it. It was an injury to his left eye after a grenade hit him in World War II and he lost 95% of his vision.

Elle Driver (Kill Bill)

Elle Driver Kill Bill

Elle Driver is also known by her code name California Mountain Snake and her eye patch is one of her most distinguishing features. She lost her eye and was left completely blind when Beatrix defeated her and snatched it out. She is a professional assassin who was sent to apprehend Bill.

She is a ruthless killer, without sympathy and probably the cruelest of the Deadly Vipers, killing for her own pleasure. She is also very ambitious and protective of Bill and has numerous skills, such as toxicology and hand-to-hand combat. 

Mad-Eye Moody (Harry Potter)

Mad Eye Moody Harry Potter

Alastor Moody, played by Brendan Gleeson was a pure-blood wizard and allegedly the best Auror of all time and he played a great role in imprisoning many Azkaban inhabitants. He suffered many injuries as an Auror, mostly on his face which is covered in scars. 


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He also has a wooden leg, but his most iconic features are his eyes, one small and dark and the other vivid and covered with a transparent eye patch. This one is moving independently from his normal eye and can see through objects and invisibility cloaks.

Snake Plissken (Escape From New York/ Escape From L.A.)

escape from new york

Snake Plissken is a former Special Forces operator and war hero from World War III who turned criminal. He is a very cynical character, disappointed with the hypocrisy of the American government, and is ready to do anything to survive. He is very honorable, despite his lack of interest in many things around him.

This is one of Kurt Russell’s most iconic roles, together with his eye patch which didn’t cause any problems for Plissken, since he was an excellent shooter, driver, and pilot.

Rooster Cogburn (True Grit)

Rooster Cogburn True Grit

Cogburn is one of the most notorious federal marshals in Arkansas. He is employed to find Tom Chaney and is determined to do it, being experienced and ready to risk it all. He enjoys being alone, has a wild side, and is really oriented on catching bad guys.

Played by John Wayne and Jeff Bridges, Cogburn’s character is described in the novel as losing his eye in a Civil War battle without mentioning any eye patch. It was probably added by the moviemakers back in 1960 when the original came out and remained later in the Coen brothers’ remake.  

Odin (Thor)

Odin Thor

Odin, played by Anthony Hopkins is the former king of Asgard, Hela and Thor’s father, and Loki’s adoptive father. He is God of the Heavens and God of War and Wisdom. He strived to maintain peace in Nine Realms and was a patient and just king, maybe the wisest of all Asgard kings.


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He can be seen wearing an eye patch since his eye was gouged out as his sign of sacrifice for wanting to know everything, even the things hidden from him.

Steve “Patch” Johnson (The Days of Our Lives)

Steve Patch Johnson The Days of Our Lives

Steve is a police officer and a private investigator, known for his nickname Patch, due to an eye patch on his left eye. He lost his eye in a fight with Bo over Britta Englund, a woman they were both in love with. Bo gouged it out with a knife, leaving Steve carrying an eye patch which became his signature sign.

Claus von Stauffenberg (Valkyrie)

Claus von Stauffenberg Valkyrie

Oberst Von Stauffenberg was a Heer officer who tried to assassinate Adolf Hitler at the wolf’s lair and who wanted to remove the Nazi Party from power. He is played by Tom Cruise in the excellent movie Valkyrie. 

He started wearing an eye patch after losing his left eye, along with his right hand and two fingers on his left hand while he served as a staff officer in a panzer division in North Africa.

Francesca “Franky” Cook (Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow)

Francesca Franky Cook Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

Commander Francesca Cook played by Angelina Jolie is a royal navy officer and a commander of the royal navy flying mobile airstrip. She is also an ace pilot who was the leader of the squad of Amphibious fighter planes. 

Ragetti (The Pirates of the Caribbean)

Ragetti The Pirates of the Caribbean

Ragetti is one of the pirates on the Black Pearl who joined Barbossa in a mutiny against Jack Sparrow and soon became one of the members of the cursed crew. He can mostly be seen with Pintel, his partner in crime. 


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He is slim and tall, with blonde hair, and always dressed in a red shirt and a blue-green coat probably stolen from some nobleman. He is illiterate, but a great supporter of the Bible and a pretty nervous man. He is known for his wooden right eye which had a tendency to pop out and therefore he can often be seen wearing an eye patch. 

Lily Charles (Pushing Daisies)

Lily Charles Pushing Daisies

Lily is Charlotte Charles’ aunt who raised her with her mother Vivian after her dad passed away. She and Vivian were a popular swimming duo the Darling Mermaid Darlings but they had to quit when Lily lost her right eye while cleaning the cat’s litter box.

Lily is a complex character, a woman who doesn’t like company and rarely hangs out with other people. She is a heavy drinker with a great feat of death and clowns. She loves birds and traveling and is very protective of her sister Vivian.

Number Two (The Austin Powers Trilogy)

Number Two The Austin Powers Trilogy

He is one of Doctor Evil’s henchmen who often argues with him due to his monopolistic views. He was portrayed by Robert Wagner in all three movies. He helps Doctor Evil to take over the world and in his spare time, he enjoys making money.


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He is known for his business skills and charisma and for his eye patch which gives him an x-ray vision, even though no one really knows how it actually works. It was inspired by Emilio Largo’s eye patch from Thunderball.

Vernon Schillinger (Oz)

Vernon Schillinger Oz

Vernon is one of the biggest antagonists in this interesting TV series, played by J.K.Simmons. He is the leader of the Aryan brotherhood in Oz penitentiary, a disturbing personality whose actions greatly result from his own abusive childhood.

He is ruthless, aggressive, and dangerous, responsible for various crimes, such as mass murder, torture, and rape. He started wearing an eye patch after Beecher threw a chair at him, shattered the glass in his cell, and temporarily blinded him.

One-Eyed Willie (Goonies)

One Eyed Willie Goonies

One-Eyed-Willie was the pirate captain of the ship Inferno, known for his eye patch which he started wearing at an early age since he was born with only one eye. He was banished from the Spanish and decided to form his own crew and steal millions worth of treasure from the King of England, Charles I.

He and his men were killed on the run and left in a cave where Willie sat on his chair for almost three centuries before Mikey and the rest of the Goonies found him. 

Emilio Largo (Thunderball)

Emilio Largo Thunderball

Emilio is a fictional criminal operative and board member of SPECTRE, a secretive criminal organization. He is one of James Bond’s main antagonists in the movie Thunderball. He is one of the most dangerous and sinister villains in his organization and he seems to care only about profit.

He shows no sympathy or humanity for anyone and is a highly calculating man. The reasons for wearing an eye patch have always remained unexplained, making him even more secretive and a sort of an enigma.

Seamus Levine (Family Guy)

Seamus Levine Family Guy

Seamus is a tough fisherman with wooden arms and legs and an eye patch on his right eye. He has a habit of emerging out of the shadows to warn Peter about possible dangers at sea. He is an interesting character, a talented organist with a habit of writing pretty lame jokes.

The story behind the loss of his limbs and his eye is always different and changes every time he starts telling it so it remains a mystery, leaving it to the viewers to choose the most interesting one.

Bazooka Joe (Bazooka Joe)

Bazooka Joe Bazooka Joe

Bazooka Joe is a comic strip character, featured in small comics on individually wrapped pieces of Bazooka bubblegum. He is one of the most famous American advertising characters of the 20th century and his comic mostly consists of child-friendly jokes.


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Bazooka Joe is a young boy with an eye patch which makes him pretty recognizable. He is joined in his numerous adventures by a crew of diverse characters, Pesty, Mort, Hungry Herman, Jane, Toughie, and Walkie Talkie. 

Danger Mouse (Danger Mouse)

Danger Mouse Danger Mouse

Danger Muse is known as the world’s greatest secret agent, so secret that even his codename has a codename. He is always wearing a white body suit with a titanium alloy red badge with his DM initials in yellow. 

He is an expert gymnast and skilled in martial arts and a very brave and good-hearted individual who speaks more than thirty languages and likes making jokes. One of his most iconic features is his eye patch which he started wearing at a certain point in the series, hinting that he might have lost his eye.

Colonel Saul Tigh (Battlestar Galactica)

Colonel Saul Tigh Battlestar Galactica

Saul Tigh was a member of the Thirteenth Tribe, a race of cybernetic beings, one of five survivors who somehow found himself living with mankind. He lost his eye and started wearing an eye patch after being tortured by Cyclons during their occupation of New Caprica. 


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He is a pretty complicated personality, not very likable by anyone, frank and stubborn, and convinced that an XO has to be hated by his crew or otherwise he is not doing his job. 

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