Who Is Doma in Demon Slayer? The New Upper Moon Demon Explained

Who Is Doma in Demon Slayer The New Upper Moon Demon

The Demons of Demon Slayer are a truly fascinating lot. They are numerous, they are diverse, and despite their overly creepy appearances, they usually have very tragic backstories that actually make you feel sorry for them at one point. In today’s article, we are going to talk about one of them, as we are going to present to you the character of the demon Doma, one of the Twelve Kizuki, and one of the most powerful demons in the whole series.

Doma is a major antagonist in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. He is a demon affiliated with the Twelve Kizuki, holding the position of Upper Moon Two. He is best known for being the killer of Kanae Kocho, the late Flower Hashira, as well as her sister, Shinobu, who sacrificed herself so she could finally kill Doma.

The rest of this article is going to focus solely on the character of Doma, as we bring you everything you need to know about him and his deeds. We are going to tell you some information about him and his life, as well as his role in the whole story. We are also going to answer a series of relevant questions about Doma.

Who is Doma in Demon Slayer?

Doma is a powerful demon from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. He was turned into a demon by Muzan Kibutsuji and initially started off as the Upper Moon Six of the Twelve Kizuki. Sometime during his demonic life, he became the Upper Moon Two, becoming the third strongest demon in existence, behind only Muzan and Kokushibo.

doma demon slayer

Although he was a vicious demon who had killed and devoured countless people with the help of his ice-based Blood Demon Art, Doma is best known as the archenemy of the Kocho sisters. Namely, after he had killed Kanae, Shinobu swore to avenge her sister and eventually ended up fighting Doma in what proved to be their final confrontation.

Doma’s Twelve Kizuki rank

Doma is one of the highest-ranking Demons within the hierarchy of the Twelve Kizuki. Not only is he a member of the Upper Moons, but he is also – in fact – the Upper Moon Two, meaning that he is the third strongest demon overall, behind only Muzan Kibutsuji, and Kokushibo, the Upper Moon One. He was the former Upper Moon Six and is responsible for the induction of Daki and Gyutaro into the Kizuki.

When did Doma become a Demon?

Due to his beautiful rainbow eyes and pure white hair, Doma was considered a supernatural being from birth and became the religious leader of the Paradise Faith cult, a position he maintained until nowadays. When he was still a child, his mother had a nervous breakdown and stabbed his father to death for having many affairs with many other female cult followers.


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She committed suicide immediately afterward by poisoning herself to death. However, despite this grueling series of events unfolding right in front of him, Doma only felt annoyed by the bloody mess created afterward and was disgusted by the pungent smell of blood. He just wanted to air out the room before the stench definitely stuck to the furniture. At 20, he met Muzan Kibutsuji, who transformed him into a Demon.

How old is Doma in Demon Slayer?

Since he was turned into a Demon when he was 20, Doma retains the look of a 20-year-old boy, while, in fact, he is chronologically more than 133 years old.

How did Doma become a Demon?

The exact circumstances of his transformation remain unclear, as they have been specified in the manga. We can assume that he was injected with a lot of Muzan’s blood, just like the other Demons that came directly from Muzan, but the transformation probably had some specifics to it. Sadly, they have not been made public by the author.

Doma’s abilities

Having held the position of the Upper Mon Two, Doma is considered the third strongest demon in the series. His combination of combat techniques and skill is powerful enough to overwhelm and defeat Shinobu, the former Insect Hashira, without any difficulty and it is also noted that he defeated Kanae Kocho, the former Flower Hashira, in the past. According to Doma, the Upper Moon Three Akaza would have no chance of defeating him in battle.

Considering this, Doma can be presumed to be an extremely powerful demon, although he is not seen fighting seriously until he is severely weakened by Shinobu’s poison.

Doma has incredible physical strength, mostly due to the amount of Muzan Kibutsuji’s blood he has assimilated, possibly making him stronger than Akaza because he is one rank higher. Doma can tilt his two fans at subsonic speeds and with great precision. He can also shake them with such force that it generates gigantic gusts of wind.


One of Doma’s physical abilities is his extraordinary speed of movement, his ability to move immensely faster than the eye can process. This ability was showcased several times during her battle in the Infinity Castle Arc, the first being when Doma killed one of his cult members right in front of Shinobu without her reacting until the woman’s body simply exploded, and another being when he was able to escape Kanao’s superhuman vision and effortlessly steal her Nichirin Blade from her. Another example was when he quickly stole Inosuke’s boar mask without either him or Kanao noticing.


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Doma possesses absolute and infinite stamina and vitality, never tiring and always remaining in peak physical and mental condition, while being able to withstand waves of assaults as if it were nothing. He has shown near-complete immunity to repeated violent attacks from his higher-ranking comrade Akaza, having his eyes gouged out by Inosuke, being poisoned and stabbed repeatedly by Shinobu, and having his stomach open by Kanao, and inflicting various forms of extreme harm.

Doma never once expressed any pain, discomfort, or panic at being injured so badly, being able to nonchalantly and calmly continue to fight, talk or do whatever he was doing as if nothing were wrong. Doma displayed indestructible durability, even when severely weakened. Doma’s neck could not be cut by Kanao Tsuyuri even when severely poisoned and taking 70 times the lethal dose of Wisteria Flower needed to kill a normal demon.

Doma displayed incredibly powerful regenerative abilities, as seen when Akaza struck both his lower jaw and his upper head and he quickly regained himself with little or no effort, even considering the fatal attack as a friendly gesture. Even when Doma himself absorbed Shinobu’s body and ingested over 37 kilograms of poison, about seventy times more than the lethal amount needed to kill an average demon, it still took a long time before he began to have adverse effects.

Doma has shown the ability to completely absorb and an entire human body, having completely decomposed and incorporating Shinobu’s body into his own within mere seconds of eliminating her. During his battle against Shinobu, he was able to break down and render useless all the various mixtures of poisons Shinobu has injected into him, immediately developing antibodies against his poisons without much trouble. His adaptive abilities shocked even Shinobu Kocho.

Like all members of the Twelve Kizuki, Doma possesses heightened senses to near superhuman levels. He has repeatedly shown that he is able to detect and perceive attacks even from places he is not looking, allowing him to fight at a more efficient rate.

Doma’s main form of attack and defense mainly involves channeling his techniques through his two Japanese War Fans, using them to both deliver powerful destructive attacks and parry attacks from his opponents. The fans also have the secondary function of scattering Doma’s icy ice powder whenever he waves them and moves them to attack or block, spreading it in his immediate area for his opponents to inhale during battle.

Living for over a century, his fan martial arts prowess has been enhanced to such an extent that he can battle his opponents at subsonic speeds while fully utilizing them for offense and defense.

Doma’s powers

Complementing Doma’s cold-blooded nature, his Blood Demon Art allows him to generate and manipulate ice and frost from his flesh and blood. The ice he creates is light and deep blue in color with little purple and white and is freezing, almost freezing Kanao Tsuyuri and Shinobu Kocho in an instant after coming into contact. Doma can generate his ice at any distance, from the edge of his fans or tens of meters away.


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He has repeatedly shown that he can shape ice into different shapes and sizes, including lotuses, gusts of freezing wind, and even a giant bodhisattva statue. He can also create a special ice powder that can suck blood from humans and cause their cells to slowly die. Her powdered ice, when inhaled, will slowly cause her opponent’s lungs to deteriorate, eventually nullifying their ability to breathe and fight.

Can Doma regenerate his head?

As we have said, Doma possesses one of the most advanced and powerful regenerative healing factors in existence, which also allows him to regenerate his head, the most obvious weak point of all demons. This was proven when Akaza punched off both his lower jaw and his upper head, after which Doma instantly healed with ease, even considering the attack to be a friendly gesture.

Who killed Doma in Demon Slayer?

Long before their final battle, Shinobu knew that she was going to die at Doma’s hands so, foreseeing this would happen, and with the help of Tamayo, she inoculated herself for a year with a strong dose of Wisteria poison in her body. The total dose administered was seventy times more powerful than the common doses.

Now, during the final battle with Doma, after everything else had failed, Shinobu finally sacrificed herself, allowing Doma to consume, which he happily did. Now knowing her plan, Doma falls to the ground as his entire body begins to melt. Desperately, he tries to regenerate but fails. The dolls that he had created disappear and Inosuke thinks that is a trap, but Kanao confirms that her teacher’s poison was working, so they should go for his head.

The demon does not give up and uses his last strength to implement his Demon Blood Art, allowing him to create a large Buddhist ice statue surrounded by large lotuses in order to protect himself from the attack of both hunters. Kanao and Inosuke are surprised at how much strength Doma has left despite his dying.

In a desperate attempt to stop Doma from regenerating, Kanao uses Flower Breathing on him by applying her final form, while being aware that this could cause her blindness. With her technique active, Kanao is able to perceive every movement of the large statue created by Doma. Doma tries to regenerate while she protects herself with the big statue.

Kanao breaks through the technique and prepares to cut off the demon’s head. Meanwhile, the sculpture blows a cold blizzard that partially freezes Kanao’s back, but Inosuke throws his swords so that they hit Kanao’s sword and give greater force to his cut as if they were scissors, thus managing to cut off Doma’s head.

shinobu vs doma

As he dies, Doma feels pathetic for losing to a group of weak hunters and tries to regenerate his head like Akaza but fails and realizes that he is about to die, remembering his childhood in which his father was a lecherous person who he founded the cult only to surround himself with women, until his mother discovered it, murdered him and later she committed suicide by ingesting poison.

Doma’s only reaction to this scene was to open the windows of the room to remove the stench of blood. After dying, Shinobu’s and Doma’s heads are talking to each other. Shinobu tells Doma that she regrets not being able to help her teammates in the fight against Muzan, but despite this, she is satisfied with the result.


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Doma, after observing her, finally shows emotion by saying that he has fallen in love with Shinobu and proposes that they go to hell together, however, she replies with a scathing smile and, insulting him, declines her offer.

Doma’s voice actor in Demon Slayer

Although Doma has yet to play a larger part in the Demon Slayer anime series, we already know, from his brief appearance, that he is voiced by Mamoru Miyano, a well-known name from the world of anime voice acting. As a seiyū, he is known for his roles in the anime series Ouran High School Host Club, Death Note, Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Kōtetsu Sangokushi, Free! and Steins;Gate.

In 2007, he was twice nominated for the Seiyū Awards for his role as Light Yagami in Death Note, and in 2008 he won Best Voice at the Tokyo International Anime Fair. The same year, he also won the title of best lead voice at the Seiyu Awards, for his role as Setsuna F. Seiei in Mobile Suit Gundam 00, and for his role as Hakugen Rikuson in Kōtetsu Sangokushi. Miyano began his singing career in 2007. In May, his first single, “Kuon”, was released on King Records. In March 2009 released his first album Break.

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