Stormtroopers vs. Mandalorians: Who Is the Better Fighter?

Clone Troopers vs Mandalorians: Who Is the Better Fighter?

The world of Star Wars just keeps expanding. After watching Disney’s The Mandalorian, we could see some similarities between the Mandalorians and the Stormtroopers, at least in that they are both wearing helmets. Jokes aside, some people wonder which of the two groups is more powerful.

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  • Without a doubt, the Mandalorians are far stronger and better trained than either the Clone Troopers or their successors, the Stormtroopers. And while there might be individual units that are better or worse than the others, as a general rule – Mandalorians are far superior.

Comparing the abilities of Stormtroopers and Mandalorians

Neither the Mandalorians, nor the tormtroopers have any inherent superpowers, since almost all Mandalorians are not Force-sensitive, while the latter are either clones or just regular civilians. In that aspect, we can present their powers and abilities in one paragraph, as they are roughly the same.

Namely, both these groups consist of regular “characters”, most of which are human(oid) citizens of the Galaxy (or clones thereof). In that aspect, they’re not superpowered in any way and their strengths are actually a consequence of the rigorous training they went through.

Both groups are excellent fighters who’ve been trained both in physical and weapons combat. Certainly, the Troopers are no match for the Jedi or the Sith, while the Mandalorians have been known to be on par with the Force users, but on rare occasions only.

Mandalorian Din Djarin Fights Moff Gideon

The Mandalorians’ training was certainly more rigorous and in terms of classical combat (weapons and non-weapons based), they’re one of the best fighters in the Galaxy. The Troopers have certainly gone through some combat training, but their focus was on using guns and similar weapons, rather than a classical mode of combat.

As far as guns and similar weapons are concerned, both groups consist of excellent marksmen. The Mandalorians’ training also includes this aspect, which is why they are so deadly with blasters and other guns. The Clone Troopers were excellent marksmen – as seen during the Clone Wars – while the Stormtroopers have a reputation of being the worst marksmen in the Galaxy, but that is more a consequence of them being villains rather than their poor shooting skills.

Just imagine a group of 20+ Stormtroopers against Han Solo and Chewbacca and no one else; objectively, they would kill them very quickly, but since you cannot kill the heroes that easily, they had to make the Stormtroopers shoot like they were blind.

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And with this, we conclude our analysis of their powers and abilities. So, who’s stronger?

Who is more powerful, the Mandalorians or the Stormtroopers?

The history of the Galaxy shows us that the Mandalorians are not just far superior to the Troopers, but also some of the best fighters in the whole Galaxy. They are a group that has been in almost constant war and are used to belligerent conditions. They had to train in order to survive, and survive they did – by becoming the best. Even some Force-users had trouble fighting the Mandalorians, which says enough about their powers.

The Troopers are just a regular army. Their strength lies in numbers and good leadership and while they are more skilled than your average civilian, they’re just no match for the Mandalorians. An equal number of Mandalorians would obliterate an equal number of Troopers; a smaller number of Mandalorians would also likely defeat a larger number of Troopers, while a smaller number of Troopers would be destroyed by a larger number of Mandalorians. Good thing that the Stormtroopers became sentient soldiers, which means that they know when to give up.

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