Demon Slayer: Who Are Inosuke’s Mom and Dad?

Demon Slayer: Who Are Inosuke's Mom and Dad?

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Inosuke Hashibara is one of the most intriguing Demon Slayer characters. Not only is he a self-taught Demon Slayer, but he also has a very quirky personality. Despite his unrefined behavior, he is also one of the most beloved characters in the series. Inosuke has several trademarks that make him stand out among other Demon Slayer characters, and his mask is one of the most striking. And while this article is not going to be about Inosuke’s mask, it will be related to his mask; namely, we will tell you who Inosuke’s parents are in Demon Slayer.

Inosuke Hashibara was born to Kotoha Hashibira and an unnamed father. His father was abusive, as well as his grandmother, which is why Kotoha ran away from them with Inosuke while he was still a baby. She ended up joining a cult that worshiped the demon Doma, who would eventually kill Inosuke’s father and grandmother, but also Kotoha after she tried to flee the cult. She threw Inosuke into the river before being eaten, and he was eventually found and raised by boars.

In the rest of this article, we are going to tell you what you need to know about the issue of Inosuke Hashibara and his family, and what we know about it, at least. We now know the reasons behind his wearing the mask, but we are also going to explain all the other relevant details you need to know. If you’re not fully up to date with Demon Slayer, there might be some spoilers ahead.

Who is Inosuke’s mother?

And while Inosuke’s history is as strange as he is, we do know some important details about his parents, especially his mother. Inosuke’s mother was called Kotoha Hashibara, and she was the young wife of an unnamed, vile man, Inosuke’s father. She was a beautiful young woman, a very caring and loving person as well, and she was a kind and loving mother to Inosuke, whom she had when she was just 17 or 18 years old.


But, Kotoha Hashibara had the misfortune of being married to an abusive husband. He abused her, along with his mother, Kotoha’s mother-in-law, and she was beaten on a daily basis. Of course, she had to balance between being a wife and being a mother, but once she realized that she could not be a good mother to Inosuke while being beaten by her husband, she decided to risk it all and run for it.


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Taking Insouke, the barefooted Kotoha ran away from home and, incidentally, encountered a demon. She did not know who the Upper Moon Doma was nor just how dangerous Doma was. Doma was a killer, but he was also someone obsessed with beauty, and since Kotoha was beautiful, Doma decides to spare her and invited her to her Paradise Faith cult; he would soon kill her husband and his mother when they came looking for her and Kotoha, and Inosuke lived happily with the cult for a while.

At one point, Kotoha realized that Doma was eating his followers. She could not take it and ran away, but she only managed to reach a cliff. Apologizing to Inosuke for not being able to protect him, she threw him off the cliff into the river, only to be killed by Doma later. Inosuke survived and was found by some board, which would raise him as their own.

Who is Inosuke’s father?

Inosuke’s father remains unnamed and unseen. Very little is known about him, aside from that he was probably quite young when Kotoha gave birth to Inosuke and that he was a vile man. He was not just an alcoholic. He was also physically abusive both towards Kotoha and baby Inosuke. He would beat and hurt them often, which is why Kotoha was getting sick of it as time passed.

Initially, the Hashibara family lived with Inosuke’s grandmother, Kotoha’s mother-in-law, who – as you might suspect – did everything she should not have done. Instead of helping Inosuke and Kotoha, she was abusive like her son, especially towards Kotoha. She actually helped her son abuse his wife, which only contributed to Kotoha’s frustration with her life. Namely, Kotoha did not only have to tolerate an abusive husband but also an abusive mother-in-law. That was truly too much, so we understand how the mild-natured Kotoha simply had enough at some point.

The two of them actually drove Kotoha away, and they are to blame for a barefoot Konoha running away into the woods and finding shelter in Doma’s cult. Doma was a vile demon, and it was sheer luck that Kotoha survived an encounter with him because she was aesthetically pleasing. Of course, when Inosuke’s father and grandmother went looking for Kotoha and eventually found her with Doma’s cult, they weren’t so aesthetically pleasing to the demon, and after demanding the return of his beautiful cult member, Doma – naturally – killed them and dropped their corpses somewhere in the woods. Kotoha thus remained with the Paradise Faith cult, while Inosuke’s father and grandmother died because they were too assertive and too noisy.

Now that you know how his parents died, you also know how Inosuke became an orphan. In our final section, we are going to quickly recap these events and tell you how a group of unsuspecting boars helped Inosuke grow into the boy we’ve seen in the series.

Who raised Inosuke?

As we have explained above, Inosuke was born into a completely dysfunctional family. His father was an alcoholic man and frequently mistreated his mother, Kotoha, to the point of one day beating her to such a degree that she almost went bling as a result of his beatings.

Tired of her mistreatment and that her mother-in-law did nothing to prevent it, Kotoha fled with her baby in her arms, ending up in the lion’s den, where she meets Doma the Upper Moon Two and the cult of his worshipers. For some reason, Doma chose not to kill her as he found her very beautiful, and she relaxed him; however, everything changed one night when Kotoha discovered that Doma had devoured his followers.


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Terrified, she fled, seeking refuge in a human village but hid in the mountains until she finally got lost, reaching the edge of a large cliff where she was cornered. She regrets being unable to protect her son and decides to throw him there, thinking that he will survive the fall. Finally, Doma arrives and kills Kotoha by devouring her until there is nothing left of her. Inosuke would be found by a herd of wild boars who raised him as one of their own. This is why Inosuke thinks of himself as a boar, not a human, although he is aware that he is not an actual boar.

The boar mask is, thus, gratitude towards the boars that raised him. It has a very deep and personal meaning for Inosuke, which makes it even more interesting, despite the fact that it is a very sad and depressive story. Now, if you were wondering which boar it is, it was Inosuke’s boar mother, as it was revealed in the manga. No details have been provided, but we know that Inosuke’s adoptive mother died at some point, and he then made the mask from her head; a bit morbid, but seeing how he was raised as an animal, it makes perfect sense in Inosuke’s case.

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