‘Dance Dance Danseur Ballet’ TV Anime Releases Teaser PV, Cast and Premiere Date Confirmed

On February 1st, Dance Dance Danseur’s official website released a teaser promotional video (PV) and visual. The video, which is less than a minute long, reveals one cast member and a few staff members for the upcoming TV anime. It has been confirmed that the ballet anime will air this April. 

Check out the teaser PV below: 

The manga Dance Dance Danseur is written by George Asakura. The confirmed cast member is Daiki Yamashita, playing the protagonist Junpei Murao. In the teaser PV, we glimpse Junpei’s inspiration to learn ballet. The video cuts with him belting out the words “Teach me ballet!” 

The new visual released features the two protagonists with their arms and legs outstretched. You can view the visual below: 

The manga currently has 22 volumes and is published by Shogakukan in the Weekly Big Comic Spirits Magazine. The 1st volume was released on September 14, 2015. MAPPA studios will be working on the TV anime. 

Dance Dance Danseur follows the ballet adventure of Junpei Murao, who lost his passion for the sport after his father passed away. However, after meeting a talented ballet transfer student, Junpei decides to pick up his passion again. 

In a short interview, Daiki Yamashita shared a few words about his role as Junpei. He said he was thrilled and excited to play his role and looking forward to everyone seeing him as Junpei. 

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According to Yamashita, the ballet scenes in the anime were performed by professional dancers. Then motion capture was used to create the movements on screen. Yamashita said he’s very excited for everyone to see these amazing dance sequences. 

More information will be released, such as other cast members and, probably, OP and ED song artists in the following months. You can follow the TV anime’s official Twitter to stay updated on the latest news! 

Source: Comic Natalie

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