Christmas Episodes Of Every Arrowverse Show — The Complete List

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, with Arrowverse fans rewatching Christmas episodes, and everyone telling you to be of good cheer.

Christmas is certainly one of the best known Holidays, and not even superhero movies and TV shows are immune to its charm. Superhero fans are still debating are Batman Returns and Iron Man 3 Christmas movies, and the newest MCU projects Hawkeye and Spider-Man: No Way Home had their dosage of Christmas spirit as well.

Arrowverse is (or was) no difference. Although we aren’t seeing many Holiday-themed episodes in TV shows set in the Arrowverse now, there are still a few from previous seasons that fans still like to revisit during this time of year. So today, we give you Christmas episodes of every Arrowverse show.

Arrow S01E09 — Year’s End

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As the show that kicked off the Arrowverse, Arrow is also the first show that introduced this tradition of airing episodes that take place during Christmas time. In the first season, Oliver Queen was still a man who just recently returned home after he was presumed dead for the five years prior. Although he returned home mainly to become a hooded vigilante, Oliver was also determined to bring back the Christmas spirit to his family after he learned that his family stopped celebrating Christmas ever since his father died. While Oliver was throwing a Christmas party for his family, his best friend Tommy asked Laurel Lance to spend Christmas with him. In this episode, we also learned that Laurel’s then-presumed dead sister Sara Lance was born on Christmas, which made it hard for Laurel to celebrate this Holiday.

Arrow S02E09 — Three Ghosts

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Although this wasn’t really a Christmas episode considering its pretty dark tone, the title of the episode Three Ghosts was the reference to Charles Dickens’s famous novel A Christmas Carol. Although it takes place during that time of year, the episode wasn’t so much in the Christmas spirit. The episode continued the story of the previous episode The Scientist, in which Grant Gustin made his debut as Barry Allen. After a fight against Acolyte, Oliver was drugged and left for dead. To save him, Felicity asked Barry for help, and that was the moment when Oliver learned Oliver’s secret identity. After he was drugged in the battle, Oliver started experiencing hallucinations that made him confront his past, which could be like an indirect reference to a Ghost of the Past from A Christmas Carol.

Arrow S03E09 — The Climb

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Oliver’s third Christmas as the hooded vigilante also wasn’t really about trees, cookies, and decorations. After Oliver delivered a unique Christmas present — a tied-up criminal — to Quentin Lance at CCPD, he was visited by Nyssa Al Ghul, who sent him a message from her father Ra’s Al Ghul who threatened the people of then-Starling City. Laurel Lance visited her sister’s grave on her birthday, while Laurel’s mother Dinah returned to the city to be with her family for Christmas.

Arrow S04E09 — Dark Waters

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Ever since Oliver Queen became a Green Arrow, some would say each new Christmas was getting darker and darker for him. After Damien Darhk attacked the city again, Oliver made a bold decision — to organize a Holiday party to show Darhk that his city won’t live in fear. Unfortunately, Darhk crashed the party and kidnapped Oliver’s teammates — Diggle, Thea, and Felicity. Still, Oliver, Malcolm, and Laurel managed to save them. Later, Oliver organized tree lightning where he proposed to Felicity. Unfortunately, their limo was attacked, and Felicity sustained severe injuries.

Arrow S05E09 — What We Leave Behind

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Although the show aired for three more seasons after, season five had the last Christmas episode, although this one also wasn’t really about Christmas. Oliver was fighting a supervillain known as Prometheus, who knew the secret identities of everyone on Team Arrow. Oliver Queen was also a mayor of the city at the time, and the double life he was leading didn’t give him a lot of time for yuletide cheer. But that didn’t stop his sister Thea to organize a Christmas celebration. This episode was remembered by the fans for ending on quite a note — the return of Katie Cassidy as Laurel Lance. If you watched the episode, you know what that was all about.

The Flash S01E09 — The Man in the Yellow Suit

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Do you know what’s the best thing about living with a speedster on Christmas? He can decorate the tree in a second. Just like Arrow, The Flash followed the tradition to show how is the Fastest Man Alive celebrating Christmas in Central City. Still, although the episode had its dosage of holiday cheer, it also meant for Barry the first meeting with his arch-enemy and killer of his mother — Reverse Flash. The shocking ending of the episode revealed that Reverse Flash was actually Eobard Thawne, who was disguised as Barry’s mentor Harrison Wells. The last scene showed Thawne looking at his suit, and saying ‘Merry Christmas’ in his Reverse Flash voice.

The Flash S02E09 — Running To Stand Still

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One year after his first Christmas as the Flash, Barry Allen saw the second one won’t be much peaceful either. When Weather Wizard broke Captain Cold and The Trickster out of Iron Heights Prison, Barry must’ve made sure the supervillains won’t take over the city on Christmas. On Christmas Eve, Trickster imitated Santa as the shopping center and gave children Christmas presents which were actually packed bombs. With hundreds of them around the city, The Flash faced an impossible choice. Luckily, the episode still ended with the good guys exchanging presents, and even some kisses.

The Flash S03E09 — The Present

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It’s was his third Christmas as the Flash, but Barry was still unable to focus on Holidays with Alchemy and Savitar looming around. Barry visited Jay Garrick on Earth-3, and Jay offered him a piece of advice: “You can’t worry about what may or may not lie ahead. Besides, it’s Christmas; a time to be with the ones you care about.” The episode ended with Wally getting a Kid Flash suit as the present, which marked the beginning of his time as the speedster hero. Barry bought an apartment for him and Iris, where they kept living to this day.

The Flash S04E09 — Don’t Run

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This episode started with Team Flash decorating STAR Labs for Christmas. Barry and Iris were opening their wedding presents. Nothing can go wrong this time, right? Wrong! Caitlin and Barry both get kidnapped by Amunet and the Thinker, respectively. Since Team Flash couldn’t focus on both kidnapping cases, Iris had to choose who to save. This episode also ended on quite a note — Barry getting framed and arrested for the murder of Clifford DeVoe, who was also the Thinker.

Legends of Tomorrow S02E11 — Turncoat

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Considering that Legends are always about time-traveling and that confusing stuff, we could actually say that they could, theoretically, celebrate Christmas every day. If it only were that easy. In this particular episode, Legends were sent back to Christmas Day 1776 with only one mission — to save George Washington during the American Revolutionary War. But it turned out that’s the least of their problems. Once a former Legend Rip Hunter returned, but brainwashed by Legion of Doom, Legends had one more huge problem to solve in the timeline before they finally found time to celebrate Christmas on the Waverider.

Legends of Tomorrow S03E09 — Beebo The God of War

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Okay, this one is particularly interesting. In this confusingly entertaining Christmas episode, Legends only had to save one thing – Christmas. Following the series of events, the timeline got disrupted once a stuffed toy called Beebo ended up in the Viking age, where Vikings started worshipping the mere toy as their god. Because of that, Vikings conquered America, which caused Christmas in the present day to be called Beebo Day. Just like director Sharpe said: Never felt right. The episode ended with a series regular Jax leaving the Legends, but not before his teammates surprised him with a Christmas party.

Supergirl S03E09 — Reign

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Fans of Arrow and The Flash saw several Christmas-themed episodes, at least in earlier seasons. But, Supergirl show had one too, in its third season. The episode followed Reign, the main villain of the season, attacking Morgan Edge’s Christmas celebration. Soon after the attack, Supergirl and Reign collided in the epic battle which left many fans shocked. Still, we remember how the famous Christmas song Deck the Halls played in the background during the showdown.

Stargirl S01E13 — Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. Part Two

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This wasn’t really a Christmas-themed episode, but we included it because, although it aired in the middle of the summer, its last scene still showed Courtney Whitmore and her whole family enjoying Holiday cheer. It was a really beautiful way to end the season, to be honest. Stargirl and her team — Wildcat, Hourman, and Dr. Mid-Nite — fought against the team of villains known as Injustice Society of America during the season, with Icicle as the ISA’s leader. Once Icicle was defeated, and before the last scene gave us the season’s cliffhanger, we managed to see Courtney and her family getting ready for the most wonderful time of the year.

We aren’t getting so many Christmas-themed episodes in the Arrowverse anymore, and we don’t know why. Regardless if the show is supposed to be dark, or just full of positivity and hope, Christmas is always a great setting to mix with the superhero genre. Most recently, Marvel’s Hawkeye proved that. Who knows if we are going to see the Holiday cheer in any of the upcoming Arrowverse seasons.

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