Demon Slayer Sword Colors: All 13 Colors and Their Meaning

Demon Slayer Sword Colors: All X Colors And Their Meaning

Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba) is an imaginary world in which a group of demon-slayer corps protects their country from the demons who emerge after the sunsets. Every Demon Slayer has a special sword called Nichirin Blade. It is an imitation of a rare ore that captures sunlight and is a major weakness of demons.

These swords can take on many different colors once they are first worn by their holder. This makes each blade unique. A sword can be painted in a wide range of colors. Each color confers certain properties to the sword. This article will mention the colors of all swords in Demon Slayer, and what they tell us about them.

Demon Slayer Sword Colors

Let’s go through the colors of the Demon Slayer swords.

1. White

This list’s first sword color is the white blade. It symbolizes mist. Muichiro Tokito is the Mist Pillar in the Demon Slayer Corps and the white Nichirin Blade of the demon slayer Muichiro Tokito. Breath Of Mist is a style that was inspired by the Breath of Wind.

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Muichiro is often very airheaded. He can get lost in his thoughts and lose focus on what’s important. His personality is perfect for the Breath of Mist style and white Nichirin Blade.

2. Gray

The Demon Slayer Corps’ Stone Support has a grey blade that represents stone. The symbol of stone politely imitates Gyomei’s strong and substantial character. Although Gyomei is a gentle and calm giant, he still maintains a threat of his existence. Although he is quiet and emotionally, he is the most active demon slayer currently.

He uses a hand-ax with a spikey thrash attached at the hilt by a long chain, which is not the Nichirin Blade. The weapon Gyomei used was an imitation. It was made using a better technique than the Nichirin Blade but the same unique ore.

3. Yellow

Demon Slayer Sword Colors: All X Colors And Their Meaning

Zenitsu Agatsuma owns one of the yellow Nichirin Blades, which is used to indicate thunder. Zenitsu might seem like a scaredy-cat and have low morale, but when asked, he will let his true power shine at lightning speed. Zenitsu’s true strength is as explosive as lightning and all at once.

Most Nichirin Blades have a color band that runs down the length of the blade. However, Zenitsu’s unique coloration is quite different. It acts as a lightning bolt, replacing the motif that runs the length of his blade. Although it is not known why the blade was designed that way, it makes for an impressive-looking sword.

4. Indigo-Grey

The Nichirin Blade with indigo-grey color is ideal for killing demons. The color denotes the beast. The boar-head, tiresome Demon Slayer is the only one who possesses two indigo-grey knives. He was able to develop some beast-like abilities after he lived his entire life in the massifs. He is a sore head and is extremely proud. He was always ready to challenge demons, even those stronger than him.

Only after having lived in the mountains, he was able to advance in the Breath of The Beast. Inosuke’s matchless breathing style is a result of the Breath of Wind technique. It gives him a better sense of touch, and trace.

5. Pink

My opinion is that the pink Nichirin blade represents love. It also symbolizes the love style, which is a way to breathe. Mitsuri Kanroji is the proud owner of this unique blade, The Love Support of Demon Slayer Corps. Her Blade is pink, which is no surprise. She’s sensitive and passionate, shy, and sparkles.

One interesting thing about her Love breathing technique is that she made it. She can only use this lovely yet powerful style. It is all due to her unique body composition. Flexible and agile, she still has inhuman strength because her muscles are eight times thicker than normal, but without losing speed.

6. Light Pink

The light pink color of the blade is symbolic of flowers. Kanae Kocho, along with her sister Kanao Tsuyurii, uses it. Her style is based on lightning speed and reflexes. She allows very little presence in battle.

There are seven styles of the Breath of Flowers style. The final result is a style that makes the rest of the world slow down. The swords are light-pink because of their personality and technique.

7. Green

The green-colored sword, which symbolizes breeze, is on the list. Sanemi Shinazugawa, the fiery Wind Pillar of Demon Slayer Corps applies it. Sanemi is armed with his green blade and his tornado of fury to all demons he encounters.

Sanemi is as fast and energetic as his breathing style, allowing him to unleash tornadoes upon demons who are unlucky enough to face him.

8. Red

Kyojuro Rengoku uses the threatening sword of red color that symbolizes flame. The bright, glowing Flame Pillar is charmingly attractive and sometimes a bit bizarre. His wisdom is steady and his desire to kill demons burns with the intensity of a great flame.

Like Zenitsu’s sword, Kyojuro took the form of a unique blade color. His sword’s red color is highlighted in a flame motif running down its length. This combination looks amazing when paired with his Breath of Flames technique.

9. Blue

This sword’s color is water-related and also represents the first Nichirin Blade in the series. Giyu Tomioka has a Blue Blade that he uses for his Breath of Water style. He is the Pillar Water in the Demon Slayer Corps, making it one of the hardest demon slayer Pillars.

Tomioka’s aggressive personality is very similar to water. He can move in liquid form and has effortless movements to combat demons. Rui and his father spider demon, Lower Moon Five, were defeated by him using one fluid gesture each.

10. Purple

Demon Slayer Sword Colors: All X Colors And Their Meaning

Upper Moon 1 Kokushibo uses a unique breathing technique called “Breath of The Moon”. His sword’s color is purple. In Japan, purple represents royalty.

This color reflects Kokushibo’s grand appearance.

11. Amber

Amber is the color of Tengen Uzui’s Nichirin-cleavers, The Sound Hashira. Amber is the color of energy and boldness.

Tengen is bold and proud of his flamboyance. Tengen uses sound “energy” to take down his enemies, so the color is a good representation of the Hashira.

12. Periwinkle-Purple

periwinkle-purple is the color of Insect Hashira Kocho Shinobu’s blade. It oscillates between light blue, lavender, and that is why periwinkle is a great choice.

The color shows serenity, everlasting love, and harmony. This goes well with Shinobu’s story. Her calm eyes conceal the anger at having her sister taken away from her.

As she strives to honor her sister in every aspect of her life, her bright personality and joy are a testimony to her unwavering love.

13. Black

Tanjiro Kamado, the hero and main character, holds the best sword of all: the black Nichirin blade. The symbolism of this blade is not known. It is the rarest among all the blades. Black sword-wielding demons are more likely to die soon.

Fans have many theories about the black-colored blade. The most popular is that it represents charcoal, which Tanjiro used to trade before becoming a key Demon Slayer. This theory suggests that he has sun-style breathing, as all of the breathing techniques are derived directly from it.

What Is the Rarest Sword Color in Demon Slayer?

Black Nichirin swords, which are rare, are almost unheard of. Although the meaning of the color black remains a mystery, there are some theories and hypotheses that can be derived from the bits and pieces available. According to one theory, black is a symbol of charcoal and refers to Tanjiro’s past work. Others believe it represents the Sun Style, an original style that is almost extinct. Black is the color that absorbs most sunlight, which is a weakness for demons.

Why Did Tanjiro’s Sword Turn Black?

Although the cause of Tanjiro’s sword turning black remains a mystery, several theories and hypotheses can be derived from scattered pieces of information. It makes sense that Tanjiro’s sword should be black because he uses the extremely rare Dance of the Fire God (i.e., the Sun Breathing style).

What are the Swords Made of and What are Their Purposes?

Demon Slayer Sword Colors: All X Colors And Their Meaning

Tanjiro’s blades look amazing, and it’s not because they are ordinary blades. They have had something extra done to them. These “Nichirin Blades”, as they are called, are made under very special circumstances from the beginning. Scarlet crimson sand and scarlet iron sand are the only two rare minerals used to create Nichirin blades. These rare minerals can only be found at extremely high altitudes, which allows them to receive light all year.

This allows the ore to be infused with sunlight. That is the only weakness demons have. It is a part of Demon Slayers’ training to obtain the ore used to build their weapon. These Nichirin blade swords can absorb sunlight and, once forged, they are practically invulnerable to demons. The Demon Slayer Corps’ primary weapon is the Nichirin blade, making them an indispensable tool.

Crimson Red Nichirin blades are an alternative to this weapon. This can be done by increasing the temperature of the sword, striking two Nichirin blades together in the correct manner, or applying the right form of intense Blood Demon Art. The Crimson Red Nichirin blade is more effective than the standard one because it allows demons to be destroyed at a molecular level. This means that any amputations or wounds caused by this blade will not heal as well.

Why Do the Swords Take on Different Colors?

The name “Color Changing Swords” is also used for Nichirin blades. This is because the blades take on a different color when drawn by the Demon Slayer. This color transformation is optional and the Demon Slayer must be skilled enough to trigger it. This makes it even more special and a marker for when a Demon Slayer starts to grow in strength.

The Demon Slayer’s personality, technique, and overall energy are represented by the color transformation. A Demon Slayer with a strong and determined personality might see their sword turn orange, red, or yellow, while a Demon Slayer who is full of love may receive a pink blade. These colors allow the swords to function as extensions of the Demon Slayer’s values and beliefs.

The unique handguard, which protects the wielder’s blade from injury, is another aspect of each sword’s individuality. Although these handguards do not have any special powers, they are still in the hands of the sword’s owners. Tanjiro’s black handguard has a wheel-like aesthetic. However, other handguards like Shinobu’s and Mitsuri’s clover- and flower-shaped handguards reflect their Hashira arts.

Have All of the Sword Colors Been Discovered?

There are over 12 different Nichirin-blade colors that have been mentioned in Demon Slayer’s manga. But this is far from the end of the possibilities. Demon Slayers have their unique approaches so there should be many varieties. There have been minor color variations in the series, such as indigo-gray versus pink, light pink, amber, and yellow. It is unlikely that a new color will be discovered until most of the major blade colors have been identified.

Most Powerful Swordmen of Demon Slayer

Here are the most powerful swordsmen of Demon Slayer.

Tanjuro Kamado

We have Tanjiro’s dad on top of the list. We’ve seen Tanjuro in flashbacks, and Muzan has hinted that he is Tanjiro’s father.

Muzan sends Yahaba and Susumaru to Tanjiro when he first sees them. He is furious at Tanjiro’s Hanafune earrings because they remind him of Tanjuro. Tanjuro was once a Pillar of the Demon Slaying Corps, the highest-ranking swordsman, but battle fatigue finally took its toll and he settled with Tanjiro’s mother.

Tanjiro Kamado

If we compare Tanjiro’s strength to what he has shown in anime, it would be close to Inosuke or Zenitsu. We can see that Tanjiro will soon be one of the most powerful swordsmen, given all that has happened in the manga and the growth that Tanjiro has undergone. With his Water Breath Style and Dance of The Sun God, as well as the line of interval/opening and his ability to See Through, it’s clear that he is a skilled swordsman. Tanjiro has the skills and techniques to shine brightly. Kamado, the surname of Tanjiro, roughly means “stove or furnace”.

Giyu Tomioka

This man told Tanjiro the story of the Demon Slaying Corps. He also introduced him to Urokodaki. Giyu aside from his appearances alongside Tanjiro is typically cold, unfeeling, and dismissive. He’s currently fighting alongside Tanjiro as part of the ongoing manga arc. It is well-known that Giyu is the strongest Pillar. I’ve barely seen the man fight but it is clear that each of the other Pillars knows of his strength.


We haven’t seen a lot of sword users, but we do know of a few who are master sword-skilled. One would expect that Mist Pillar Muichiro Tokito, who is well-known for his genius-like ability, would be another example.

Surprisingly, though, we have seen Muichiro fight and struggle a fair amount in the manga. As his focus and thoughts fade, the sole-surviving twin is truly engulfed in mist. Yet, he seems to be possessed by a fervent hatred towards the demon kind. He is proficient with the blade and has used all seven Mist forms.

Gyomei Himejima

Demon Slayer Sword Colors: All X Colors And Their Meaning

Gyomei is a character we have not seen enough of, which is disappointing. Although this character is one of the most interesting Pillars, it hasn’t been given enough attention. Gyomei, a blind monk, is now the Rock Pillar for the Demon Slaying Corps. He was peaceful and pacifistic.

He even managed his orphanage. Like many Demon Slayers, tragedy struck him and his children. He learned that he was strong and shockingly strong from that tragedy. Gyomei, who teaches Tanjiro Full Focus breathing techniques, is one of the strongest pillars within the group.


Kyojuro Rengoku is an anime character that is unique and charming. The brightly-burning Flame Pillar was going to be the most appealing of all the Pillars. Kyojuro is a strong believer in morality that has helped him to become one of the strongest pillars.

He was too quick to face off against Upper Moon Three and was “out of commission.” He is not higher because he retired before he reached his peak.

Mitsuri Kanroji

Kimetsu No Yaiba is home to some incredibly strong, independent women. Nezuko and Shinobu and their apprentices, the Sound Pillar Uzui’s wives, and Mitsuri are all kicking it. This bottle of sunshine is called the Love Pillar. Mitsuri is a bubbly, trusting, and hopeless romantic looking for love. She also has eight times the muscle density of a normal person, can eat mountains of food in one sitting and can defeat demons using her whip-like sword. She tries to balance these attributes by adding a little bit of “feminine” charm.

Shinobu Kocho

The slim, thin lass has been described as having a weak body and has stated that she cannot behead a demon. The Breath of the Insect’s name is a tribute to the Wisteria Flower poison, which is fatal to demons. Shinobu cannot take down a demon the traditional way but she can destroy them with her stinger-like Katana.


This boar-head-wearing freak is the only non-Pillar member. Inosuke is impatiently war-crazed, his strength is always increasing, and he has an inexplicably acute sense of touch/reflex. He even created his method of Breath combat, the Breath of the Beast. His swords, which are deliberately chipped to inflict the greatest pain when cutting, add to this wild and ferocious style of combat. Inosuke is both a pioneer and madman, whose potential far surpasses anything anyone thought.


This boy, who is brightly colored, was one of the few to pass Tanjiro’s entrance exam into Demon Slaying Corps. Fans of anime might not know how he did it.

Zenitsu can perform all of the insanely difficult training he received from the Thunder Pillar when he passes out. He did not learn the Thunder Clap Flash, but he did learn the Thunder Breathing Forms. I am still amazed at how far he gets later on.