Diablo: Immortal Endgame – What to Do After You’ve Hit Level 60

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Diablo: Immortal is the latest MMO on the scene, and like every MMO it needs to have a solid and well-thought-out endgame for players that have reached the level cap and effectively ended their leveling phase of the journey. If you’re reading this guide you’ve probably hit that level 60 cap and you’re wondering what to do next. Lucky for you we have put together this guide to guide you through your Diablo: Immortal Endgame Journey. So, what to do after you’ve reached level 60?

Diablo: Immortal has many endgame activities, battlegrounds, bounties, achievements, gearing up, elder rifts runs, raids, and Cycle of Strife runs are just some of the ways through which you can get progressively stronger even after you’ve reached the maximum level.

Even though many MMOs struggle with endgame content in the sense that it gets too repetitive and too grindy too fast. That doesn’t seem to be the case for Diablo: Immortal. Keep reading to see the full list of endgame activities and their analysis.

1. The PvP – Battlegrounds

Diablo: Immortal Endgame – What to do After You've Hit Level 60

It’s time to put on your PVP gear and set out to fight in Battlegrounds – to ruin someone’s day or to get your day ruined the choice is on you. Battlegrounds in Diablo: Immortal are designed to have 3 layers of objectives: The Sacred Guardians, The Zealous Idols, and The Ancient Heart. Your party will play either as Attackers or Defender and your objectives will depend on this

Objectives While Playing as AttackersObjectives While Playing as Defenders
Destroy the Sacred Guardian within 7 minutesDefend the Sacred Guardians
Assist the Zealos Idols in reaching their destinationStop the Zealous Idols – prevent them from reaching their destination
Destroy  the Ancient HeartDefend the Ancient Heart
Objective According to your Alignment

General Tips? Make sure to have Crowd control and interrupts at the ready. Positioning is everything it may win or lose a fight and don’t venture too far from the rest of your team.


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2. Elder Rifts

Diablo: Immortal Endgame – What to do After You've Hit Level 60

Elder Rifts are a great way to keep on gearing after you’ve hit level 60. If you’ve played Diablo III you will be familiar with them. So how do they work? Basically, you will spawn in a mini-dungeon and your main objective is to kill as many enemies as possible before the timer runs out. After the bar gets filled Rift Guardian Spawns. He drops rare and valuable loot.

You can finish an Elder Rift run n 3 to 5 minutes depending on your class, skill, and gear. But one word of advice- they do get boring pretty quickly. But hey, no one said this is a grind-free guide. You can empower Elder Rifts with either Normal Crests or Legendary Crests. But keep in mind that Legendary Crests exponentially increase your chances of getting Legendary Gear.

You can do Elder Rifts run without crests but it’s a massive time waster. You will still of course get loot, but it will not be worth it. You’re better off doing other things.

3. Helliquary

Diablo: Immortal Endgame – What to do After You've Hit Level 60

After you finish the Bilefen Storyline make your way to Deckard Cain and start the „Opening the Helliquary“ Questline. Helliquary is your chance to face off against some pretty powerful foes – Wrathborne Demons. Not only is this incredibly badass it will offer a significant boost to your combat rating – an extremely important aspect of your stats.

Like most of the things and activities in Diablo Immortal, Helliquary too can be upgraded. To upgrade Helliquary you will need to get ahold of Hellfire Scoria. Hellfire Scoria is made through the refinement process of regular Scoria, and you get regular Scoria through – you guessed it – doing Helliquary Runs. So be prepared for a world of grind.

4. Clear the Zones

You might be finished with the main stories of each zone but there’s a lot left unfinished.  After you’ve hit that level 60 cap now is your opportunity to return to the zones and farm achievements and secondary objectives. You can explore parts of the maps that were left unexplored in your hurry to move on to the next zones.


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You can finish the secondary quests that we’re not part of the main story. You can take part in zone-specific events or farm the bestiary. There are many opportunities and you can use your codex as a guide. Zone-specific activities are less grindy in theory than the rest of the activities on this list. If you are a completionist like me and generally enjoy exploring and „turning every stone“ you will enjoy this part.

The goal of Diablo: Immortal Endgame

As it’s been mentioned before lots of MMOs struggle with their endgame content. It’s sometimes not easy to keep the players invested after everything has been done and seen. Diablo: Immortal offers several ways to improve your gear, skills, and characters even after you’ve leveled up. Endgame is focused solely on improving your gear and facing incrementally tougher enemies and encounters. So here are a couple of tips for you

  • Keep farming Paragon points – Even after you’ve hit the maximum level you will still earn experience points in the form of Paragon Points. Paragon points are useful for increasing your character’s power.
  • Log in as often as you can and participate in weekly and daily activities – you can earn neat awards and a limited amount of resources just by logging in and doing daily and/or weekly activities.

And that’s it. You will notice that most of those activities are standard across a wide range of MMOs. There is some guaranteed grind but also guaranteed rewards to be had so keep on grinding, but most importantly make sure to have fun!

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