Cosmic Spider-Man: Origin, Abilities, Powers and Six Other Things

cosmic spider man

As far as Spider-Man is concerned, Marvel’s most popular superhero is best known as his Earth-616 iteration, which is the Prime Earth iteration of both Peter Parker and Spider-Man. It is that character that has attracted the attention of fans around the world and it is that character that we all love so much.

Still, there are several alternative versions of the character, some of which are more famous, while others are less. In this article, we are going to deal with one such version – Cosmic Spider-Man.

Cosmic Spider-Man’s Origin

Cosmic Spider-Man is one of Spider-Man’s many iterations and alter egos. The Earth-616 iteration of Spider-Man also became Cosmic Spider-Man at one point during his career, as shown in Amazing Spider-Man #328-329 (1990), when he briefly obtained the powers of Captain Universe and the Enigma Force. He used the powers to stop a group of evil robots, including the mutant-killing Tri-Sentinel; when this was done, he lost the powers.


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But, this Cosmic Spider-Man is not the one we’re going to talk about. The version we are going to talk about is the Earth-13 version of Peter Parker. He also obtained the Enigma Force and became Cosmic Spider-Man, but unlike his Earth-616 counterpart, he never lost them. Thus, his origins are the same as the Prime Earth Spider-Man’s, but the difference is that he never lost his powers.

Cosmic Spider-Man’s Abilities

As far as we understand, Cosmic Spider-Man of Earth-13 has the same abilities as Spider-Man of Earth-616 and they are:

Invincible Will

Spider-Man has a strong will that is totally devoid of evil and temptation. For years, he struggled to balance his student life with his superhero duties. He is able to come out of defeat even stronger. His mental strength is also manifested when he manages to take control of the nanobots created by Doctor Octopus.

Through the psychological profiles maintained by Maria Hill, she has established that no one has such a strong identity as Spider-Man, which further demonstrates the extent of his willpower.

Gifted Intelligence

Peter Parker has a natural talent for science and stands out as one of the best students in high school and college. He developed inventions like his web launcher and signature web formula and spider tracers when he was still in high school. Peter’s intellect has also earned him a place in the Horizon Labs think tank as well as recognition from some of the brightest minds on the planet like Hank Pym. Additionally, Peter’s college IQ scores were the same as Reed Richards’ at the same age.

Seasoned Inventor / Engineer

With his knowledge and experience in mechanics, robotics and engineering, Peter was able to use his incredible intelligence and resources in Horizon Labs to create many inventions such as the four Spider-Armors, the Spidey Stealth Suit, his famous Web-Shooters, the Cryo-Cube 3000 and the noise reduction headphones.

Experienced Photographer

Peter is a very experienced photographer and has worked as a photographer for the Daily Bugle and the Front Line.

Talented Teacher

Peter is a naturally talented teacher and taught science at Midtown High.

Master Acrobat

Thanks to his great strength and phenomenal balance, Parker is an excellent athlete who excels in all areas of gymnastics and is able to perform any acrobatic stunt ever performed, including others who cannot even perform. be performed by an Olympic acrobat.

Master of Martial Arts

Peter has grown into an excellent melee fighter over time, using a fighting style that directly complements his superhuman abilities. His methods are inconstant and allow him to compete with virtually all types of fighters. Additionally, Peter was trained in hand-to-hand combat by Captain America.


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After Peter temporarily lost his spider sense, he received formal combat training from Shang-Chi and together created a new style of martial art called “the Way of the Spider”. But since his Spider-sense returned, Peter has let his training slip away.


In addition to English, Peter also learned Mandarin.

Cosmic Spider-Man’s Powers

This is a list of the Cosmic Spider-Man’s known powers and abilities:

Spider Physiology

Spider-Man possesses the relative powers of a spider bestowed upon him by an irradiated common house spider (Achaearanea tepidariorum) that bit Peter Parker, who had apparently already mutated from previous exposure to certain frequencies of radiation and was ultimately fatal. Parker’s visit to the fair.

The radioactive and complex mutagenic enzymes in the spider’s blood that were transmitted at the time of the bite triggered numerous body-wide mutagenic changes in Parker that gave him superhuman strength, speed, hardened flesh, and many spider-like abilities that made him so special and unique among other heroes.


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These abilities and powers include: wall-crawling, enhanced superhuman strength, enhanced superhuman durability, enhanced superhuman speed, enhanced superhuman agility, enhanced superhuman reflexes, enhanced Spider-Sense, superhuman equilibrium (a state of perfect equilibrium in any position imaginable), a regenerative healing factor, and contaminant immunity, which is part of the latter.

Enigma Force

When Loki created the Tri-Sentinel, Peter acquired the powers of the Enigma Force, which enhanced the scope of all of Spider-Man’s powers and abilities. With these powers, he even managed to match Magneto, Dr. Save Doom, and Hulk.


A kind of cosmic consciousness. Spider-Man can sense things on a subatomic level or from a great distance. This power can also make someone tell the truth.

Superhuman Vision

Spider-Man’s vision has been enhanced to the point where he can see things clearly from a great distance.

Superhuman Hearing

Spider-Man’s hearing improved to such an extent that he could hear things like a whisper from a great distance.

Matter / Energy Manipulation

Spider-Man can redirect an energy flow in another direction or convert it to another type of energy. Redirecting the flow of gravitons, for example, makes it possible to fly. Spider-Man can also change matter at the atomic level, for example to convert one substance to another or to change the shape of an object.

Energy Blasts

As a result of energy manipulation, Spider-Man acquired the ability to shoot concentrated bursts of energy from his hand. He could take out Jennix all at once.


As a result of the manipulation of matter, Spider-Man acquired the ability to fly. His speed was so great that he could get the Hulk out of space in a matter of minutes.

Molecular Shift

Spider-Man could use this ability to make his webbing as hard as adamantium or simply change its shape, like a giant glove.

Extreme Temperature Immunity

The suit (or the Uni-Power itself) protects Spider-Man from extreme temperatures.

The list of powers derived from the Enigma Force is unique to Cosmic Spider-Man and is not present in “normal” Spider-Men. The powers relating to the hero’s spider physiology are inherent to practically all Spider-Men, regardless of their other potential abilities. This is why we divided them like this.

How Strong Is Cosmic Spider-Man?

While there is no official Marvel ranking for Cosmic Spider-Man of Earth-13, but based on what we know of him – that he is a blend between Spider-Man and Captain Universe – we assume that his powers are greatly above those of a regular Spider-Man, but also slightly above those of Captain Universe.

Who Killed Cosmic Spider-Man?

Cosmic Spider-Man of Earth-13 was ultimately killed by Solus, the leader of the Inheritors. The Inheritors themselves weren’t powerful enough to defeat Cosmic Spider-Man but Solus was, as he was able to feed on the Cosmic Spider-Man’s life force. We shall explain the circumstances of his death in the next section.

How Did Cosmic Spider-Man Die?

In order to completely understand this paragraph, we have to give you some backstory, especially since you now know how the Earth-13 Spider-Man came to be. So, at one point during Spider-UK’s search for the source of the spiders’ deaths, he discovered Earth-13 and it became a refuge for many Spider-Men who were being hunted by the Inheritors.

Solus 28Earth 00129 Kills Peter Parker 28Earth 1329 from Amazing Spider Man Vol 3 11

As strong as the Inheritors were, they were nonetheless vastly outclassed compared to Cosmic Spider-Man, someone with such vast power, and therefore dared not set foot in this dimension. However, he could only help them to this extent, as he would lose the Enigma Force if he left his universe. This resulted in resistance from the Spider Heroes stationed in Central Park on Earth-13.

Peter Parker 28Earth 1329 VS. Solus 28Earth 00129 003

When the Inheritors attacked Earth-13, Peter confronted their leader, Solus. Although powerful, Peter’s power came from the pure vitality which the Inheritors feasted on; although Solus admitted that his power was too great for his children, Solus himself was powerful enough to remove the Enigma Force from Peter and kill him in the process.

Who Can Defeat Cosmic Spider-Man?

We don’t have much info on who can actually defeat the Cosmic Spider-Man. As far as the Earth-616 version is concerned, we know that it is stronger than the Tri-Sentinel and weaker robots, but since that was its only fight, we don’t know much else.

As for the Earth-13 version, we know that it is stronger than practically all of the Inheritors, save for Solus, their leader, who is the only one among them able to feed on the Enigma Force, as he is powerful enough to not end up being overwhelmed by it.


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In order to potentially help you understand the situation a bit better, we have decided to list Cosmic Spider-Man’s weaknesses, which might help you in your future debates:

Native Dimension

Spider-Man only keeps Captain Universe’s power in his own dimension, if he’s ever outside of that dimension, he only has the abilities of a “normal” Spider-Man.

Life Force

Spider-Man’s cosmic forces aren’t exactly a flaw or drawback in his crime-fighting, but come from sheer life force. This allowed Solus, an Inheritor, to use it to his advantage to absorb Spider-Man’s life force.

Spider Sense Disruption

Spider-Man’s spider sense can lose its effectiveness if blocked or temporarily weakened by special equipment or certain drugs. It also wouldn’t trigger if it detects something that isn’t registered as a threat, like the Spider-Man clones, or the Venom and his offspring, and the Anti-Venom symbiote. When Spider-Man is deprived of his senses of rotation, he becomes vulnerable to surveillance and attack, and web launching requires most of his concentration.

Ethyl Chloride

Perhaps due to his powers, Spider-Man is vulnerable to ethyl chloride, a pesticide. This chemical is widely used as a weapon by Spider-Slayers, although they do not exist on Earth-13.

Is Cosmic Spider-Man a God?

Well, the answer to this question is not as simple as you’d think. He was not a god in the literal sense, but he was given the powers of a god, thus becoming sort-of-a-god, if that makes sense. his is what he himself said:

“I’ve kept the powers of a god. The Inheritors would be foolish to face me here. And as long as the rest of you stay in my world, I can keep you safe.”

– Cosmic Spider-Man

As you can see, he was well aware that he was not a god, but he had the powers of a god, which is why the Inheritors feared entering his universe (Earth-13). Still, he never became an actual deity at any point in his career.

Is Cosmic Spider-Man Good or Bad?

Cosmic Spider-Man is undoubtedly a good guy. The first iteration of Cosmic Spider-Man, the Earth-616 version, used the powers to fight evil robots, while the Earth-13 version of the characters worked to protect the refugee Spider-Man from the Inheritors. Thus, both of them were heroes.