Classroom of the Elite: Who Is Mii-chan? Meet Mei-Yu Wang!

Classroom of the Elite: Who Is Mii-chan? Meet Mei-Yu Wang!

The third season of Classroom of the Elite is finally starting, and we on Fiction Horizon will be covering the anime but also talking about some other concepts and characters from the series as we are going to explain some burning questions about the series. This article is going to be dedicated to a specific character, as we are going to tell you her story and her importance for the series. The character in question is Mei-Yu Wang, better known as Mii-chan. She is a very shy and withdrawn character, but she is definitely intriguing enough, and that is why we have decided to tell you a bit about her in this article.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Mei-Yu Wang, better known as Mii-chan, is a supporting character from Classroom of the Elite and a member of Class 1-D. She has a very shy personality and is insecure about herself.
  • She came from China when she was little and has since remained in Japan. She does well in school and has a thing for languages.
  • She is in love with Hirata, although they are not a couple yet because Hirata is going through a difficult phase in life and is not ready for romance, but he is grateful for her feelings.

Mii-chan is a very shy and insecure girl, but she has a lot to offer

The characters of Classroom of the Elite are intriguing; we can confirm that. They have their own stories and their own motivations, and although the series focuses on some of them, even the secondary characters are more than intriguing. In this article, we are going to analyze one such character – Mei-Yu Wang, better known as Mii-chan – and tell you all you need to know about her, as she is undoubtedly an interesting member of Class 1-D and a character that deserves to be talked about.

The sad thing is that Mii-chan never received much space in the series, which means that we have little to no information about her. Still, we have enough to craft a good article that will reveal all you need to know about her to know what kind of a person she is and why she is so interesting, despite always being in the background of all the major happenings in the series.

Mii-chan came from China to Japan when she was little and has been there ever since. Due to her academic proficiency, she was accepted into the school, and based on her evaluations, she is one of the best students there in terms of her academic aptitude. She has a thing for languages, especially English, and is known for never having scored lower than 80% on a midterm, which proves that she is one of the most gifted students in the whole school. Her other notes are also great, but her academic aptitude is where she stands out most.

On the other hand, her social skills and her sense of self are not that great. Sure, she is a very kind and intelligent girl, by no means evil, but she is also very shy withdrawn and also very insecure about herself. This is actually the root of her “problems” in the series and a principal reason why she is always in the background. It’s not that she is useless – far from it – but she simply stays in the background, and that is that.


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She has a friendly relationship with Ayanokoji, whom she asks for coffee so that he can give her advice about Yosuke Hirata, who is the love of her life as far as the series is concerned. Namely, Mii-chan has been in love with Hirata for a while, but she did not want to confess to him initially because she had never been in love and did not know how it should be done, but also because she did not think she was worthy enough to be his girlfriend.

On the other hand, when Hirata entered a phase of depression and isolated himself, she is the only one who did not give up on him and visited him constantly, despite his rejections and his horrible demeanor towards her; he was abusive (verbally), and he almost hit her one time, but was stopped. He realized that her feelings were genuine and appreciated them, apologizing for his behavior, but he was not ready to reciprocate them due to his condition. Still, she has remained by his side and is hopeful that he will, at one point, be ready to become her boyfriend.

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