DC Series The Flash Will End With Season 9 At The CW

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Ever since the DC series Arrow finished in early 2020, it’s been obvious that Arrowverse, the TV superhero universe which was born from that series, won’t stand much longer. Soon after Arrow ended, the season after marked the end for Supergirl and Black Lightning, and last season, The CW canceled Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow.

Last season, The Flash became the longest-running Arrowverse series with 171 episodes (Arrow finished after eight seasons and 170 episodes). In early 2023, The Flash series will air its Season 9, consisting of 13 episodes, and now it was officially announced that that will mark the end of the series, and probably the end of Arrowverse, the superhero series which started with Arrow in 2012.

Grant Gustin debuted as Barry Allen in the second season of Arrow. In 2014, he got his own spin-off series The Flash, in which he became the titular superhero. The series followed his life as a superhero. The series enjoyed high viewership during the first couple of seasons, and although the viewership was constantly dropping, it was always among the highest-rated series on The CW.

But, looks like The CW can’t ignore low ratings anymore. They gave final seasons and proper conclusions to Arrow, Supergirl, and Black Lightning, while Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow were canceled last season, ending on cliffhangers, which didn’t sit well with the fans. As of now, The Flash, Superman and Lois, and Stargirl are the only superhero shows remaining on The CW. Next season, a new series, Gotham Knights, is set to premiere its first season.

Grant Gustin played the titular superhero during the entire series, including several guest appearances in other Arrowverse shows. After eight seasons, he extended his contract for one final season, and looks like he had enough of the red suit. The Flash Season 9, the final season of the series, will premiere on The CW in early 2023.

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