Honest Trailer For ‘Shang-Chi’ Movie Roasted ‘Iron Fist’

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It can’t get more honest than this. Popular YouTube channel Screen Junkies, known for their hilarious and brutally honest videos called Honest Trailers recently released an honest trailer for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. The movie was released last September, received positive reviews, and grossed $431 million worldwide.

When a popular movie becomes available on Blu-Ray or Digital HD, that means we can expect an Honest Trailer from Screen Junkies soon. And their honest trailer for the MCU movie starring Simu Liu made fun of Netflix’s Marvel show Iron Fist. Honest Trailers usually start with a proper introduction and basic facts about the movie, and for Shang-Chi, it goes like this: “For the very first time, the MCU is bringing a martial arts master from the comics to the screen..”, then Iron Fist shows up, but the narrator just continues “Yep, the very first time.” and then just adds “Lalalalalala, sorry, can’t hear you” at the mention of Iron Fist.

The narrator of the video used this as a good joke to say that no one really cares about Iron Fist, and it’s probably the best to forget that it ever existed. The show debuted on Netflix in March 2017, and it received negative reviews from critics. But regardless, its viewership was enough for Netflix to order a second season, which aired in September 2018. Iron Fist ended its airing with two seasons and 23 episodes in total. Today, the show holds a score of only 37% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 6.4 rating on IMDb. Critical consensus for the show is saying: “Despite some promising moments, Iron Fist is weighed down by an absence of momentum and originality.”

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings was well-received by both fans and the audience, who praised the cinematography, visual effects, performances of Simu Liu as the titular hero and Tony Leung as Xu Wenwu aka the Mandarin. The movie was described as the fresh start of the MCU.

You can watch the honest trailer here:

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