Deathstroke Is Coming to the DCU & James Gunn Just Confirmed It

Deathstroke is Coming to the DCU James Gunn Just Confirmed It

Slade Wilson, better known as Deathstroke, is one of the top villains of the Teen Titans. He showed up in the DCEU in ‘Justice League,’ and fans have wanted more ever since.

Now that Gunn has rebooted the cinematic universe as the DCU, fans hoped to see many characters return, but few expected Deathstroke to be included.

Fans questioned James Gunn about his plans for Deathstroke in the DCU, suggesting he confirm with a wink if he does have plans. Surprisingly, James Gunn did wink. You can see the exchange below:

deathstroke in the DCU

Deathstroke featured in both versions of ‘Justice League,’ where he had dealings with Lex Luthor and aimed to capture Batman by any means necessary. Actor Joe Manganiello portrayed the character.

Since Gunn’s only response was a wink, it’s hard to speculate on whether Deathstroke will be recast and which project he might join. With the ‘Teen Titans’ live-action movie in development and his close association with the Titans in the comics, it’s likely he’ll appear in that upcoming project.

However, given his nature and line of work, he could also fit well in the upcoming ‘Peacemaker’ and ‘Waller’ TV shows.

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