Destin Daniel Cretton And Simu Liu Share Their First Thoughts Following ‘Shang-Chi’ Sequel Announcement

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Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, the 25th movie set in Marvel Cinematic Universe was released last September and it broke several pandemic records. It grossed $431 million worldwide, and with very positive reviews the movie received, it didn’t take long for Marvel Studios to sign director Destin Daniel Cretton and the leading actor Simu Liu for the sequel.


Director Destin Daniel Cretton Confirmed For The ‘Shang-Chi’ Sequel At Marvel Studios

It was recently announced that Destin Daniel Cretton made a huge deal with Marvel Studios, which includes not only Shang-Chi 2, but also a spin-off Disney+ series. Now, Daniel Cretton revealed how he feels about making a sequel and are there already some ideas where the story could go.

While we were shooting, we were throwing around joke ideas of what a sequel could be. But with Marvel, it really is gauging to see how people react to the movie and also gauging what the experience of making the movie was. We had such a good time on it that it would’ve been a shame not to have a sequel, so I’m very excited to. […] Everything is a possibility. We’re just tossing very loose ideas around and we’ll start to hone in on something, hopefully. […] There are a lot of ideas that we had in the opener, and some of those ideas are planted as questions, by the end of our movie. There are things that we potentially want to explore in the future. Everything changes so much, so it’s hard to say how many of those ideas will actually make it to the finish line, but there are many of them there. […] I just really love this group of people, to be honest. I love these characters and we have simply introduced them to the world in our movie. So, to be able to start from there and explore them even more is very exciting to me.” — Destin Daniel Cretton for Collider

Also, Simu Liu, who portrayed the titular character in the movie revealed that he’s happy about Cretton’s return. And he hopes that a lot of people who worked on the first movie will return for the sequel.

“[Cretton returning for the sequel] confirms what I already believed, which was that he was very emotionally invested in this character and this world. Also, I was very relieved, because we need him.” — Simu Liu for THR


Honest Trailer For ‘Shang-Chi’ Movie Roasted ‘Iron Fist’

Shang-Chi 2 is in early development. Not much is known about the project except that director and the main actor will return. But we know how many projects Marvel is developing at the moment, so there’s no rush. Whenever the movie arrives, we’ll be very excited for more adventures of Marvel’s martial arts expert.

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