‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5 Ending, Explained: Can Our Heroes Defeat Terry Silvers and Cobra Kai?

Cobra Kai

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Welcome to the Ending Explained for Cobra Kai Season 5. The series returns with a new season on Netflix and new developments for each of our heroes, and villains. This season doesn’t really reach the heights of season 4 when the stakes were at their highest, but this happens mostly because Season 5 serves as a transitional season between 4 and 5. The season leaves everything on a cliffhanger, and we will have to wait for the next season to see how things end.

Nevertheless, Cobra Kai keeps bringing its mixture of nostalgia and direct approach to the story to be just as entertaining. All the actors, both young and old, have really reached a point where they are their characters. Miguel and Tori keep being fan favorites, while sadly, Sam and Robby cannot overcome that they are not as important anymore. Either way, all character receive their time to shine or to go in a different direction. Let’s hope season 6 arrives sooner than later, to see the end of this story.


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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Cobra Kai Season 5. Read at your own risk.

What Happens With Miguel Going To Mexico?

One of the big cliffhangers from season 4 gets resolved very quickly here in season 5. That is the cliffhanger dealing with Miguel’s fate. At the end of season 4, Miguel leaves for Mexico with the intention of looking for his father, Hector. After looking around for a while, Miguel finds him and discovers that Hector is actually pretty cool. He has a son with another woman, has his own business, has a nice house, and seems very friendly.

However, after spending time with him, Miguel notices that Hector doesn’t even know he exists. Miguel blames his mother for hiding him from his father. Later, as he spends more time with Hector, Miguel discovers why his mother left him. Hector, in reality, doesn’t love his new wife, and his son Luis is actually a son of his wife from a previous marriage. Hector is paranoid and doesn’t trust anyone. He also thinks that Miguel’s mother, Carmen, just wanted to ruin him.

Cobra Kai

Miguel is truly disappointed and calls her mom crying. Fortunately, Johnny and Robby were looking for him. It has been established since season 1 that Johnny really cares for Miguel as if he was his real son. Johnny ruined his relationship with Robby and is now trying to amend it, but that doesn’t mean he still doesn’t love Miguel in the same way as always. Johnny picks up Miguel, and they leave for the United States of America.

Later in the season, it is revealed that Miguel and Robby have made peace, and Johnny and Carmen are pregnant. It seems that the two previous enemies might become brothers sooner than later, and Johnny might actually become a father to Miguel. He already is, of course, he just needs to formalize it in front of the law. This is a pretty cool development. Johnny deserves to have a second chance with a new kid. And both Miguel and Robby can now have a proper family. Something that they always wanted in previous seasons.

Can Our Heroes Defeat Terry Silvers And Cobra Kai?

The conflict of the season involves the consequences of having lost the tournament in season 5. Because Miyagi-Do lost the tournament, Daniel is being forced to close it down for good. It is a big blow for the students and everybody involved in the karate scene. Meanwhile, Cobra Kai has been going for a very aggressive expansion. It all seems lost to Cobra Kai. However, there is still hope because our favorite villain, Terry Silvers, left a loose thread last season.

Tori has been one of the most interesting characters throughout the series. She began as a villain, a tough girl who was the perfect match against the perfect princess that was Sam. However, as the seasons passed, it became clear that Tori was a much more fascinating character than many others in the show. Tori was not only full of rage, but she also had a very hard childhood. Unlike Sam, Tori has to prove herself each day by studying, and working, so she can buy her mother’s medicine.

Cobra Kai

Last season was very good for Tori in the character development department. She started a strange relationship with Amanda, Daniel’s wife, and she started to see that she might have more value as a person than she thought she would. So, she applied herself and won the karate tournament for Cobra Kai. However, it was revealed that Silver cheated by buying the referee. In this season, Tori’s internal conflict becomes the major plot point, and it is quite interesting.

Tori tries to open up about the cheating to Sam, but she gets rejected as Sam can only think of herself. However, a wiser Miguel intercedes and explains to Sam how hard it must have been for Tori to admit that she won by cheating. Sam gives Tori another chance, and together they make a plan. The plan is to reveal Stingray being attacked by Terry. The plan is later changed to expose Terry by posting a video on the internet where he admits he paid the referee to win the tournament. At that moment, even the most loyal of the Cobra Kai begins having doubts about Terry.

The season ends with Kreese, escaping from jail, ready to enact revenge upon Terry.

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