Dakota Johnson Confesses Her Limited Familiarity with Marvel Movies

Madame Web

Over 2 months ago, ‘Madame Web’ hit theaters, and it didn’t go well. The movie bombed at the box office, only making $6 million on its first day. It couldn’t even compete with big hitters like ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3.’ or the recently released ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’, falling short even of ‘Morbius’. Critics slammed it, giving it a 12% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, while audiences weren’t much kinder at 57%, earning it the “rotten” label.

People didn’t like the story, calling it all over the place. Plus, there was a bit of false advertising with the trailers showing the Spider-Women as fully powered and costumed when they weren’t in the movie. Fans had plenty of theories about why it tanked, blaming everything from not knowing the source material to issues with the cast and crew. Dakota Johnson didn’t sugarcoat it in a recent interview, which didn’t sit well with the studio.

Even the actors weren’t all that familiar with the story or the characters. Reports say a lot of them thought they were signing up for the MCU. Dakota herself confessed she hadn’t really seen any MCU movies, not even the ones with Spider-Man, which are tied to her character in a way. In a recent MTV interview, she was asked how many Marvel movies she’d seen, and she was straight-up about it.

4 %, which is like 15 minutes of one.

The numbers don’t quite match, but sure. Then they asked her to list the ‘Spider-Man’ movies starring Tom Holland.

‘Spider-Man: Here He Comes,’ ‘Spider-Man, And He’s Back,’ and the other one, the last one is, ‘The Goblet of Spider-Man.’ ‘Harry, Spider-Man and the Goblet of Man.’

Dakota was just joking around when she listed the movies, but it’s still kind of disappointing. Got something to say? Drop it in the comments!

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