DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: What The Potential Season 8 Could Be About?

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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is a TV series set in the popular TV universe known as Arrowverse. The series kicked off in 2016, it was a spin-off of TV shows Arrow and The Flash. The new series gathered characters that we have already met in Arrow and The Flash, and they formed a team of time travelers whose main task is to protect the timeline against literally anything that could change the course of history.

After seven seasons, the series changed a lot. There’s no member of the original left except Sara Lance/White Canary (played by Caity Lotz) who is still the leader of the team, and Gideon, an AI voiced by Amy Louise Pemberton in the first six seasons, and then in Season 7 she joined the team in her human form. Of course, the team encountered many threats and enemies, and the latest Season 7 wasn’t an exception. The series finale aired last Wednesday, so now it’s time to see how it sets it up for potential Season 8.

Have in mind that it wasn’t officially announced if Season 8 will happen, but it also wasn’t confirmed that the series will end with Season 7. None of the CW shows have been renewed for the next season yet, so now we can just wait and talk hypothetically about what could happen in the future.


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Spoilers for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 7 Finale following!

Season 7 added a couple of new things to the show. The first thing, we have already mentioned, is that Amy Louise Pemberton fully joined the show after spending six seasons in the voice recording booth (she had a few occasional appearances as human Gideon though, but it was never for real). Next thing is that Nate Heywood, played by Nick Zano, who joined the show at the beginning of the second season, now departed. And Matt Ryan, who played John Constantine in the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth season, now played Gwyn Davies, a role he took after his John Constantine also left the team at the end of Season 6.

The season finished with the team being back at the Waverider, a time travel ship and literally a home of Legends. The original Waverider was destroyed at the end of Season 6 by another Waverider, but now the Legends are finally back at it. Or are they? In the pretty intense final scene, the series finally introduced Mike as the Booster Gold and lured Legends back at the Waverider into an ambush. The time police showed up and arrested Legends for all of their time crimes.

“Well, it’s going to have a huge impact on a potential Season 8 in that they’re going to be in jail. Every season is something new. We’re going to find out more about this organization that has put all the fixers in all these different places and find out what happens when you commit too many time crimes.” — Co-showrunner Keto Shimizu for TVLine

With an ending like that, it’s hard to believe this was intended to be a series finale. And although we still can’t be sure if the Legends will return, we can make some guesses. As for the final scene, it seems like the potential next season could start with Legends being incarcerated, or maybe they will manage to escape somehow before (or after) they lock them up. Also, let’s not forget that the finale revealed that Sara is pregnant, which could play a huge role next season, and it’s actually teasing that Season 8, if it happens, could be the last one.