‘Deus: The Dark Sphere’ Ending Explained: What Is the Sphere?

Deus the dark sphere ending

Welcome to the Ending Explained for ‘Deus: The Dark Sphere,’ a new science fiction film written and directed by Steven Stone and starring Claudia Black, David O’Hara, Phil Davis, Richard Blackwood, and Crystal Yu. The film tells the story of the crew of the Achilles, a spaceship on a mission. The crew needs to make rendezvous with a strange dark sphere that has appeared somewhere in our solar system. Back on Earth, the Black Sphere’s appearance has caused chaos and inspired hope. In search of answers, the crew will confront forces beyond their imagination.

‘Deus: The Dark Sphere’ boasts a great premise, but the character work feels mostly superficial, and so none of the character moments ring true. However, the idea con combining something like Rendezvous with Rama, Sunshine, and a bit of Arthur C. Clarke’s The Star seems to be enough to create a movie with great ideas. However, the execution is lacking. It is clear that this is not a high-budget movie, and so some of the sets and visual effects feel very lackluster. We can only hope that a true Rendezvous with Rama film adaptation with a proper budget can reach us in the future.


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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for ‘Deus: The Dark Sphere’. Read at your own risk.

Why is the Achilles trying to intercept the dark sphere?

The film introduces our main character, Karla Grey, a scientist who has trained for two years for the mission at hand. A strange dark sphere has appeared near the orbit of Mars. This strange object seems to be the first sign of life outside Earth. Whatever the sphere is, it doesn’t come from this solar system.

The perfection of its form tells us that it might come from somewhere else. Alongside Karla are five more crew members, including the mission commander, security chief, and other scientists.

The crew wakes up from hibernation, and they have all been quite rattled by the experience. It takes some time for them to feel whole again. However, one of the crew members, a man named Sean, seems to be more frightened than the rest.

The crew prepares as they are only eight from making contact with the dark sphere. They scan the sphere using the ship’s tools, but they detect nothing, which makes Karla rather scared. She suggests they shouldn’t continue the mission without knowing what they are facing.

Deus the dark sphere ending explained 2

At this moment, the mission commander, Sen, calls Vance, the CEO of the mission enterprise. Vance explains how the appearance of the sphere became the biggest mystery in human history and that they must find out what the sphere is. Humanity is waiting for answers back on Earth.

Kara begins experiencing visions where she hears her dead mother and daughter, and Sean also seems affected by these voices. So much so that he starts torturing himself and finally kills one of the other members of the crew. He is captured and killed. The sphere also decides to shine a light on the ship, which stops communication with Earth.

The crew discovers a strange structure on the surface of the sphere. They decide to land on the sphere and discover what this is all about. Vance finally comes through, and he reports that back on Earth, the same structures have been appearing by the thousands on Earth’s surface.

The crew needs to approach and discover what these structures are meant for. Karla, Ulph, and another scientist land on the sphere and approach the structure, which looks like a gate.

What is the sphere?

As the three crew members approach the gate, they are received by the vision of a strange woman who looks more like a ghost than anything else. She says that she speaks in the name of the creator and that humanity has been given two options: to enter paradise through the gates or to stay on Earth and await its destruction. Karla sees her dead mother and goes into the gate’s light.

Inside, Karla sees her mother, her dead daughter, and a beautiful golden city. It looks like Heaven. The real one. However, she wakes up on the ship before connecting with her loved ones.

Ulph and Sen explain that she went into the light and felt unconscious, and so it was Ulph who brought it back, while Si, the other scientist, died before coming back. Karla finds this strange and fears that Ulph and Sen have a different agenda.

She discovers that they are both assassins and that they are there to clean up the mess. She confronts them, but in the end, Sen is killed by Ulph, who really wants to know the truth about the whole matter. They join forces and plan to destroy the sphere before it reaches Earth to destroy it. While Ulph prepares the bomb, Karla reports to Vance.

Deus the dark sphere ending explained 3

It is here that the movie reveals the truth of what is happening. Vance reveals that the sphere is no God at all. The sphere is a human creation. It was built by Vance’s company, and the same goes for the structures appearing all over planet Earth. Vance shows that Karla’s vision was recorded by her suit, and now billions of people on Earth are clamoring to enter the gates and leave Earth for Heaven.

When in fact, the gates are just killing machines. Vance expects to kill billions in this way, end the overpopulation problem on Earth, and save the planet.

Karla can’t justify such a decision and destroys the sphere to show humanity that there is no God. Vance begins the ship’s self-destruction protocol, leaving very little time for Karla to escape. Ulph decides to sacrifice himself to throw the bomb at the sphere and destroy it, gives Karla the mission to go back to Earth, and tells the truth to the people.

The sphere is destroyed. However, the movie ends without telling us if Karla arrived on Earth in time. We don’t even know if destroying the sphere had any effect on people not wanting to enter the gates, as Vance’s company could have easily not shown this to humanity.


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It is a commendable twist, but the movie’s conclusion leaves too many things up in the air, and from what the movie shows, Ulph’s sacrifice and Karla’s battle against Vance and his resources are just a waste of time.

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