Colby Minifie Reveals Her Opinion About Ashley’s Major Scene from Episode 6

Colby Minifie Reveals Her Opinion About Ashley's Major Scene from Episode 6

The Boys is one of the most popular superhero series in the world, and its fourth season premiered on June 13, 2024, with the first three episodes. The season has been Certified Fresh so far and it is going strong, despite review-bombing by frustrated fans, who don’t like the political context of the new season.

The most recent episode was filled with numerous controversial moments, and one of the more talked-about scenes involved Tek Knight’s sexual abuse of the superhero Laddio, but this had a much wider context than just this particular relationship, as it also involved the character of Ashley Barrett.

Actress Colby Minifie, who plays Ashley in the series, talked to Variety about that particular scene, and she revealed her thoughts and experiences with filming it, as well as how the whole scene helped her character evolve. In this report, we are going to reveal what she said.

As for the scene in question, it is actually related to the whole sexual abuse scene related to Tek Knight, which we have already written about. But aside from Tek Knight’s abuse of Laddio, the scene also involved Ashley sexually abusing Hughie, who ended up in the sex dungeon while undercover as a hero. Ashley surprisingly got off on it, and it seemed that the character had reached a new level of development.

Colby Minifie has been playing Ashley since Season 1, and she is one of the rare characters who managed to survive the fundamental changes happening at Vought, as her loyalty to Homelander and his cause helped her survive the struggles. While talking to Variety, the actress commented on how this particular scene helped her character:

“It was one of the most challenging and one of my favorite things that I’ve gotten to do in this crazy world of a show. There was a lot of prep for that. There were like four fittings for that balloon of an outfit, which was designed by Michael Brown, and I loved being in that. But I really loved how the writers and Kripke found this new door for Ashley to explore — how she released her stress, and how all shit flows down. She receives all this stuff from Homelander, and then just uses it in a new way and gets off on it.”

Source: Variety

As you can see, the filming of this scene was challenging for Minifie, but it all played out quite well, which is important considering the delicacy of the scene. If you want to know more behind-the-scenes information about the series, but also other news related to The Boys and its production, be sure to keep following us!

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