Cheech And Chong Movies in Order: The Best Watching Guide

Cheech And Chong Movies in Order: The Best Watching Guide

Cheech & Chong is a comedy duo consisting of Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong. In the 1970s and 1980s, the pair achieved financial and cultural success with their stand-up routines, studio records, and feature films, all of which were inspired by the hippie and free love eras, particularly the drug and counterculture movements, most notably their passion for cannabis. If there was ever to be a Stoner Comedy Hall of Fame, Richard “Cheech” Marin and Tommy Chong would have to be the first two honorees.

In another world, the pair could have taken a completely different professional route; when they met in Vancouver, Canada in the late 1960s, Chong was an ambitious musician who had even had a small success with his band Bobby Taylor and the Vancouvers while signed to Motown Records. Cheech and Chong started their professional partnership as a musical duo — but when their onstage banter proved to be more popular with audiences than their songs, they decided to pivot. As a result, let’s take a swig and check them all out to determine the optimum chronological order in which to watch Cheech and Chong films.

Best order to watch Cheech and Chong Movies

Cheech and Chong go on to produce several films over the following decade and a half, including a few duds, a handful of solo attempts, and at least two genuine comedy masterpieces.

Here is the list of movies of Cheech & Chong in Chronological Order:

  • Up in Smoke (1978)
  • Cheech and Chong’s Next Movie (1980)
  • Nice Dreams (1981)
  • Things Are Tough All Over (1982)
  • Still Smokin (1983)
  • Cheech & Chong’s The Corsican Brothers (1984)
  • Get Out of My Room (1985)
  • Cheech & Chong: Roasted (2008)
  • Cheech & Chong’s Animated Movie! (2013)

Cheech and Chong movies in order

1. Up in Smoke (1978)

Cheech And Chong Movies in Order: The Best Watching Guide

Up in Smoke is a stretched-out version of Tommy Chong and Cheech Marin’s drug-related comedic routines.

The two comedians’ script sees hippy wealthy kid Chong joining up with barrio youngster Cheech in a confusing quest for marijuana to puff on, allegedly to assist them in forming a rock band. Their pursuit leads them to Tijuana, where they return in a vehicle made entirely of processed marijuana known as ‘fiber weed.’

Cheech and Chong cross together by happenstance on a California roadway. They travel in quest of drugs and are mistakenly deported to Mexico, where they agree to drive a van back to the United States to make it back in time for a concert they are scheduled to play. Unaware of the properties from which the van is built, they return, having picked up a couple of female hitchhikers and dodging police who are unaware they are following them.

Stacy Keach, a narcotics investigator burdened with the typical staff of inept aides, is relentless in her quest. The trail ultimately leads to The Roxy, a famous Los Angeles nightclub (with which Adler is affiliated), where the dopers’ band performs a punk rock marathon. They win the competition when their high-end vehicle catches fire and inundates the club with powerful smoke.

2. Cheech and Chong’s Next Movie (1980)

Cheech And Chong Movies in Order: The Best Watching Guide

Cheech must contend with the loss of his job, an enraged neighbor, and a desperate attempt to score with beautiful Donna. Meanwhile, Chong meets Cheech’s cousin Red, and the two enjoy a crazy time in Hollywood, complete with a large quantity of marijuana and a snazzy Ferrari. They encounter everyone from Pee-Wee Herman to some pretty amazing aliens along the way.

Cheech & Chong are on a mission to siphon gasoline from their next-door neighbor’s car, which they appear to have “borrowed,” and continue their day; Cheech works at a movie studio, while Chong searches for something to smoke (a roach), which is followed by him revving up an indoor motorcycle and playing extremely loud rock music with an electric guitar, disturbing the entire neighborhood.

Cheech loses his job, and they see Donna, a welfare worker who is also Cheech’s lover. Cheech seduces Donna effectively, despite her protests, and gets her into hot water with her employer. The inebriated pair is ejected from the premises and, to earn money, begins composing songs such as “Mexican Americans” and “Beaners.”

3. Nice Dreams (1981)

Cheech And Chong Movies in Order: The Best Watching Guide

Cheech and Chong earn—and then lose—millions of dollars disguised as ice cream sellers by selling a batch of marijuana with an unexpected side effect.

Cheech and Chong have launched a new venture—selling ice cream from the back of a big, odd-looking ice cream truck! However, this is no ordinary ice cream; rather, it is marijuana that has been properly tested and is marketed in the shape of ice cream. Their company is called “Happy Herb’s Nice Dreams Ice Cream.” Each day, the two take their ice cream van to the beach, the gym, and many other locations, selling marijuana ice cream. Soon, their whole company begins to pay off as the two earn millions of dollars. They had, however, unknowingly sold some marijuana ice cream to undercover police who want to arrest them immediately.

The police, headed by Sgt. Stadenko (Stacy Keach repeating his character from “Up in Consume”), who has become a stoner and alcoholic, examines the marijuana in their laboratories and discovers that it has an unusual side effect: people who smoke it transform into lizards! Sgt. Stadenko dispatches two inept policemen to get Cheech and Chong, while he consumes some of the marijuana himself—and gradually transforms into a lizard.

4. Things Are Tough All Over (1982)

Cheech And Chong Movies in Order: The Best Watching Guide

Cheech (Cheech Marin) and Chong (Tommy Chong), two drug-addled, down-and-out artists, finally get a break when two rich Arabs, Mr. Slyman (also Marin) and Prince Habib (also Chong), pay them to drive a limousine from Chicago to Las Vegas. What the unfortunate pair is unaware of is that millions of dollars are hidden in the car’s seats. Cheech and Chong soon find themselves selling off pieces of the limo for money and end up in the desert, pursued by their enraged foreign bosses.

Cheech and Chong are cruising across the desert in a limo. Chong, who has chosen to abstain from narcotics, for the time being, is discussing rock & roll, and Cheech is dozing, but Cheech is describing what is occurring. He asserts that “things are difficult everywhere” and that he intends to convey their tale.

Cheech and Chong, two down-and-out artists who have to work at a car wash run by two wealthy Arabs, Mr. Slyman and Prince Habib, who lives in Chicago, where it’s the worst winter on record. After making a mistake on the job, the two are compelled to labor and perform music at the Arabs’ club. Cheech and Chong also attempt to court the Arabs’ French girlfriends, who are more taken with stoners.

The Arabs acquire a substantial amount of illicit money, which they attempt to transfer to their other company in Las Vegas. They plan to hide the money in the limousine seats. The Arabs employ the stoners to drive the limousine to Las Vegas, claiming to be sending them on a “rock tour.”

5. Still Smokin (1983)

Cheech And Chong Movies in Order: The Best Watching Guide

Cheech and Chong reconnect and go to Amsterdam for a film festival, courtesy of a promoter (Hans Man in ‘t Veld) in Los Angeles. Cheech and Chong are mistaken for Burt Reynolds and Dolly Parton, respectively, when they attend a famous party. The pair rolls with it as they roll more joints, engage in standard shenanigans, and consume every item on the menu at Amsterdam’s Bvlgar Café, which includes a lot of mushrooms.

Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong portray themselves as they go to Amsterdam for a film festival honoring Burt Reynolds and Dolly Parton. After first believing Cheech to be Reynolds, the promoter quickly learns that neither Reynolds nor Parton would be there, causing the event to be canceled. In need of a substitute act, he approaches Cheech and Chong, who gladly offer to do a live stand-up routine.

6. Cheech & Chong’s The Corsican Brothers (1984)

Cheech And Chong Movies in Order: The Best Watching Guide

In this spoof version of the Alexandre Dumas book, a loud but unloved rock band is ejected from a sleepy French village, only to meet paths with a magical gypsy who tells the odd story of two Corsican brothers (Cheech Marin, Thomas Chong) who, despite being born apart, could sense each other’s bodily joys and sorrows. When the strangely powerful couple reunites, their ill-advised escapades ignite the French Revolution.

Los Guys, a rockabilly band, has established a reputation for playing loud music in public spaces across France and accepting money to stop. Two main band members encounter a gypsy storyteller while calculating the profits from their last “performance” at a local restaurant. She informs them about The Corsican Brothers’ tale.

The tale starts with the birth of two super fecund twins, Louis and Lucien (as infants, youngsters, and adults, respectively), each by a different aristocratic French father; both dads die in a bungled duel over their partner’s adultery, leaving the twins orphaned. At nine years old, their ability to feel pain from one another’s injuries becomes evident (it becomes the film’s central running joke); they inadvertently burn down their home while experimenting with this ability, and they decide to split up.

7. Get Out of My Room (1985)

Cheech And Chong Movies in Order: The Best Watching Guide

The stoners go to the streets of Los Angeles in “Cheech and Chong’s Get Out Of My Room,” a mockumentary about – themselves. Featuring their famous song/video “Born In East Los Angeles,” with Beverly D’Angelo and Jan-Michael Vincent co-starring.

The video was very unlike the record. Cheech Marin wrote and directed Get Out of My Room, a 53-minute mockumentary in the vein of This Is Spinal Tap. He and Tommy Chong are seen in the film trying to create a “video album” for their novelty CD Get Out of My Room. We are shown music videos for the songs “Get Out of My Room,” “I’m Not Home Right Now,” “Love Is Strange,” and “Born in East L.A.” in-between false interview parts and behind-the-scenes footage. In the video’s plot, the pair becomes overworked and over-budget to complete the film’s four music videos.

Cassandra Peterson (Elvira, Mistress of the Dark), Beverly D’Angelo, John Paragon, Evelyn Guerrero (who portrayed “Donna” in three of their prior films), Playboy Playmate Alana Soares, and her sister Leilani Soares all make appearances in the movie.

8. Cheech & Chong: Roasted (2008)

Cheech And Chong Movies in Order: The Best Watching Guide

Cheech & Chong were honored on November 30, 2008, at a TBS roast special presented by Brad Garrett and including other guests, including Chong’s wife. The comedy festival was shot at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

Cheech and Chong, the stoner duo that dominated the 1970s and 1980s comedy scene and just reunited for their Light Up America tour, take their seats in the hot seat to be roasted by close friends and other comics. The pair established a reputation for their drug-laced humor, which had audiences laughing in the aisles with acts such as “Earache My Eye” and “Basketball Jones.”

9. Cheech & Chong’s Animated Movie (2013)

Cheech And Chong Movies in Order: The Best Watching Guide

Cheech & Chong – and many other characters portrayed by Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong – smoke a lot of marijuana, conceal it from the police, and attempt to sell it in a series of episodes. False television advertisements increase the sale of medicines, zit cream, and suicide arrangements. Sister Mary Elephant attempts to educate her drug-addled pupils by screaming at them, “SHADDUP!” Canines pee and defecate and engage in sexual activity with other dogs. While the basic animation is new, the voice and sound recordings are taken from the comedy duo’s acclaimed early 1970s albums.

The film begins with an interview with Buster, a body crab who lives on a bikini-clad lady. When Man (Tommy Chong) passes by, the body crab leaps onto his beard. Man immediately yanks him out and discards him. Pedro De Pacas (Cheech Marin) is seen driving beside the hitchhiking Man. Pedro notices him and pulls over to offer Man a lift. When the man enters, they both pull off, launching the body crab into the air. 

The body crab is attracted to the strong marijuana odor left behind by their vehicle and pursues them. Pedro and Man share a joint and cruise through traffic as Pedro marvels at the city lights. A police vehicle arrives from behind and begins tailing them. Man immediately decides to consume all the narcotics in the vehicle to escape getting apprehended. Following Man’s actions, the police vehicle drives by them without pulling them over. The body crab is then struck by a train while still on the lookout for them.