Demon Slayer: What Is the Yoriichi Type Zero Doll?

Demon Slayer: What Is the Yoriichi Type Zero Doll?

It is a well known fact that Yoriichi Tsugikuni was the most powerful character in the history of the Demon Slayer lore. He was the first Demon Slayer and the only character in history (before Tanjiro, of course, but the conditions were significantly different back then) to have been able to almost kill Muzan Kibutsuji. But, did you know that there is also a “fake” Yoriichi, that still exists, even in the present timeline? In this article, you are going to find out about the Yoriichi Type Zero Doll and what its role in the story is.

The Yoriichi Type Zero Battle Doll was a training doll constructed to mimic the fighting style and techniques of Yoriichi Tsugikuni. Since it mimicked Yoriichi, it was more powerful than most regular humans, so only Demon Slayers used it for training and not everyone else. The doll also contained a 300-year-old katana within it that Tanjiro later acquired.

The rest of this article is going to provide further information on Yoriichi Tsugikuni and the Yoriichi Type Zero Doll. We are going to answer some questions, and we are going to fully introduce the whole narrative so that you don’t have any dilemmas regarding Yoriichi and his role in Demon Slayer, especially related to his powers and abilities and, of course, the doll.

The Yoriichi Type Zero Doll was modeled after Yoriichi

The second episode of the third season of Demon Slayer introduced us to a powerful “secret weapon” hidden within the forest near the Swordsmith Village. The “weapon” was a large battle doll created by Kotetsu’s ancestors and kept in shape over the years. It was a fairly large doll with six arms, each of which was equipped with a katana. It was exceptionally powerful and more powerful than an average human, which is why only the most skilled Demon Slayers used it in their training, as they were the only ones who could keep up with it.

Yoriichi Type Zero

The doll itself was named Yoriichi Type Zero, as it was modeled after Yoriichi Tsukiguni, the first and most powerful Demon Slayer in the history of the Demon Slayer Corps. Although it had more arms and was larger than Yoriichi, while not being able to use his techniques, the doll was still enormously strong and was able to use a total of 108 different moves that Yoriichi himself could use. In that aspect, it was an exceptionally potent training weapon, but it has to be said that, over the years, it has probably become significantly weaker due to the passing of time and the damage it had been exposed to.


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Nevertheless, the Yoriichi Type Zero doll played a relatively important role at the start of the third season, not only because it revealed more of the lore related to Demon Slayer but because of what we are going to reveal in the next section of this article, in which we are going to tell you all about the hidden treasure that was hidden inside the doll and which Tanjiro discovered during his training with it.

The doll also hid an important object

As revealed in the anime’s third season, the Yoriichi Type Zero Doll also contained a valuable object hidden inside it. Namely, when Mitsuri Kanroji told Tanjiro about a supposed “secret weapon,” the young Demon Slayer rushed to the forest near the Swordsmith Village to find it. After some walking, he found Kotetsu and Muichiro, who were fighting over the fact that Muichiro wanted to damage the “secret weapon”; Muichiro wanted to do it, but Kotetsu, naturally, wanted to stop him. Of course, being stronger than Kotetsu, Muichiro managed to obtain the key to activate the doll by force and fought it.

A sword27s hilt emerges from Yoriichi Type Zero CH104

Muichiro proceeded to fight with the doll, and in the process, he broke the doll’s left shoulder armor and one of its right arms, but that was about it. He did not find what he sought, as the doll kept its secret well. Kotetsu then approached the doll to fix it, and he allowed Tanjiro to train with it. As Tanjiro had undergone some intensive training before, he was able, at one point, to use his skills and his keen sense of smell to predict the doll’s movements, which means that he was able to defend himself and launch an attack.


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As Tanjiro successfully cut the Yoriichi Type Zero doll, its head fell off, and a 300-year-old katana was revealed to be inside it. This was a major prize for Tanjiro, and soon after, Hotaru appeared and took the sword, which was full of rust, promising that he would clean it and make it into a sword that Tanjiro could use without being afraid that it would break.

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