David Tennant Expressed Interest in Reprising His Kilgrave Role in the MCU

David tennant wants to return as kilgrave

In January, ‘Echo’ came out, marking some big moments in the MCU. It was the first show under Marvel Spotlight and it officially added ‘The Defenders’ Saga to the MCU timeline, settling the debate about Netflix’s Marvel Shows being canon.

After its release, rumors swirled about some shows getting revived, characters recast, and joining other projects. Fans consistently pushed for a ‘Jessica Jones’ revival. Turns out, they’re not alone. Krysten Ritter said she’d love to come back, and now David Tennant, who played the villain Zebediah Kilgrave, expressed interest in returning to the project this year.

On the BAFTA Red Carpet, Tennant was asked which project he’d want to go back to, now that his major roles in ‘Doctor Who,’ ‘Star Wars,’ and ‘Harry Potter’ have been brought back.

I’d love to do Kilgrave again, yeah Kilgrave would be great

However, he noted that Kilgrave was “definitely dead” after his neck was snapped. Both Tennant and the interviewer mentioned that in the ongoing Multiverse Saga of the MCU, this doesn’t hold much weight since every character can potentially come back as a variant. This offers writers plenty of chances not only to bring back some characters but also to give them a fresh twist.


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The likelihood of Tennant reprising his role as Kilgrave in 2024 is quite low, but we do know he has a few upcoming projects. He’ll be appearing as Tony Baddingham in ‘Rivals’ and has an undisclosed role in the TV show ‘Hide.’ Additionally, he’s set to voice Sir Edmund Rockwell in ‘Ark: The Animated Series.’

Would you be interested in seeing Tennant in the MCU? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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