Deathblade Leveling Guide In Lost Ark: The Right Way To Level

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Lost Ark features plenty of classic MMORPG classes, but it also includes the well-loved Assassin class. The Deathblade class has become a fan-favorite amongst many Lost Ark players, as this class has a set of some impressively lethal and agile skills. Thankfully, Deathblade is gifted with quite a few traits that can make the leveling process an absolute breeze.

Deathblade Class Overview

The Deathblade is an advanced class within the Assassin main melee class. She boasts some sweet damage skills with a stylish attack style to match, unleashing flurries of hard-hitting blade attacks at breakneck speeds.

It is important to note that, while Deathblade is one of Lost Ark’s most intriguing classes, some players have been let down by some of her obvious shortcomings. She doesn’t deal as much damage as one might expect. But, her awesome appearance and tri-wielding sword style are still undeniably irresistible, and she can play like a dream with the right setup.

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The main advantage is that the Deathblade class is just super fun to play overall, as well as the fact that you don’t have to micromanage her weapon swaps. Her weapon changes are more instinctive, influenced by factors within each battle, so this mechanic can be convenient for players who want things to be a bit more straightforward.

Her base damage is somewhat underwhelming when she’s not using her Identity skill, which can be understandably frustrating in PvE instances. But, this hack-and-slash type class offers a full set of impressive attributes that can turn her into a lethal force to be reckoned with in PvP instances.

Since the Deathblade is quite versatile, players will likely need to create two different builds and setups (such as one for general use with AoE and one for taking on Bosses using single-target damage) and switch between them while you level up. Once you hit level 50, create a decent setup for the Chaos Dungeon and Cube, and create an alternative setup for Raids.

Deathblade Abilities

Not surprisingly, Deathblade is equipped with 3 sharp and deadly blades (dual short daggers and a longsword), which she switches between throughout each battle. But, unlike other classes that wield three weapons, like some Gunner classes, players cannot switch between weapons manually.


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Many of her skills and abilities involve large AoE attacks that deal massive damage to her enemies. However, she does have some skills that focus on single target damage as well, making her an incredibly vicious class at higher levels.

Deathblade Identity Skill

Each Lost Ark class has a very special Identity Skill, which is based on their class’s attributes. Unlike other classes that have an Identity gauge or meter topped with Identity Skills or Meter abilities, Deathblade uses an orb system.

Deathblade’s Identity Skill revolves around the Death Orb. She carries 3 Death Orbs which will recharge throughout combat, similar to how other classes’ Identity skill gauges or meters regenerate by inflicting damage to enemies. Activating a Death Orb will trigger the Deathblade Arts skill effect, which will provide the following advantages to players:

  • Reduces the cooldown of all Deathblade’s skills.
  • Increases Deathblade’s movement speed.
  • Increases Deathblade’s attack speed.
  • Increases Deathblade’s attack power.
  • Sets off a special burst attack, that will deal massive damage to enemies.
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The standard duration of one Death Orb is 10 seconds, but players can also choose to activate multiple Death Orbs at once. In these cases, all effects apart from the movement speed increase will stack for the combined duration.

Deathblade Awakening Skill

It will take some time and solid Lost Ark grinding before you can unlock Deathblade’s Awakening skills. You will first need to complete the Main Questline until you reach Vern city, after which you will meet Beatrice who will ask you to visit her in Trixion.

Below are the Deathblade Awakening skills and how you can choose which Awakening skill would be best for your preferred Deathblade build and playstyle:

Blade Assault

This awakening skill will deal damage in a straight line while moving forward and dragging in enemies. A follow-up QTE will allow players to hit the Perfect Damage Zone.

If hitting the Perfect Damage Zone is successful, throwing swords will target enemies, knocking and launching them into the air. This awakening skill is better suited to PvP instances.

Flash Blink

This awakening skill will cause Deathblade to dash forward while miraculously slashing all three of her swords at the same time, dealing damage and knocking enemies into the air. This awakening skill is more tailored to PvE instances.

Deathblade Leveling Guide

Since Deathblade has large AoE abilities and great mobility, she can cut through mobs and run through the leveling phase quite easily with the right build. However, she does have longer skill cooldowns, so players will need the right approach to take full advantage of her speedy attributes.

Gear & Combat Stats

Focus on equipping the highest item level gear possible throughout the leveling process. Also, focus on Swiftness for even more movement speed, as well as reduced casting time and faster skill cooldowns which will be useful for Deathblade’s abilities and skills.

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Prioritize the Crit and Specialization Combat Stats, as this will increase the Deathblade’s overall damage and clear speed. While she can burst through mobs for a faster leveling experience, these stats will still help speed up the process even further.

Best Class Engravings

Unlocking the Deathblade Class Engravings will take some time and gameplay, but they’ll be incredibly valuable in the endgame. The Deathblade’s class engravings will allow you to choose which area to specialize in. Below are the Deathblade Class Engravings as well as their uses:

Remaining Energy

This class engraving will add a couple of seconds onto the Deathblade Arts duration after it’s triggered by a Death Orb – the meter will not begin depleting until 2 seconds after it’s deployed. Performing a Deathblade Arts burst attack will also grant an extra 30-second movement speed, attack speed, and attack power buff.

Remaining Energy can be an amazing choice for most players, as it’s quite simple to understand and use. It’s also a great choice for PvE as it affords many useful buffs.


This class engraving will grant a stack of Surge Enhancement each time Deathblade lands a hit with any of her attacks while Deathblade Arts is active, apart from default attacks and awakening skills. These can stack up to 20, with each stack having the following effects:

  • Increases outgoing damage by 7.5%.
  • Attack power will increase by up to 1% per stack at higher levels.

Each Surge Enhancement will also refill the Death orb by 5% once Deathblade Arts reaches the end of its duration. Surge is pretty straightforward to use despite its overall complexity, and it is useful in PvE or PvP since you can deal the largest amount of damage with the right setup – once you get the hang of it.

Generic Engravings

Generic Engravings can be acquired from Engraving Books, or from items such as necklaces, rings, or earrings. The Deathblade’s most suitable generic Engravings will depend on your playstyle as all of them may have certain pros and cons.


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Below are the most beneficial generic engravings for the Deathblade class:

  • Master of Ambush: This engraving will increase overall damage output, making it a great choice for anyone who’s slightly dissapointed at Deathblade’s low base damage with normal attacks.
  • Super Charge: This engraving will increase the charging speed of charging skills while increasing damage as well.
  • Grudge: This engraving will increase incoming and outgoing damage. But, since the increase in damage output scales with the engraving’s level and the increase in incoming damage is flat accross all levels, this engraving is typically on worthwhile once you can max it out to level 3.
  • Cursed Doll: This engraving will increase outgoing damage, but it will also decrease incoming healing excluding passive health recovery.

Continue The Main Story

Continuing the Main Questline will be the best way to get levels as quickly as possible in Lost Ark. You will have to face a ton of enemies and mobs along the way, which will reward you with some great XP.

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In addition to the XP gained from enemy encounters, players can expect to receive some bonus XP for each quest after it’s completed. Completing the Main Questline is also vital for unlocking the Deathblade’s most powerful skills, as well as gaining access to some awesome in-game activities.

Skill Point Allocation

Allocate Skill Points to gain Tripods for the Deathblade’s most effective skills, depending on where you’re at in the game. You’ll be able to switch out skills as needed based on the needs of the encounter or the needs of your team.

Below are the most notable Deathblade Skill Tripods, as well as how you should manage them as you level up:

  • Level 12: Spincutter (4 points) for mobility; Polestar (4 points) for damage.
  • Level 20-21: Soul Absorber (48 points) for damage.
  • Level 25: Moonlight Sonic (48 points transferred from Soul Absorber) for damage and AoE clearing; Dark Axel (20 points) for mobility.
  • Level 30-31: Soul Absorber (48 points re-added) for damage.
  • Level 35: Maelstrom (20 points) for the attack speed and movement speed buff.
  • Level 38: re-add Dark Axel (20 points) for mobility.
  • Level 41: Blitz Rush (20 points) for damage.
  • Level 45: Dark Axel (48 points) for better mobility.
  • Level 48: Blitz Rush (48 points) for damage.


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Players can use any extra Skill Points on Polestar and Death Sentence while they level up, as these skills will help out in terms of AoE clearing for a faster leveling process. Remember to reallocate these points to Deathblade’s main skills where necessary.

Deathblade Gameplay Tips

Although every player may have a different experience with the Deathblade class based on build, setup, and preferred playstyle, there are still a few factors to consider for a faster leveling process overall.

Defeating Mobs, Bosses, and Elites With Deathblade

Since Deathblade deals high damage with her large AoE abilities, taking on large enemy groups can go quite smoothly. Players can also cut through Elites and Bosses easily and quickly with the right methods.

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Group up the enemies, mobs, Bosses, or Elites until they are close together before unleashing your blades of fury. After they’re gathered, burst them down using Soul Absorber and Moonlight Sonic.

Buff Before Attacking Enemies

The Deathblade is equipped with a buff that really comes in handy in just about any situation – Maelstrom. This skill should be used before attacking your enemies, as it will grant an attack speed buff while reducing casting time for her skills.

Many Lost Ark players have absolutely fallen head over heels for Deathblade, and for many good reasons. Her stunning aesthetic is only matched by her badass combat mechanics, and she can make for an excellent damage class once you reach Lost Ark’s endgame.

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