Demon Slayer: Who Is the True Upper Moon Six?

Demon Slayer: Who Is the True Upper Moon Six?

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In the world of Demon Slayer, the Twelve Kizuki were an organization made up of a group of twelve Demons who pursued the goal of finding the Blue Spider Lily. The organization was created and led by Muzan Kibutsuji; the demons that composed it were under the control of Muzan, and he was in charge of giving them a considerable portion of his blood as a reward for following his orders. They consist of the Upper Demons and Lower Demons, each having a number and an additional distinction in their eyes. In this article, we will focus on the position of the Upper Moon Six, as we will tell you who the true holder of the position was.

Gyūtarō was the true Upper-Moon six. While Daki and Gyūtarō were the holders of the position of the Upper Moon Six, Gyūtarō was the primary holder of the position, whereas Daki was the secondary holder. This means that Gyūtarō was actually the “true” Upper Moon Six at the time. When both of them died, they were replaced by Kaigaku, who became the sole holder of the position.

The rest of this article will elaborate further on what we have said above. We will explain the hierarchical structure of the Twelve Kizuki, focusing on the position of the Upper Moon Six and how the holders of that position changed. For those of you who are not completely up-to-date with everything that happened in Demon Slayer, we have to warn you that the article is going to contain some spoilers.

Gyūtarō was the “true” Upper Moon Six

Daki was introduced to the story as a member of the Twelve Kizuki and a holder of the Upper Moon Six position, a place she shared with her older brother, Gyūtarō. Disguising herself as an oiran, she uses her work as a courtesan in the Entertainment District to provide a stable source of income for their master Muzan, to whom she is fanatically devoted, but also lures and devours his victims. To attract neither attention nor suspicion, she has several identities for this purpose depending on the house where she officiates, like Yatamahime or Warabihime.

Her Blood Demon Art also created Obi, an alter ego into which Daki split her power, which is literally her own belt that fetters or absorbs her victims like a constrictor snake and can come to life, expand at will as well as sneak into attics and other nooks. When she gets her full Obi back, her hair returns to its original color, and she regains her true strength.


Demon Slayer: The Meaning Behind the Numbers in the Eyes of the Twelve Kizuki

As an Upper-Rank Kizuki, it is very difficult to cut her neck: in her case, she protects it by softening it, making it take on the consistency of a strip of flexible fabric; moreover, even if the decapitation succeeds, his bond with her brother allows her to regenerate, which means that they have to be decapitated at the same time in order to be killed successfully. Serving as the co-main antagonist of the Entertainment District arc, along with her brother, she is eventually beheaded along with him (which, as we have said, was the only way to kill them) thanks to the combined efforts of Zenitsu Agatsuma and Inosuke Hashibira.

As a human, she was an honest, naïve young girl whose singular beauty—including blue eyes—caught people’s eye. She was protected by her brother, who was deformed and ugly even as a human. She worked as a geisha, and when she blinded a samurai with her needle, her mistress and the samurai attacked her and her brother, who was simply trying to protect her. As they ran away, they encountered Dōma, who turned them both into Demons.

Gyutaro comforting Daki

Daki’s older brother, Gyūtarō, was the “true” Upper Moon Six, according to Muzan himself. Sharing the same body as his sister, who finds herself in difficulty after being harmed by Nezuko and Tengen Uzui, he appears in front of the Sound Hashira to protect his younger sister and take over in the confrontation. Contrary to the latter, towards whom he is very protective and whose beauty he cares to preserve, which makes his personal pride, his own appearance is aberrant and repulsive, which feeds his animosity towards this Hashira, who corners his sister and personally has everything to please.

His Blood Demon Art enables him to prevent Daki from dying by decapitation, being the one on whom their integrity depends, and to cause his own blood to take the form of flying and sharp sickles. Being the primary holder of the position of the Upper Moon Six, he was the main villain of the Entertainment District Arc.

He was, at the same time, as his sister (which was a necessary condition to kill them) decapitated by Tanjirō Kamado, who Tengen Uzui, the Sound Hashira, helped. He then used his final Blood Demon Art power, which exploded from his body in the next moment, thus completing the complete destruction of what was left of the Entertainment District.

As a human, he was a scavenger who was born, like his sister, on the outskirts of the Rashōmon of the Entertainment District, in the poorest of its subsections, from a prostitute who repeatedly tried to kill him before she succumbed to her own syphilis, and was persecuted for his ugliness as well as his lack of hygiene.

His language tic is to punctuate his sentences with “Isn’t it?”. Still, despite his appearance, he was always there to protect his sister and did so until the very end, when the dying siblings, cut by a samurai’s blade, met Dōma, the Upper-Rank Two, who transformed both of them into Demons, after which their killing spree and rise within the ranks of the Twelve Kizuki actually began.

Kaigaku became the new Upper Moon Six after Daki and Gyūtarō died

The position of the Upper Moon Six was vacant for a short time before Muzan gave it to a new holder, the Demon Kaigaku. Who was he? Kaigaku was a member of the Twelve Kizuki who held the position of the Upper Moon Six following the deaths of Daki and Gyūtarō in the Entertainment District. Before turning into a Demon, Kaigaku was an orphan that Gōymei took care of, but the other kids expelled him for robbing the temple of its money.


Zenitsu vs. Kaigaku: Who Would Win and Why?

After that, he came upon a demon, whom he granted entry into the temple in exchange for his life, killing the kids and leading to the arrest of Gōymei Himejima in the process.

Kaigaku27s first appearance

He was later trained by the Thunder Hashira, Jigoru Kuwajima, from whom he learned Thunder Breathing together with Zenitsu; unlike the latter, who only learned the first of the six techniques, Kaigaku only learned the other five. He never had a good relationship with Zenitsu and mocked him.

He later became a Demon Slayer and a member of the Corps, but wanting more power, he allowed Kokushibo to turn him into a Demon. That betrayal destroyed Jigoru, who committed suicide before being able to finish Zenitsu’s training. He was finally killed by Zenitsu, who decapitated him using the Seventh Form of Thunder Breathing which he had developed himself.

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