Who Is the Mist Hashira in Demon Slayer? Meet Muichiro Tokito & His Powers!

Who Is the Mist Hashira in Demon Slayer? Meet Muichiro Tokito & His Powers!

When one decided to talk about Demon Slayer, one usually talks about the demon slayers themselves or the demons. And while the series has offered us a variety of other intriguing characters, we are going to talk about one specific Demon Slayer – Muichiro Tokito, the Mist Hashira. In this introductory article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about Muichiro, his story, and his powers. Muichiro Tokito is going to be one of the principal characters in the upcoming third season of Demon Slayer, and this article will help you prepare for what’s coming.

Muichiro Tokito is a supporting character within the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba franchise. He was a Demon Slayer who held the position of the Mist Hashira. He and his twin brother are descendants of the Demon Kokushibo, the first Upper Moon. Muichiro Tokito played a large part in the Swordsmith Village arc, defeating Gyokko, only to die during the fight with Kokushibo, who also perished during the fight.

The rest of this article is going to focus on Muichiro Tokito and all of the aspects related to his character, including his role in the story, his history, his family, and his influence on the plot thanks to the information from Kimetsu no Yaiba Wiki. Muichiro Tokito has a lot to offer in terms of powers and abilities, which is why we reckoned that he deserved proper treatment in a standalone article. There will be spoilers, so watch out!

Who is Muichiro Tokito in Demon Slayer?

Muichiro Tokito is a supporting character, a Demon Slayer who held the position of the Mist Hashira. Muichiro and his twin brother Yuichiro were born into a lumberjack family. When they were ten years old, their mother became very ill. She eventually developed bronchitis and died in her bed. Before that, their father was very worried about the condition of his wife, therefore, despite the snowstorm, he went to look for medicines and other medical assistance, but on the way to the village, he fell off a cliff and died.

Only the two of them survived. Muichiro inherited a kind character from his father, but his brother judged everything only with a cold head, was sometimes rude and always stood his ground. They often fought because of the difference in personalities, so Muichiro found it difficult to live with his brother. When spring came, Kagai Ubuyashiki’s wife Amane found them and invited them to join the Demon Slayers.

Muichiro was flustered by how Yuuichiro reacted aggressively to the offer, turning it down. In a fit of rage, Yuichiro blamed his parents’ overworking and benevolent nature for their death, pointing out that they should have made all decisions with a cold head. Muichiro failed to convince his brother to join the organization. Amane never stopped visiting the twins, but every time Yuichiro chased her away.

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At the beginning of summer, a demon came to their house. While trying to protect his brother, Yuuichiro lost his left arm, causing Muichiro, in a rage, to beat the demon to death in the street with everything he could get his hands on, from various tools to logs. Arriving home, he saw his bloody brother, who prayed to heaven for his life.

Yuichiro talked about how good his brother was who wanted to help others, and that he himself only got in the way under his feet. Muichiro took his hand, but Yuichiro was already slowly dying and finally stopped breathing at the end. They were later found by Amane and her daughters and took Muichiro to their place to heal him. After the incident, he lost most of his memories and started working as a demon hunter for the Demon Slayers.

Muichiro was able to become a Hashira very quickly: according to Uzui Tengen, he became one just two months after joining the organization. One day, he meets Kyojuro Rengoku, who advises him to do his best to be a good Hashira. Muichiro’s memories remained lost until the events that took place in the blacksmith village. Gradually, he began to recall the image of his brother and other episodes from his former life.

What are Muichiro Tokito’s powers and abilities?

As a Hashira from the Demon Slayer Corps, Muichiro is a very powerful swordsman. He is known to be incredibly talented despite his age, having reached the status of a Hashira after only two months of training. After awakening the Mark, Muichiro is able to defeat Gyokko, the Upper Moon Five, with relative ease even after the Upper Moon has assumed its true form.

His techniques were also praised by Kokushibo, the Upper Moon One, saying he was well developed for his age. Despite this, Kokushibo surpassed Muichiro in every way, cutting off his hand after Kokushibo drew his blade. However, later in the fight, his contribution proved to be decisive in Upper Moon’s defeat: after unlocking the Transparent World and being able to color his Nichirin Blade crimson red, as well as being willing to sacrifice his own life, Muichiro landed a critical hit.

Muichiro’s mark first awakened during his battle against Upper Moon Five, Gyokko, after his temperature reached 39 degrees and his heart rate exceeded 200 beats per minute. The mark appears as several red, mist-like patterns that cover his entire body, most prominently on his face and arms. While the mark is active, his offensive and defensive abilities are increased to several times their normal strength, with the increase in power sufficient to give him the power to not only control a heavily poisoned body, but additionally single-handedly kill a stronger opponent.

During the battle against Kokushibo, Muichiro dyed his Nichirin Blade scarlet while squeezing it with all his might, allowing him to interfere with Kokushibo’s regeneration, which later played a key role in his defeat. This ability gives him the ability to stop the instantaneous regeneration of demons. Similar to Tanjiro, Muichiro gained the ability to see the Transparent World sometime in the midst of the battle against Kokushibo, which allowed him to see the muscles, blood flow, and joint movements of his opponents, helping him strike the Upper Moon One and holding him in place, creating an opportunity for his allies to kill him.


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This ability allowed him to see the muscles, blood flow, and joint movements of his opponents, allowing him to accurately predict and anticipate his opponents’ movements and attacks Muichiro possesses extremely heightened senses, being able to pick up on things outside of the normal range of perception, such as distinguishing a demon’s aura from a human’s.

As a Hashira, Muichiro is extremely fast, showing the ability to destroy demons and move at a speed akin to teleportation. His speed could also easily surpass the reflexes of Tanjiro Kamado, who was capable of keeping up with the moves of Upper Moon demons. Muichiro’s superhuman speed and reflexes were further demonstrated during his battle with Upper Moon Gyokko, as shown when he was able to deflect and dodge a thousand needles and then sliced ​​through 10,000 slugs in a fraction of a second, even sending them all flying before their blood could touch him.

He was also able to keep up with Gyokko himself, who could teleport, and later managed to decapitate him faster than he could react. Muichiro has also shown incredible control over his own movement speed with his Mist technique, which requires it to switch between extremely slow movements and blinding flashes of speed faster than the eye can see.

Muichiro possesses superhuman stamina, which he has demonstrated on numerous occasions. When Muichiro was poisoned, he barely flinched and was completely nonchalant, still possessing enough strength to keep up with Gyokko. However, his phenomenal tolerance for pain was best shown in his fight against Kokushibo.

When his arm was cut off, he stopped the bleeding and immediately continued attacking the demon swordsman, and when the sword pierced his shoulder, Muichiro showed almost no signs of pain. significant damage to him. The most amazing thing is that despite having his entire torso cut off, leaving only his upper body, he still held his katana and almost casually dyed it Crimson.


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Even though his physique seems to be one of the smallest and seemingly weakest among the Demon Slayers and Hashira, Muichiro has shown to have physical strength a cut above that of the average Demon Slayer. It’s obvious that when Tanjiro tried to grab his hand to stop him from attacking Kotetsu, the Hashira’s hand didn’t even budge despite Tanjiro squeezing it with all his might.

Later, he was able to make Tanjiro spit out saliva by elbowing him in the stomach, and also rendered Tanjiro unconscious with a single punch to the neck, all with little effort. With the sword, he could pierce Yoriichi’s Type Zero armor and then effortlessly sever Gyokko’s neck, which he himself described as more durable than a diamond.

Muichiro attributes the origin of his willpower to training and his strength to the awakened rage that is always present and seething in him, both of which appear after his brother’s death. This unquenchable rage is the source of his indomitable willpower and undaunted spirit as he continued to fight despite fatal injuries such as cuts to his arm, both legs, and later his entire torso. Despite all these injuries and hopeless situations, he remained steadfast, which ultimately led to Kokushibo’s defeat.

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