Captain America Vs. Spider-Man: Who Would Win and Why?

Captain America Vs. Spider-Man: Who Would Win and Why?

Captain America is Marvel’s icon and the embodiment of heroism within the Marvel Universe. Spider-Man, on the other hand, is Marvel’s darling and arguably the franchise’s most beloved and most popular superhero. Both of them are good guys, they even served together on the Avengers team, but what would happen if they actually fought against each other? Who would win in a fight between Spider-Man and Captain America?

Captain America and Spider-Man are on a similar level in many ways, but if it came to a fight between them, Spider-Man would ultimately win against Captain America due to his slightly better abilities and superior powers.

Saying that, there’s still a lot to be said. Throughout the rest of this article, we will look at their powers and abilities in more detail and see how the fight between Spider-Man and Captain America would play out.  

Is Spider-Man Stronger than Captain America?

How Strong Is Captain America?

I am going to star with Captain America. Marvel’s icon is a Super Soldier and is just slightly above peak human abilities. Being given the Super-Soldier serum, Steve Rogers became stronger than even the strongest of humans and that significantly increased his powers and abilities, despite him never being a superhero.

He also relies heavily on hand-to-hand combat and quite often uses his famous shield for both offense and defense. And that about covers it as far as Cap is concerned; he is a great fighter and is stronger than your average neighbor, but there isn’t much else when pure power is concerned.

How Strong Is Spider-Man?

As for Spider-Man, his most pronounced human abilities are his intelligence and his resourcefulness, but this is all augmented by his superhuman abilities gained from being bitten by a radioactive spider.

Thus, Peter Parker gained a lot of spider-like abilities, such as wall crawling, the ability to shoot webs from his body, an enhanced immune system and his famous Spider-Sense, used to detect approaching danger.

But, along with that, he has gained superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility and durability, along with a very specific healing factor that is always helpful in his fight against crime.

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His strength has been the topic of much debate, since he’s usually perceived as weak (he also has a very slim body type). Yet, Spider-Man can – without any additional enhancements – lift an amazing 10 tons!

This has been proven in comics repeatedly, especially in some stories where he was – with enhancements – able to lift an incredible 130 tons! So, if you were ever doubting Spider-Man’s strength, just remember that he was able to support a building from crashing down on him.

Captain America Vs. Spider-Man: Who Is Stronger?

Now, since both characters are from the Marvel Universe, we can consult their official numbers, as per the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z (2010):

 Score for Captain AmericaScore for Spider-Man
(Peter Parker)
Energy Projection1/71/7
Fighting Skills6/74/7

As we can see, these two superheroes are pretty equal in terms of powers, with the difference being that Spider-Man has a wider array of powers than Captain America.

Spider-Man beats Captain America in all fields – even when speed is concerned, as Spider-Man is most certainly faster than Captain America – except in fighting skills, where Captain America’s training comes into the spotlight.

Still, Spider-Man has more than enough other abilities – including his intelligence and his agility – to come up with an approach to annul Cap’s advantages.

The Bottom Line: Spider-Man Vs. Captain America, Who Wins?

If you’ve read this text carefully – and I expect that you did – you’ll most certainly come to the same conclusion as we did, and that is that Spider-Man is definitely stronger than Captain America. Why? Let us see!

This is actually a very interesting match-up, as Spider-Man, despite having actual superpowers when compared to Captain America, who just has superhuman powers, isn’t much stronger than the First Avenger.

And where Captain America lacks in intelligence or speed, perhaps, he certainly makes up with his exceptional fighting skills and his endurance. He is a very tough fighter, actually, and Spider-Man would have to give it his best to overcome the leader of the Avengers.

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Luckily for the webslinger, he has it in him to do that. Spider-Man is faster, more agile and is far more intelligent than Captain America.

This doesn’t give him an automatic advantage, though, as their clash in Civil War affirms (Spider-Man had to observe Captain America’s moves, as they were faster than his Spider-Sense, which was a problem for Spider-Man), but Spider-Man would certainly be able to come up with a tactical approach to counter Captain America.

He would certainly be able to find a way to overcome his disadvantages and win in this clash.

On top of that, Spider-Man has consistently fought much tougher foes – both physically and mentally – than Captain America (when their solo adventures are taken into consideration), and seeing how he managed to defeat the likes of Kingpin, Rhino, Lizard and Venom, we are quite certain that he would also be able to defeat Captain America.

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