Diablo Immortal: The Complete Lassal Guide

Diablo Immortal: The Complete Lassal Guide

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Diablo: Immortal is the latest game in the Diablo franchise. This long-running series is known for its over-the-top demon-slaying action and memorable story. Diablo: Immortal also features raids.  And one of the first encounters the players will test their abilities in is Lassal The Flame-spun. – This is…quite the name. Anyway, if you’re wondering what are the best strategies for defeating Lassal luckily for you we’ve made a complete guide for the encounter. So let’s start.

Starting The Encounter With Lassal the Flame-spun

Diablo Immortal: The Complete Lassal Guide

Before you even attempt to fight Lassal The Flame-spun make sure that your combat rating is 420 or above. And that’s only the first difficulty. For the second Difficulty, it’s 1250, but then again if you’re doing the second difficulty you probably don’t need this guide. If you are having difficulty with your combat rating make sure to check out our guide on combat rating and how to increase it.

If your combat rating is below 420 you will not be able to create nor join a raid finder group. The second prerequisite is the completion of the Helliquary quest after which the Demon Portal at Einfrinn tree will open and you will be given access to Lassal’s Sanctum (A scary combination of words I know).


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Encounter with Lassal is a four-phase encounter and in this guide, we will cover all of them. So keep reading.

 Phase 1 – Lassal Bullies Your Tanks

This table shows a general overview of the special abilities he will use.

Jump SequenceRandom jumps to random locations. He repeats this eight times. So prepare for dodging.
Small AoE Cone AttackFrontal claw attack. You can stand behind Lassal to avoid being hit.
Big AoE Cone AttackMassive AoE attack 170 degrees in front of Lassal. You need to avoid this as soon as possible.
First Phase Abilities

Lassal’s first phase is marked by his AoE abilities which are not particularly difficult to avoid. Both Jumps and AoE attacks can be easily avoided. His melee attacks will be focused on your tanks.

Phase 2 – Lassal Summons Company

Lassal will continue to use Jump Sequence, Small AoE Cone Attack, and Big AoE Cone Attack in addition to using two new abilities.

SlagspittersWorm summon, they spit fireballs in the frontal cone direction. Fireballs are high damage
Demon WarriorsAnother Summon, expect moderate damage output.
Second Phase Abilities

The priority of phase 2 is to clear Slagspitters as soon as possible. Demon Warriors are considered adds at this point and you can clear them while focusing on your primary targets – Slagspitters. As soon as you’ve cleared Slagspitters & adds you can continue dealing damage to Lassal.

Phase 3 – Lassal gets REALLY angry

The most technically complicated phase of this encounter. Lassal introduces two new abilities

Summon Boulder Lassal will summon three boulders, do not stand between them since he will merge them into a single boulder and they will deal a massive amount of damage.
Big ExplosionVolcanic Eruption. Use the previously summoned boulders to avoid dying.
Third Phase Abilities

Generally, you should try to maximize your damage output before the big explosion occurs. Avoid dying by using Lassal’s Summoned Boulders. This is all there is to this phase.

Phase 4 – Grand Finale

At this point, Lassal is pissed off to no end, and he will use everything he used so far, including a new ability.

Fire Circle DebuffAffects two players, deals AoE damage in a small radius around them.
Fourth Phase Abilities

Coordination is key in this phase. Since you as a group will have to deal with all of Lassal’s previous abilities like jumps, adds, and explosions, try to coordinate as best as you can and try to play previously introduced mechanics. Avoid grouping too much to avoid damage from Fire Circle Debuff.


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General Tips On How To Survive (And Succeed)

Keep tanks up front to soak up Lassal’s melee damage, squishy ranged classes should position themselves behind Lassal to avoid the worst of his abilities. Use Lassal’s abilities against him – use his summoned boulders to position yourself correctly. Since Big Explosion will deal massive amounts of damage it will be instadeath.  Resurrect your raid members as much as you can to avoid using the Resurrection stone too early in the encounter.

And that’s it. We hope you will succeed in defeating Lassal with these tactics and that it’s going to be as painless as possible.

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