Deadpool Vs. Wolverine: Who Would Win And Why?

deadpool vs wolverine

Deadpool and Wolverine are both iconic Marvel characters that are flawed as much as they are powerful. That’s probably what makes them so appealing and relatable to most fans. Although they have similar powers regarding who the stronger character is, it’s usually up in the air. So, if Deadpool and Wolverine ever fought, who would win, and why?

If we’re talking about a fight to the death, Deadpool would eventually win, as he owns a sword that can kill Wolverine despite his healing factor. However, Wolverine would win most of their fights if the goal was to hinder, as he proved on numerous occasions in the comics.

Still, Wade Wilson and John Logan Howlett have so much in common that it’s quite hard to pick one over the other. To avoid being biased, let’s dive deep, divide, compare, and rate different categories of their powers to determine the overall winner. Each category is worth a point, and a tie gives both characters a point on the board.

Healing Factor & Immortality

There’s a similarity between Deadpool and Wolverine that is also the root of their difference – their healing factor and virtual immortality. They were both a part of the Weapon X program, which gave them enhanced superhuman powers. Deadpool received the healing factor from Wolverine.

However, the difference is that Wolverine was already a mutant before the experiments, while Deadpool was a human soldier and assassin with cancer. When Wolverine’s healing factor was isolated and given to Wade Wilson, they modified it and made his cells unkillable, but the cancer cells received the factor, too.

That resulted in a constant internal battle inside Deadpool’s body, where cancer cells keep regenerating while the healing factor and healthy cells keep destroying them. The process keeps Wade alive but makes his entire skin severely scarred. 

Nevertheless, both Logan and Wade’s healing factor makes them practically invulnerable. Any kind of damage cannot kill them – even if their head gets chopped off, they can regenerate and revive if there’s a single molecule of their body remaining.

Additionally, Logan received adamantium injections directly into his skeleton, making him much stronger and even more invulnerable. Adamantium is so strong that it makes his body unbreakable, but his claws can cut through just about anything. He ages incredibly slowly due to the healing factor, too, but he does age eventually, as we saw in the Old Man Logan storyline.

On the other hand, Deadpool’s healing factor would be quite similar to Wolverine’s, as he received it from Logan in the first place. It’s been modified to address his cancer, too, though, so it does seem a bit slower than Wolverine’s. 

For instance, when he loses a limb, he usually needs a few days to regrow, whereas Logan only needs a few hours. In that regard, Logan’s healing factor and immortality are ever so slightly superior to Deadpool’s – but there’s a catch.

Wade and Death (yes, THE Death) were in love with each other, but Thanos loved Death as well. Out of jealousy, he curses Deadpool never to die, no matter what, separating him from Death forever. That’s what eventually pushes Deadpool’s healing factor over the top.

We’ve seen him at 1000 years old, still alive and well. You can incinerate him until he’s nothing but ashes – he’ll still heal and regenerate. Not just because of the healing factor, but Thanos’ curse – he literally can’t die.

Therefore, as invulnerable as Wolverine is with his adamantium skeleton and healing factor, Deadpool is just a step above.

Point: Deadpool (1:0) Wolverine

Weapons & Combat Skills

Wolverine’s primary weapons are his retractable adamantium claws coming out of his fists. They used to be bones before the Weapon X program, but now, they can slice through anything and anybody – including Hulk’s nearly impenetrable skin.

Rarely does Logan use other weapons, but he has been shown with some firearms, although close combat is his bread and butter. Wolverine is an incredible tactician, a master hand-to-hand combatant, and a martial artist.

On the other hand, Deadpool usually relies on traditional weapons like guns, swords, knives, bombs, etc. He is also quite incredible in combat, being a soldier, a mercenary, and an assassin, making him highly skilled in marksmanship, swordsmanship, hand-to-hand combat, and various martial arts.

Still, if we’re comparing only their traditional weaponry, I’d give a slight edge to Wolverine because of the adamantium. But, just like it always is with Deadpool, there’s a catch that tips the scales in his favor.

You see, Deadpool has the only sword that can not only harm Wolverine but kill him for good. In the Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe storyline, Logan and Wade come face-to-face, which doesn’t end well for our clawed mutant.

Deadpool pulls out a carbonadium sword – a material that disrupts the healing factor when a wound is inflicted with it. He eventually kills Wolverine with it, and although it’s not in the main Marvel universe continuity, it’s enough to give Wilson another point.

Point: Deadpool (2:0) Wolverine

Mental State

Deadpool is as crazy as it gets, which is usually a big problem for him. He gets distracted easily, and his constant chatter can cost him at times. However, there were instances where his insanity helped him through hardships. 

Wade is incredibly unpredictable, making him a very hard opponent for anybody – even the Taskmaster, who usually can learn and copy anybody’s moves to perfection just by seeing them fight. He hates battling Deadpool as he simply can’t learn and predict his moves. It gives trouble to other characters, too, especially those trying to attack him telepathically.

You never know what he’s going to do, and his insanity allows him to go to unfathomable lengths to achieve what he wants. But still, he’s crazy, which can’t be considered an advantage, per se.

On the other hand, Wolverine is quite sane, even though he lived through a horrendous fate throughout his life. Sometimes he lets his emotions – rage, especially – get the best of him, but he’s calm, calculated, and collected most of the time.

He usually wins his battles against bigger or more powerful opponents by using his brains and tactics. In fact, that’s how he gets Deadpool most of their fights in the comics. Hence, as much as Deadpool’s insanity can be an advantage, it’s more of a curse than a blessing against Logan.

Point: Wolverine (1:2) Deadpool

Other Powers & Abilities

Apart from the healing factor & immortality, wade also gained superhuman strength, durability, stamina, and reflexes – not on Thor’s level, but greater than any regular human being. When you pair that with his army and mercenary training, you get a spectacularly strong and dangerous character.

Also, he’s immune to almost all diseases, poisons, and telepathic attacks. He has access to numerous gadgets and devices that allow him to appear as a hologram or even teleport.

On the other hand, Logan also has the healing factor and immortality, and although he ages much slower, he does eventually grow old. Still, he has additional skills and powers that put him over the top.

He was a mutant even before the Weapon X experiment; therefore, he had powers even then. Just like Wade, he was a soldier before, so he has incredible combat skills, too.

On top of that, Wolverine has enhanced strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility, and reflexes. He also has incredible superhuman senses and even some animal-like attributes that other human beings don’t possess.

But, what sets him apart from Deadpool and eventually grants him a point in this category is the adamantium-infused skeleton he has. It makes him seemingly indestructible, but the control he has over his claws is admirable, to say the least.

Point: Wolverine (2:2) Deadpool

Comic & Movie Battles

We’re tied so far, so the best way to settle the score is to look at their battles throughout the comics and the movies.

deadpool vs wolverine comics

Deadpool and Wolverine battled numerous times in the comics, and most of the time, Wolverine comes out on top. He’s smarter and more experienced in battle, and even though he doesn’t kill Wade, he beats him in fights and incapacitates him – he even chopped his head off once.

Although Deadpool doesn’t die and has a slightly better healing factor, it’s much harder for him to incapacitate Wolverine due to his adamantium skeleton. If you exclude the non-canonical versions where Deadpool has the carbonadium sword, Wolverine wins almost every time.

Even in the movies – better said, movie; X-Men Origins: Wolverine – Wade Wilson is experimented on, modified, and enhanced intensively to become the Weapon XI, tasked with killing Wolverine and the X-Men. Still, despite all the enhancements, the Wolverine comes out on top once again.

Therefore, if we’re talking about Deadpool with the carbonadium sword, he wins for good, as he can truly kill Wolverine and prevent him from healing. But, if he has no carbonadium, Wolverine can’t kill him completely, but he wins virtually every fight they battle. That’s why I’d give both characters a point in this category.

Point(s): Deadpool (3:3) Wolverine

Deadpool Vs. Wolverine: Who Would Win?

The battle between Deadpool and Wolverine is so tight that you have to call it a wash eventually. Even the categories ended up giving as a 3:3 tie – Deadpool has a slightly better healing factor and immortality, and his weapons are more diverse and superior to Wolverine’s. Still, Logan is smarter, saner, more skilled, and more battle-tested.

In the end, it all comes down to the storyline and the type of battle they are in. If we’re talking about a deathmatch where one has to die for the other to win, Wolverine cannot win because there’s no way for him to kill Deadpool. If Wade uses the carbonadium sword, though, he easily wins because Wolverine can’t heal and eventually dies.

However, Deadpool doesn’t have the sword in the canonical version and storylines, so the fight would last until one of them is incapacitated. It would be nearly impossible for Wade to incapacitate Logan due to the adamantium skeleton. Opposingly, Wolverine could easily incapacitate Deadpool, severing his limbs or even beheading him.

Finally, the answer is: Deadpool wins in a deathmatch, but Wolverine wins any other fight.

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