Did Black Noir Die In The Boys Season 3 Finale? What Happened To Him?


Unlike in the comics, the live-action version of The Boys doesn’t seem to be putting the same kind of importance on Black Noir. In fact, Black Noir is the biggest difference from the comics in terms of the characters of The Boys. Of course, we did see him developing a bit throughout season 3 because we got to understand what his past was like and how he became who he is. So, does Black Noir die in the season 3 finale of The Boys?

Black Noir did indeed die in the season 3 finale of The Boys. Back in episode 7, he found the strength to face his fear of Soldier Boy and decided to stop running away. But when Homelander found out that Black Noir knew about Soldier Boy being his father, he got killed right then and there.

It was shocking to see Homelander killing Black Noir, the one supe who had been his friend throughout his entire run with The Seven. Still, Homelander hasn’t been the same because of how his mental health has already deteriorated so much. It became easy for him to kill Black Noir for keeping secrets. So, with that said, let’s look at what happened to Black Noir in The Boys season 3.

What Happened To Black Noir In The Boys Season 3 Finale?

Black Noir was always one of the favorite characters among different fans of The Boys due to his very nature of being the stoic and mysterious ninja that no one knew anything about. Unlike in the comics, the Black Noir of the live-action The Boys series is not Homelander’s clone but is an entirely different person with his own powers and abilities. And he was actually the only one loyal to Homelander among all of the members of The Seven because he actually treated him as a friend instead of fearing him.

Nevertheless, season 3 of The Boys sheds some light on Black Noir’s past. He was a member of Payback, which was the supe team that Soldier Boy led before the rise of The Seven. It was also revealed that he was the one responsible for plotting against Soldier Boy and allowing the Russians to take him.

Black Noir, who was a regular supe that simply wanted to make a name for himself in the world, hated Soldier Boy because he was trying to pull him and everyone else on Payback down. Soldier Boy didn’t want any of the other members of Payback to become stars and was even often abusing them in training sessions by beating the hell out of them. And that was what prompted Black Noir to betray Soldier Boy, with the blessing of Vought as they were about to replace him with Homelander.

noir friends

This was all shown in episode 7 of season 3 when Black Noir ran to hide away from Soldier Boy. His imaginary cartoon character friends allowed him to see what happened to him in the past while also giving him the strength to confront Soldier Boy and end the problem that he started way back in 1984.


Why Was Black Noir Watching Cartoons? Are They Real & Where Do They Come From?

Black Noir, in episode 8, finally returned to Vought with the resolve to kill Soldier Boy. Of course, he needed to team up with Homelander to do so. But it was already too late for him to convince him to kill Soldier Boy because Homelander already knew that he was created using his genetics. In that regard, Homelander was already at a point where his mental health was battling between wanting to kill Soldier Boy and wanting to establish a family he never had.

Homelander had a one-on-one talk with Black Noir, who was always his only friend in The Seven. He asked Black Noir what kind of a person Soldier Boy was, and that was when the silent ninja told him that he was a bad person. Still, Homelander wasn’t convinced that he needed to kill Soldier Boy, and that was what prompted him to ask his friend whether or not he always knew that he had a father.

noir death

Black Noir, who was told by Vought back in 1984 that Homelander was created using Soldier Boy’s semen, nodded and basically said that he always knew about it. That was when Homelander hugged him and punched a hole through his gut.

Did Black Noir Die In The Boys Season 3 Finale?

Homelander, who had already regressed in terms of his emotional and mental health, no longer cared about his only friend when he felt betrayed by the fact that Black Noir kept this secret hidden away from him. That was why he killed Black Noir after the ninja told him that he always knew about Soldier Boy being his father. But did Black Noir actually die?

It was clear that Black Noir did indeed die in The Boys season 3 finale. The first clue was when he dropped onto the floor with a huge hole in his gut as his imaginary cartoon character friends surrounded him and looked sad. Buster Beaver, the leader of the cartoon characters, told him that he was about to join Christ, and that seemed to indicate that not only was Black Noir a Christian but was about to die.

Meanwhile, when Homelander had a meeting with Ashley, A-Train, and the Deep, who were his only remaining allies, the others tried to sell him on the idea of using Black Noir as bait because he was the only reason why Soldier Boy wanted to come to Vought. However, that was when Homelander took out Black Noir’s mask and placed it on the desk.

Noir mask

Homelander basically told everyone in the room that he had to kill Black Noir because he was withholding secrets from him and that he felt betrayed about the fact that his friend kept valuable information from him the entire tie. The fact that Homelander had Black Noir’s mask proved that he returned to the body and took the mask off of his head while also confirming whether or not his former friend was actually dead.

Can Black Noir Get Back As A Clone In Season 4?

While Black Noir had indeed died in the season 3 finale, we still cannot help but think about the fact that the Black Noir in the comics was Homelander’s clone and was created to kill him if ever he went against Vought’s plans. In fact, Black Noir was the one responsible for doing all of the horrible things around the world the entire time. So, considering that Black Noir was an important character in the comics, can he come back as a clone in season 4?


‘The Boys’: Is Black Noir a Clone of Homelander in the Show?

At this point, it is unlikely that Black Noir will return to The Boys in season 4. That’s because, at this point, Homelander is the one in complete control over Vought and is unlikely to order the scientists to create a clone of him. On top of that, season 4 is well on its way to a different antagonist in the form of Victoria Neuman.

So, with that said, there is probably no way that Black Noir will be returning in whatever form in season 4, as the season 3 finale was most likely his final appearance on the series. The live-action version of The Boys departed from the comics long ago when it was decided that Homelander was going to be the big baddie instead of a clone that was hiding in plain sight.

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