Classroom of the Elite: Why Did Kei Dump Hirata? Relationship Explained!

Classroom of the Elite: Why Did Kei Dump Hirata? Relationship Explained!

The romantic intrigues of Classroom of the Elite are quite interesting and are of interest to a lot of fans of the series. Whether it’s some major ship or something of lesser importance, fans around the world keep discussing how their favorite characters might evolve and who they might end up with in the end. In this article, we are going to talk about Kei Karuizawa and Yoruke Hirata, who are two very important characters in the series. They also had a very interesting relationship and in this article, we are going to explain it and tell you what exactly happened between the two of them.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Kei Karuizawa and Yosuke Hirata were very close when the series began, and, in fact, they were so close that they were actually considered to be a couple.
  • It turned out that they only pretended to be a couple so that Kei would be spared from being bullied in school, as she was able to confide in Hirata, who agreed to protect her.
  • Later, when she realized that she couldn’t really depend on him because they were not a real couple, she broke off their fake relationship, although they eventually remained on friendly terms.

Kei and Hirata were never really a couple – they pretended to be one so that Kei would be safe

The relationship between Kei and Hirata is complex and layered in more ways than one. Namely, the two of them bonded quickly and since the beginning of the story, they had been close and were considered to be a couple. But, while the facade was, indeed, like that, their relationship was far more complex, and it turned out that it was never as intimate as everyone thought, and there is a good reason for that, which we are going to explain in this article.

Namely, at the beginning of the story, Kei confided in Hirata, and unlike most of the people in her life, he took the right stance and accepted her without feeling sorry for her. It turned out that Kei simply wanted to avoid being bullied and that she confided in Hirata, who accepted to protect her by pretending to be her boyfriend; they did not like each other in that way, but Kei felt safer, as she knew she had someone who would protect her and whom she could rely on in troublesome situations.

But, it turned out that Hirata wasn’t as loyal as one would think. When a major problem arose, Hirata – instead of jumping in to protect Kei – did not want to interfere and wanted to resolve the issue calmly, not wanting to defend Kei as he should. Kei felt betrayed; she felt as if Hirata had not fulfilled his duty to protect her, so there was no need for them to pretend to be a couple anymore. When she confronted him about it, he said that they were not a real couple and that he felt that there was a limit to his involvement in her issues, as he was not her real boyfriend.


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This meant that he wouldn’t protect her every time, and Kei could not really rely on and trust such a person, so the two of them “broke it off” and stopped pretending that they were a couple. This was a shock for their classmates, but it wasn’t such a major moment for the two of them. Hirata would later end up being depressed, while Kei would enter a genuine relationship with Ayanokoji.

And while they were never a couple, the two of them seemingly developed a certain type of friendship. They were never in love with each other, but they did seem to care about each other to a certain degree and despite everything that had happened between them, the two have ultimately remained on friendly terms and are, both of them, advisors to Ayanokoji. And that is the true nature of their relationship.

There is also one important moment we have to mention here. Namely, when the ill Hirata attacked and almost assaulted Mii-chan, who is in love with him, Kei was the one who stepped in front of him to defend the girl. She called him by his first name, which angered him (this happened after they had already “broken up”), and while she did correct herself, she was still brave enough to stand up to him, showing that she was not afraid of him and that she was able to stand up to him, regardless of the circumstances.

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